The 13th Strand
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The 13th Strand
Franktown, Colorado
June 19, 2004

"There is a 13th (DNA) strand. It is what we call the Unity Strand. It brings back together all of the elements that have been in polarity within any human body and any human consciousness." The group of metaphysicians listened intently as Tobias answered questions about gays and lesbians. The questions were submitted by people around the world, hungry for knowledge and insight into their own gay or lesbian energies, or those of their friends, sons and daughters. "The 13th strand allows the reunification of masculine and feminine, of light and dark, of negative and positive. It brings back into unity all of the old duality elements."

During this 88 minute session, Tobias talks about how a small group of humans known as "the blended ones" are helping to manifest this unity energy within their being, and ultimately make it available for all of humanity. He talks about dealing with rejection and hostility, and the need for gays and lesbians to come out of the closet and begin teaching personal unity. He also admonishes gays and lesbians to release the root cause of AIDS, which he described as "carrying society's burden of sexual karma."

This special Ask Tobias session on the spiritual perspective of gay and lesbian energies is co-moderated by Dr. Douglas Davies and Linda Benyo.

"Your purchase of this product helps to continue the global consciousness work of the Crimson Circle and Awakening Zone radio network. We appreciate your support."
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