Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Crimson Circle


On this page you will learn how to:

  • Create the links to post on your website

  • Get reports on your earnings

  • Request payments (or 'withdrawals')

Create your website links

   1. Login and go to 'My Account'

   2. Click on 'Affiliate Program'

   NOTE: This 'Affiliate Program' page will allow you to see your balances, create reports of your commisions, and create links for your websites.

   3. Click on 'View' (on the Base Commissions line) to go to your Link Tracking Page where you will create the links to put on your website.



• Get Reports

   On the Affiliate page, simply click on "Create new report" to check on your earnings


Generate Payments

   NOTE: The minimum amount you can request for a withdrawel is $50. 

   Choose one of these 3 options for payment:

   1st Option - Cash:  If you want your payment in actual money, please choose Paypal (and remember that we'll need your paypal email address in order to send your money).

   2nd Option - Store Credit: If you are a translator or shareholder, the store credit rules will apply, meaning you would not get the full cash value. All others will receive a full cash credit to use in the store.

   3rd option - Gift Certificate: This can be used in the store at full value, same as cash.

This screenshot shows where to request your payment:

After clicking on Request Withdrawal you will need to fill in this form

Please send e-mail if you have any questions or need help.