Amirya – The 12 Year Collection

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Amirya – The 12 Year Collection
2005 – 2017

Including new creations from The Music Farm!

Amir Yakobi came into this lifetime with a true gift – the ability to translate energy into sound, inspiration into harmony, and passion into rhythm. He has spent the last 12 years composing, creating and performing music for film, theater, concerts and more.

Now, as Amir moves into the next phase of his inspired creations, he is offering this 12 Year Collection to celebrate. The tracks include highlights from four other albums, as well as a number of previously unreleased recordings. The downloadable set also includes 3 bonus tracks, recorded at his beautiful Music Farm in Slovenia.

Amir says, “In the past 12 years I was working with tremendous number of musicians – on the stage in live shows, in studio recordings, creating CDs and more, creating music for theater, for dancers, films, documentaries and various studio productions. This list of songs is just a small fraction of the output from those years when so much energy was put into these creations – physically, financially and time. These 12 tracks symbolize the enormous amount of love and passion I have poured into these 12 years. It is like a summary of this amazing time, and a marker as I begin a new chapter with The Music Farm.”

Enjoy Amir’s passion and inspiration in these downloadable tracks.

1 – Survival (5:44) Sample

2 – One with the Planet (4:05)

3 – Wild Animal (4:54)

4 – TOBIAS – The Order of the Arc (7:04)

5 – TOBIAS – Diving Into Earth (7:49)

6 – KRYON – Never Alone (8:31) Sample

7 – Inner Voice (6:34) Sample

8 – Self Love (4:42) Sample

9 – Compassion (2:23) Sample

10 – Journey of the Angels – The Song (2:29)

11 – Overtone Sound Journey 1 (5:52)

12 – Overtone Sound Journey 2 (5:26)

Bonus tracks

Bonus 1 – A Little Grace (2:10) Sample

Bonus 2 – Manifestation (2:14) Sample

Bonus 3 – Truth (2:07)

Cost: $25
Format: MP3

A Gift: Listen to the magical sound of birds at sunrise on The Music Farm

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