Dream Beat by Amir

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Sleep well, sleep deep

By Amir Yakobi

Amir Yakobi, the percussionist of Yoham, has created a wonderful album designed to guide you into blissful sleep. Glide into the dream-state in this safe space of music, angelic singing and sounds of nature. The calm beat of the shamanic drum stimulates the sub-consciousness, attuning the frequency of your body to state of deep relaxation.

Especially recommended for anyone wishing for a good night's sleep. This is a truly multidimensional creation, soothing mind and body while uplifting the spirit. Dive deep into the dreamworld and let your imagination fly!


1. Heartbeat Begins All
2. Deep Drum
3. Piano Touch
4. Angel’s Song
5. Dreaming with Birds
6. Weaving Magic
7. Heavenly Harp
8. Desert Drum & Flute
9. Wave Drum
10. Journey of the Didgeridoo

Total Length: 1:11:32

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