Dream Of The Blue Whale

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Dream Of The Blue Whale

Anders Holte with Cacina Meadu


Dream of the Blue Whale features nearly an hour of deep and transformational music from one of the greatest artists of our times.

According to Anders, “The title "Dream Of The Blue Whale" came to me already several years ago. Cacina and I both loved it right away, but I didn‘t know yet how to translate this vision into music ... until recently.”

Anders says he has always felt a strong connection to the blue whales and often wondered what these gentle giants dream about, as they move gracefully in the depths of their ocean world. “They are our kindred spirits of stellar origin,” says Anders, “who were always holding our dreams for us, keeping their timeless secrets of wisdom and love until we too are ready to dream again. That time has come.

“Creating this album has reminded me that my dreaming happens as the music flows through me. Cacina and I decided to go in the recording studio, having the title ‘Dream Of The Blue Whale’ as our only guidance. We had no musical agreements of any kind, we allowed the music to emerge literally "out of the blue". Cacina playing, me singing.

“What you hear on this album is the music recorded the way it came to us in the moment. Both pieces are uninterrupted "one-take" recordings with very little editing. Among the few additional recordings I made are the deep "Lemurian bass tones" which we both feel belong in this music. This is the first time Cacina and I have created music in the moment together in this way, and it has indeed been a precious experience for us.”



1. Dream Of The Blue Whale            

2. Pleiadian Prayer                         



$15 digital download

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