Facets of Wisdom

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Facets of Wisdom

The Gift in Acknowledging Self and Others

In this lively, lighthearted and practical message, Adamus talks about one of the most important things to humans: Acknowledgment. He says that when you authentically acknowledge another human, you are also acknowledging your own existence. And, in his acknowledgment to Shaumbra, Adamus says:

“I can look each and every one of you in the eyes right now and absolutely acknowledge you, first and foremost as a souled, sovereign being. That simple act of acknowledgement of who you truly are – not who you think you are, but who I see you as – makes a profound difference, because if I can see you that way, then you can also see yourself that way.”

Acknowledgement is an inter-personal expression of “I Am, I Exist.” It honors others, and at the same time honors you. It can quickly enhance the dynamics between you and others in your life by touching a core level energy between two or more souled beings.

Adamus also invites Shaumbra around the world to participate in a project called “Facets of Wisdom,” little consciousness treasures from those who have walked the journey to share with those who follow. What have you learned through all your experiences? What gem of wisdom can you share with the world? Distill it down to a few words and participate in this beautiful new project!

Information on how to participate is included in the PDF download.

This message was recorded for the audience at the Shaumbra-organized “Celebrating Life” event held at Radolfzell, Bodensee, Germany in August 2015.

Format: Video, mp3 audio, PDF text

Length: 59:53

Cost: $20




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