DreamWalker Birth Transition Schools

The DreamWalking Birth Transitions program is a new form of spiritual midwifery. Birth is not just a medical and physical experience; it is part of a miraculous spiritual process that allows the soul to come in to biological embodiment. The DreamWalker Birth Transition guide, called an Adoula, is trained to work with expectant parents to develop a deeper and more spiritual and energetic connection with their baby long before actual delivery. Thus, the entire pregnancy process and physical birthing is smoother and more fulfilling. As a certified DreamWalker Birth Guide (Adoula), you are a key partner in this Birth Transition, and you’ll experience your own transition as well.

This unique two-and-a-half day class begins in the evening and is presented by certified DreamWalker Birth Teachers. It includes eight DVD sessions delivered by Saint-Germain of The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe with special emphasis on the importance of conscious birth, breathing techniques, role of the host parents, and being an Adoula professionally. Other DreamWalker Schools include Death Transitions™ and Ascension Transitions™. Attendees don't need to complete the other Schools in order to attend Birth Transitions. Please visit the Crimson Circle website Advanced Studies section for more information.

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