DreamWalker Death Transition Schools

This profound class is about understanding what happens when you die, assisting others in their transition and, most important, finding true personal freedom. You will learn how to support another human through their death care and guide them through the astral realms all the way to the Bridge of Flowers. You will personally experience how death is an illusion and come to understand why it was designed into the human experience. You will also experience a very personal DreamWalk with the Master, an inner journey of “embodied death” back home to the Realization of your Self.

A DreamWalk is a journey through the realms, sometimes to a very specific destination and sometimes for a more open-ended experience. In DreamWalker Death you will experience two very special DreamWalks. In one, you will accompany a client through the Near Earth and Crystalline realms all the way to the Bridge of Flowers; in the other you will be accompanied by your own Master Self into an experience beyond words.

The original DreamWalker Death material was recorded in 2006 and the focus was on learning to be a DreamWalker guide for others. Now, interspersed through the original recordings are updates from Adamus, recorded in 2017. The focus of these newer sessions is much more personal, inviting you to dive deep within and allow your own freedom. Whether or not you ever do a DreamWalk for someone else, experiencing this class provides valuable assistance in allowing your own mastery.

This is a core Crimson Circle class and highly recommended for all Shaumbra.

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