DreamWalker Death Transition Schools

DreamWalking is an ancient spiritual process that has its roots in many native traditions as a way of honoring death as a sacred journey for the individual, and ultimately the family and community as a whole.

In this 3-day school, you will go "beyond hospice" – learning how to offer steady, spiritual companionship to the one in transition from their physical body to their angelic Home. As a DreamWalker Guide you are trained to remain neutral regarding any religious affiliation or bias; allowing instead the client's own spiritual beliefs to create their unique after-death experience. This amazing material is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the death transition process, or for those desiring to offer Service back to their community as a certified DreamWalker Death Guide.

This class is presented in a safe atmosphere by certified DreamWalker Death teachers and includes seven DVD sessions delivered by Adamus Saint-Germain of The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe. There will also be an actual DreamWalking experience, group discussions and guidance on DreamWalking as a profession. Other DreamWalker Schools include Ascension Transitions™ and Birth Transitions™. Attendees don't need to complete the other Schools in order to attend Death Transitions. Please visit the Crimson Circle website Advanced Studies section for more information.

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