Aspectology Schools

In this workshop, Tobias speaks about the Aspects we create to experience and manage our lives. An Aspect represents a certain part of you, for example the parent, the musician, warrior or business person, the healer, a child. Other Aspects can be past life identities, certain talents and abilities, and even your physical biology. Each human has thousands and thousands of Aspects which are in essence the rays of your divine self.

Aspects are normally fully integrated. However, they can also become wounded or fragmented as a result of a traumatic experience such as physical abuse, a serious illness, divorce or an accident. Or an Aspect can be a part of you that you deny or reject. In that case an Aspect can become stuck or dissociated and influence your life in an unconscious and sometimes detrimental way. In the worst case a person can develop a Multiple Personality Disorder.

With the tools offered by Tobias you can start to recognize and reintegrate those Aspects that are not fully integrated in your life by inviting them back home to you. This process can be very challenging and intense but also very liberating. By reintegrating your Aspects you can release deep energetic wounds and begin enjoying life in a new way.

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