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One of the most challenging parts of awakening is watching your old familiar passions dissolve and disappear, practically right before your eyes. Things, people and activities that used to mean so much just don’t anymore. Nothing seems important and then you wonder what’s wrong with you. The answer is: absolutely nothing. It happens to nearly everyone as they go from awakening to mastery.

The path of awakening means opening up to the true and amazing Self that you are. But it also means releasing so much that defined you as a human, including hobbies, interests, friends, relationships, jobs and many life circumstances. It will seem like everything is falling apart, but you’re actually in a metamorphosis, transforming into your Free Self.

Imagine living and fully expressing the passion of your soul, every single day! The human self will wonder how you ever got by on the limited passions of the past, when the deep passion of your Self begins to blossom. In the meantime, remember that there’s nothing wrong with you; it’s simply a transformation (that is, demolition and rebuilding) into so much more of you. Give yourself the gift of Discovering Your Passion. Your soul and human self will thank you.

This “Discovering Your Passion” course is presented by Crimson Circle certified teachers and consists of five DVD sessions and numerous instructor-led activities. The audio-only version is available as a downloadable Personal Study Course. 

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