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Adamus™ Saint-Germain’s February 14, 2016
Message to Shaumbra

Is it time to go forward in our realization as embodied Masters? Or, is it time to give each other a big hug and go back to our regular human lives?

Has this all been makyo, or the fulfillment of the Atlantean dream?

In early 2015 Adamus Saint-Germain said he would take a measurement one year later to decide whether he would stay and continue to work with Shaumbra, or if all our energies would be better spent elsewhere. As promised, his message was delivered on February 14, 2016 on Valentine’s Day – or what Adamus referred to as St. Germain Day.

In this profound and touching message, he states that he is indeed staying to work with Shaumbra, and also gives fascinating information about how many have already realized their enlightenment, as well as those who are on the verge.

Length – 50:55
Format – Streaming video and audio, English audio download, text download
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