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New Anders Holte album:


Anders Holte’s new album is now available for digital download. Following hits like Lemurian Homecoming and Atlantis Remembers, My World brings out the very best of Anders’ voice and music composition. The new album features seven songs, including remakes of I Am Returning and My Sekhmet.

Anders first came to the Shaumbra scene in 2009 when he won a song contest to honor Tobias’ departure. Hundreds of songs were submitted by Shaumbra around the world, and ultimately Anders’ song titled “I Am Returning” was selected the winner by popular vote. Anders was flown to Breckenridge, Colorado to sing his song live at Tobias’ departure on July 19, 2009.  It was an emotional and moving moment in Crimson Circle’s history.

Anders and his partner Cacina Meadu joined the Shaumbra tour in Egypt in 2010. He was so inspired by the Temple of Sekhmet that he wrote his spellbinding My Sekhmet based on his experience in the temple.

In My World, Anders brings a new level of heart and feeling to his self-written and produced songs. His music carries you off into a world of ease, beauty and harmony, while his lyrics resonate with some of the core Shaumbra values. For instance, in Can You Imagine, he soulfully sings, “Can you imagine, you might fall in love with you…” to a minimal and well-produced music background. The real blessing of the entire album, of course, is Anders’ distinctive and gifted voice. One can never tire of listening to his voice, with its soothing depth and easy flow.

Here are a few comments from Anders about My World:

I’ve been a singer long before I was aware of it. As a boy I would be singing in the evenings outside on the swing, absorbed in my own world of sound. Neighbors and family would have their windows open, quietly listening so as not to disturb me. 

These are my first memories of being able to touch other people with my singing. Today, after many years as a professional singer… my world of music still opens up whenever I can just close my eyes and lean into the sound, completely immersed in the musical moment, tuning into that same place I knew so well as a boy. 

To me, songs are stories in music, and I love to tell stories. Musical poetry is also a unique form of expression and it can transform written information into an alchemy of words and wisdom.  

On the other hand, when I sing pure sound using what I call Language of Light, it allows me to be ‘mindless.’ There is nothing I must ‘explain.' In these moments my singing becomes my prayer, and I can simply express myself in a timeless state of being. 

My World is another collaboration with my partner Cacina, with whom I also composed the album Dream Of The Blue Whale. Cacina’s exquisite ability to create a musical space with her harmonies and sounds is very inspiring to me. 

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