Mystic Traveler

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Mystic Traveler - A new release from Gerhard Frankhauser and Einat Gilboa

Master G and Einat, from the musical group Yoham are happy to announce the release of their new album “Mystic Traveler.”This album is a heartfelt expression of sacred music and mystical songs with a fantastic musical ambience of shamanic and nature elements, overtone singing, pure acoustic sounds and gentle electronics. In a process of one and a half years of studio work they produced this selection of their own original, touching and soulful songs that have been composed over the last few years. As in their previous album Fatamorgana, Gerhard and Einat are accompanied by other master musicians, and the final effect is a highly creative and professional production. The musical styles vary from slow Rock ballads, to soft Latin and Ambient melodies, to deep and mysterious sound travels, all woven together into a relaxing, joyful and deep listening experience.

“Mystic Traveler” is truly music for the soul!

“Music is like life and there are the truly magical, spontaneous moments as well as the beautiful, well arranged occasions of life with style. Sometimes it’s just a kiss and sometimes a lifelong friendship. Sometimes we go on stage and have no idea what we’re going to play, just ready to trust and plug into the harmony of that very moment; at other times we know it very well and perform a song that is already ripened and crystallized in it’s beauty. This album is a dance between those polarities and the Mystic Traveler is the one that sets out on this timeless and mysterious journey of life, enjoying the magic flow as well as the sacred order, remembering his true nature and being ready for the secrets and surprises of every precious moment of life!” Master G

Click to hear samples:

1. River of Life (6:19)
2. Com Amor (6:42)
3. Native Prayer (6:55)
4. Shirat Ha Yam (5:40)
5. Welcome to Paradise (6:19)
6. Sarvesham (7:05)
7. Oxum (6:21)
8. Mystic Traveler (8:22)
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