Event Cancellations
For workshops, classes and other in-person events, cancellations fees and schedules can be found on the registration page for each specific event.
Digital Purchases
No refunds will be provided for digital purchases, whether audio, video, text or streaming.

Question: The product I ordered was a waste of time and did nothing for me. Can I get my money back?

Answer: No. There is no expressed or implied guarantee of benefit in any of the material presented here. In fact, it is specifically for those who take full responsibility for their life and creations.

Question: Due to technical difficulties and/or time constraints, I wasn’t able to access, download or play the product I ordered. Can I get my money back?

Answer: Due to the nature of digital data, we cannot refund audio, video or text download purchases or streaming Cloud Class purchases. If you're having difficulties accessing the files, please check the Download Help page and/or the helpful tips at the bottom of the original product page.

Cloud Class extensions are not granted, although you can re-purchase them at a 50% discount.

As a last resort, you may send us an email and we’ll try to help you find the solution.

If you have any technical questions about your purchase, send us an email. Please note we are happy to assist with technical difficulties, but we cannot provide personal guidance of any kind.