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The Music of Anders Holte

Anders Holte came into the Shaumbra spotlight in early 2009 when he submitted a song for the Tobias’ Returning Song Contest. It became an immediate hit with Shaumbra all over the world and Anders went on to win the song contest with his hit, “I Am Returning.”

At Tobias’ personal request, Anders then sang “I Am Returning” immediately before Tobias final channel in Breckenridge, Colorado on July 19.

Click on the “Track #” links to hear a portion of each song!

Track 1 - “I Am Returning” 4:35
Describes the longing for Home since eons of time, and an emerging feeling that Home is slowly beginning to enter this lifetime as the veil is lifting. And in this change, even people around us seem to change. Winner of Tobias’ Returning Song Contest.

Track 2 - “Ordinary Saint” 3:32
“The Adamus Song” is indeed inspired by the “taxi story” from Paris where Saint-Germain appeared out of nowhere as the cab driver for Geoff and Linda making sure everything went well. Anders loved that story, and the song came swiftly.

Track 3 - “You Take My Breath Away” 5:12
A love story across ages and lifetimes, and is inspired by the relationship with Ander’s partner Cacina, the love of his life in this lifetime and many others.

Track 4 - “Together” 3:56
About awakening to the experience that we’re all coming from the same “Home,” and that what we perceive as family changes when we accept this potential. We are indeed so much more than just biology, but rather souls on a journey together.

Returning by Anders Holte
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