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Why experience Master's life 4?
Do you know there are senses beyond our 5 physical senses? Yes, there are the innate angelic senses which are in a dormant stage. Many of us experienced (or still experiencing) how our physical senses became more and more sensitive in our journey of realization. But the truth is that: with lots of allowing and letting go of our brought shitty backpack we were able to open up something that we weren't aware. ...our angelic senses started to wake up and we become sensitive like crazy. But in the Master's life 4, Adamus gave us a lot's of insights about this whole thing of sensuality and the "AND" state and of course about our innate angelic senses. Why all of this is so important if we want to become a true Master or we want to experience our realization in this lifetime. The "AND" tool must be used if we want to go beyond our limited humanness and we want to experience other realities. We need to open up our other senses (or at least several of them) to have a deeper, expanded experience and to be able to navigate in the forest of our feelings without our mind becoming overloaded. We just need to be aware of everything that has been happening in and around us. "Once you start coming to your senses, suddenly, everything comes to life. ~ Adamus ~"

I can say Master's life 4 was a good and helpful experience that has still been working even after finishing this very precious course. I find a lot of similarities between Day of Sensuality and Master's life 4. Of course, Master's life 4 is a complex 3-day material about Sensuality (reopening and integrating back eleven of the many other innate angelic senses) and the Day of Sensuality can give us only a taste of the whole Master 4 - Sensuality material. :)

So, if you want to experience the realization or the Masterness in this lifetime I recommend to watching the whole Master's life 4 cloud class video study even if you need to read the translation during the sessions.
Review by Timea Thomazy / (Posted on 7/7/2017)
One of the essential classes when you are on your way to embodied mastery. Opens up your senses which is exactly what you need an the journey at a certain point to not go crazy.
German translation below.
I write this review because I am part of the product review team. I did not pay for the class.
I highly recommend this part of the Master’s Life series (the three parts before too, but this part especially). I consider it core material. It touches the very essence of why we are here on Earth.
It speeds up an smoothes the process of opening up your masterly sensuality.
Are you bored out of your wits? Do you act a bit bitchy because there is so much stuff that’s annoying like hell? Are you ready to scream because the „normal“ sensory input of your everyday life (noises, smells, what other people say) drives you crazy? Do you ask yourself what you are doing here on classic Earth after listening to the last ProGnost?
„Master's 4: Sensuality“ really really helped me with all of this. The last two shouds started to explain it: We are becoming more and more sensitive. In this in-between state it’s like being bored like hell *and* trying to live your life while someone powers itching powder on you on a regular basis.
After the last ProGnost I felt a little lost. Not anymore. Also it now feels like my maintenance team did a good job of doing a quick overhaul of my system. I am still very sensitive – I guess even more so (taste, touch, vision, smell etc. seem a tad improved), but it’s not as annoying as before. I know why I am bored and I know how to change that. I can feel where I am blocking my sensuality (why does „Love“ – which is a sense – scare me like hell?) and allow these blocks to integrate.
„Master's 4: Sensuality“ includes a lot of experiences, which is probably the most important part. Additionally there is a lot of good information about sensing/perception: What are senses? What human senses are there? What other senses? Adamus states at one point „it’s not very scientific“, but I disagree. A lot of what he is saying is becoming part of the most recent theories of psyhology. As humans, we don’t really sense or perceive. Most of what we experience everyday is a simulation of our mind. We live in a world made up by our mind. Did you ever search desperately for your key for a looong time – only then to find it in the spot where it always is? And having looked there three times – not seeing it?
Getting out of the human mind is the only way of letting the master free. And the only way to do that is to learn to really feel again. To do it faster and more graceful I highly recommend „Master's 4: Sensuality“. I If you are really into opening up your sensuality as fast as possible and you did not already do it, add SES (for removing the dullness from everything) and DreamWalker Death (realize how much you already feel and start trusting your imagination).

Ich schreibe dies als Mitglied des Produkt-Bewertungs-Teams. Der Kurs war für mich kostenlos.
Ich kann diesen Teil der „Master’s Life“ Serie aus ganzen Herzen empfehlen (die anderen drei Teile auch, aber diesen Teil besonders). I halte es für Kern-Material. Es geht um die Essenz warum wir hier auf der Erde sind.
Der Kurs beschleunigt den Prozess des Öffnens Deiner Sinnlichkeit als Meister und macht ihn reibungsloser.
Wirst Du verrückt vor Langeweile? Zickst Du herum, weil es so viel Kram gibt, der absolut nervtötend ist? Hast Du das Gefühl, Du musst schreien, weil der „normale“ sinnliche Input Deines Alltags (Geräusch, Gerüche, was andere Menschen sagen) Dich verrückt macht? Fragst Du Dich, was Du hier auf der klassischen Erde tust, nachdem Du Dir das letzte ProGnost angehört hast?
„Master's 4: Sensuality“ hat mir mit all dem sehr geholfen. Die letzten beiden Shouds haben begonnen, es zu erklären: Wir werden sensitiver und sensitiver. In diesem Zwischen-Zustand fühlt es sich an, als wäre man zu Tode gelangweilt *und* müsste sein Leben leben, während jemand regelmäßig Juckpulver über einen schüttet.
Nach dem letzten ProGnost fühlte ich mich ein bisschen verloren. Jetzt nicht mehr. Außerdem fühlt es sich jetzt so an, als hätte mein Wartungsteam sehr erfolgreich mein System überholt. Ich bin immer noch sehr sensitiv – ich denke mal sogar mehr (Geschmack, Tastsinn, Sehsinn, Riechen usw. fühlen sich leicht verbessert an), aber es ist nicht mehr so nervig wie vorher. Ich weiß, warum ich mich langweile und ich weiß, wie ich das ändern kann. Ich kann fühlen, wo ich meine Sinnlichkeit blockiere (warum macht mir „Liebe“ – die ein Sinn ist – solche Angst?) und erlauben, dass sich diese Blockaden integrieren.
„Master's 4: Sensuality“ beinhaltet sehr viele Erfahrungen, die vermutlich der wichtigste Teil sind. Zusätzlich enthält es eine Menge interessante Informationen über fühlen/wahrnehmen: Was sind Sinne? Welche menschlichen Sinne gibt es? Welche anderen Sinne? Adamus sagt an einer Stelle, dass es „nicht sehr wissenschaftlich“ ist, aber hier stimme ich nicht überein. Viel was er erklärt, wird gerade Teil der aktuellen psychologischen Theorien. Als Menschen nehmen wir nicht wirklich wahr. Das meiste, was wir jeden Tag erleben, ist eine Simulation unseres Verstandes. Wir leben in einer Welt, die von unserem Verstand erschaffen wurde. Hast Du schon einmal wie verrückt über eine längere Zeit nach Deinem Schlüssel gesucht – nur um ihn dann an der Stelle zu finden, wo er immer liegt? Nachdem Du mehrmals dort nachgeschaut hattest, ohne ihn zu sehen?
Aus dem menschlichen Verstand auszubrechen, ist der einzige Weg, um den Meister freizulassen. Und der einzige Weg, um das zu tun ist zu lernen, wieder wirklich zu fühlen. Um dies schneller und eleganter zu erreichen, möchte ich Dir „Master's 4: Sensuality“ ans Herz legen. Wenn es Dir wirklich wichtig ist, Deine Sinnlichkeit so rasch wie möglich zu öffnen und Du das noch nicht gemacht hast, dann empfehle ich, SES hinzuzufügen (um die Mattheit von allem zu entfernen) und DreamWalker Tod (erkenne, wie wie Du bereits spürst und beginne, Deiner Imagination zu vertrauen).

Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 5/2/2017)
For most of my life I’ve struggled to understand sensuality. Or rather, to experience more of it in my life. I’ve always felt so trapped in my mind, so unable to see or feel into the other dimensions. Every now and then I would catch a glimpse, enough to know it was real, but instantly my mind would try to grab hold of the experience, and then it would be gone.
Lately my life has been getting more and more unfocused, and my ability to do anything that requires focusing for more than a short time has become almost nonexistent. Thankfully I already knew it had something to do with becoming enlightened, so I could just allow it without worrying too much, but it was still confusing and frustrating at times. And that’s nothing compared to the frustration I’ve felt as I’ve looked at life and had a really hard time finding any good reason to stay on this planet.
And now comes Master’s Life 4: Sensuality, and finally it’s all starting to fall into place. It isn’t the mind that has trapped me, but Focus. Focus is one of the greatest senses ever created, but by its very nature it blocks out the other senses and can feed off itself to become even more focused. But now it is changing, becoming Multi-Focus, or AND, so it can cohabit with all those other senses like Imagination, Unity, Beauty, and Love.
Finally, after Master’s Life 4 I understand why I’ve felt so stuck in my mind, and why things that require more than short-term focus have become so impossible for me. The good news is that there’s absolutely nothing I need to do about it, for it’s a natural process that is just happening. And best of all, now I finally have a real reason to hang around. After all, what must it be like to live in a human body without focus (except when I want it), and with all those other senses wide open? That is something I must experience!
Thank you Adamus, Geoff and Linda, and all the CC staff for the Master’s Life series, and especially for this, the best of them all so far!
Review by John McCurdy / (Posted on 4/29/2017)
This is very profound information
The Master’s Life 4 is, in my opinion, very profound in its content. Adamus is moving the message to a whole new level. I can feel his excitement.

This Cloud Class touched me deeply. It opened new doors into the places where I have been hiding. This information helped me to move forward where I’ve been resisting the next step to my mastery. It allowed my I Am more deeply into my life.

I like the way Adamus gave me the opportunity to perceive how my focus expanded from the beginning to the end of the workshop. I also really enjoyed the Love Merabh, because it seemed to tie it all together for me. After the workshop I noticed my sensing became a much deeper experience. I am feeling a whole new level of awareness. I notice my mental chatter more quickly now and can shift out of it. It is easier for me to be out in public. I can allow things to be as they are. I feel calmer.

I would only recommend this Cloud Class to people who are ready for a growth movement in their life, for once you know this information you can’t un-know it. Once the senses open, everything changes.

Review by Joe / (Posted on 4/28/2017)
Profound and beyond on many levels
With the beautiful filming and the safe atmosphere with the wonderful performance from Yoham I could open-up and really feel like I'm also at CCCC studio and also was feeling very deep into every video experience, going through my series of AHA's in the sessions with more information, but all were balanced with musical experiences in a beautiful way.
The first sessions were like traveling into a new perspective of what means the life on Earth and now seeing how that starts to shift all energies. In the session 4 I was touched by the fact that the way out is the true sensuality and that is also the Fruit of the Rose. Also, I got to observe more resistance in releasing the focus, mostly from the mind, in a type of unexpected ways after completing the class, but with some breathing and safe space a type a of new balance came in.
Also, the musical experiences with starting allowing the awareness of the other senses really brought in the feelings of a new way of life coming in. In a way, it felt like a milestone for me too.
Many thanks and much gratitude for this great experience to Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey and Linda, Yoham and to all the CC staff!
Cu ajutorul filmării deosebite și atmosferei de spațiu sigur la care s-a adăugat frumoasa muzică a lui Yoham am putut să mă deschid și să simt cu adevărat ca și cum sunt la CCCC în studio și, de asemenea, să simt foarte profund în fiecare experiență video, să trec prin momentele mele de AHA în sesiunile cu mai multă informație, dar care au fost frumos echilibrate cu experiențe muzicale de fiecare dată.
Primele sesiuni au fost ca o călătorie într-o nouă perspectivă despre ce înseamnă viața pe Pământ și, acum, observ cum aceasta începe să schimbe toate energiile. În sesiunea a 4-a am fost profund impresionat de faptul că modul de ieșire este adevărata noastră senzualitate și că aceasta este, de asemenea, Fructul Trandafirului. De asemenea, am ajuns să observ rezistența în eliberarea focalizării, la nivelul minții mai ales, în feluri neașteptate după finalizarea parcurgerii materialului, însă cu respirație conștientă și spațiu sigur am observat cum un nou echilibru apare.
De asemenea, experiențele muzicale cu a începe să permiți conștiența altor simțuri a adus cu adevărat simțirea unui nou mod de viață că vine. Într-un fel, s-a simțit și la mine ca un fel de pas important.
Multe mulțumiri și gratitudine pentru această experiență extraordinară: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey și Linda, Yoham și întregii echipe CC!
Review by Florin Mandiuc / (Posted on 4/26/2017)
Master 4 a Beautiful Masterpiece!
“Beauty is letting all energies come to you, to serve you….”
So states Adamus St. Germaine in his usual inimitable style in the new Masters Life 4 - Sensuality. And I am grateful that this new offering has come to me because for me, “beautiful” truly sums this up this latest Cloud Class just released from Crimson Circle! From the evocative opening video of wine being poured and fingers running through the grass, I was feeling my senses opening…
I have to admit, when Adamus first spoke to us about “sensuality” in recent channels, I was a little confused about how to add this to my life… More food? More wine? More silk underwear? This Cloud class has finally clarified the “what” AND the “how” for me finally. And why my human mind was never going to get it much as it tried!
To get beyond this “Land of Blue” story that Adamus has used recently to describe this current reality we think is real, can only come through the other senses. But true sensuality will never come from the mind and the single sense of focus that has kept us stuck in the matrix we think is life! In Masters 4 Adamus offers us a way out… And if you’re like me these days, a way beyond the boredom of gray!
Working with the inspired , “in the moment” music of Yoham, Adamus weaves his usual masterly magic of words, humour and then deep merahb experiences so that this isn’t just a lecture. There is indeed an energetic shift between the eight separate sessions laid out in perfect sequence. I loved how we actually get to experience this with “before” and “after” exercises from the music to the paintings. Brilliant! (What a Master Professor you are Adamus!)
In fact shortly after finishing this class, I found myself even seeing the beauty shopping in Walmart! Both the people and the products and even the space radiated with a different energy. This truly is a miracle for those who know me! This class indeed shifts your perception. I am looking forward to watching it again and allowing further integration in my life and waking up with more passion. THIS is what I am here for as an embodied Master ! To enjoy and see the beauty in me AND life!
Adamus states that this is his favourite Masters class to date as well as his channeller Geoffrey Hoppe. I certainly understand why now and since the sense of “beauty” is also gratitude, will add my thanks to both of them, Linda, Yoham and the CC staff for this latest co-creation. A truly beautiful Masterpiece!

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 4/25/2017)
Transformational and opening beyond limitations of the mind. Love it
I have just finished watching the material, and what an experience! So far, the best of Adamus’ The Master’s Life series! Gently he invites you to open up and allow yourself to go beyond the mind and experience several other senses, one at a time. In each session, a Merabh with the beautiful music of Yoham to support the experience.
Before taking us to the senses outside of the human sense of focus, he also explains the purpose of the sense of focus. In this sense are also some human senses that have been asleep for a long time. The sense of magnetics for example. And several more.
What I love is one of his first statements: This is not a tool to become enlightened, but the tools for the Master to enjoy the embodied life. So, imagine for a moment what that would be like!
Through this experience, I have got some glimpses of what awaits me.
It has been some very intense days watching / feeling this material, where using the human sense of focusing has been a bit of a challenge. Body reactions, intense dreams have been some of my reactions to adjust to the changes taking place.
Thank you to Adamus, Geoff & Linda, Yoham and the whole CC staff for creating this wonderful experience! I highly recommend this cloud class!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 4/25/2017)
Allow this experience AND enjoy your life fully
Thank you, Adamus, Yoham, Geoffrey, Linda and staff for this amazing sensual experience. After having enjoyed the first 6 sessions I had very strange dreams; fortunately, I knew it was just an experience, caused by opening and allowing the sense of imagination…
The Master`s Life 4 – Sensuality goes deep, deep if you allow it to; and I really have enjoyed the journey. Yoham`s music is in-tuned (as always), but feels like opening for an even deeper level of the energy between Einat, Gerhard and Amir AND Adamus. Sensuality and joy of life ❤ An experience of love.
Review by Finn, member of CC Product Review Team / (Posted on 4/25/2017)
A Beautiful Doorway Past Mental Resistance into LIFE
My experience of the Master’s Life 4: Sensuality, was very profound. It opened a brand new door for me, showing me the way out of my limitations. I could feel Adamus’ excitement to be finally presenting this material. I could feel my own excitement at being ready to receive it.

More and more I am perceiving how I am aligning myself for each next step, and how it then comes to me in perfect timing. As I look back over the past two months, it was necessary for me to choose to release all pain and uncover the subtle, subconscious mental programming that has held me in those limited patterns. I had to do this before I opened this door to sensual feeling.

Even with this preparation, I could feel my mind go into resistance during the last few sessions. I was afraid to take down the last walls that were protecting me and preventing me from feeling freely. As this resistance rose to a peak, it was very chaotic, but then I experienced a breakthrough. Since completing the workshop, I feel more openness. I am able to receive with more trust. I can sense things more deeply. I feel much safer inside myself.

This is profound content. Trust your own knowingness about your readiness, for this takes the listener beyond the mental focus that is creating his/her current reality. It brings in the free senses. To micromanage this expansion will cause suffering.

I found it important to create the time and space to listen to this material without having other tasks to perform. My mind unwound in this safe space. It would have been very hard for me to perform mental tasks during this window. Allow yourself the grace of having nothing else to do and nowhere else to go as you open to these new senses and integrate the energy shifts.

This class revealed to me a taste of what is coming, and it showed me the way forward into it. We are opening into a great freedom, and it is both disorienting and thrilling. I am tremendously grateful to the Crimson Circle staff and to Adamus Saint-Germain for guiding us into this new experience.

Review by Donna / (Posted on 4/25/2017)
Master's Life 4~~Sensuality is an experience that was clearly life changing for me
Adamus is at his best as Creator of experiences and merabhs. He felt more excited than I’ve ever felt him to be moving into experiencing sensuality with us. He said we were going beyond what was done in the mystery schools. And while I know Adamus does nothing to us in the channels, the insights and transitions do feel magical. He truly is Master of distraction and while shining his radiance, he is perhaps reconfiguring our own energies and consciousness to bring clarity. For me this workshop shined Light on my Knowingness and brought sweet clarity and awareness and experience of senses beyond my physical senses.

And Yoham was spectacular. Adamus often asked them to “interpret” the senses that he was discussing, and their music came with new and expanded passion and depth…..their own multi-sensory presentations adding to the multi-sensory experiences and merabhs.

The phrase “come to your senses” has always had negative connotations for me… mother reprimanding me…..demanding that I become more focused and “rational”. This class turned that upside down and inside out. Coming to my senses is about letting go of my focus and allowing me, as I AM/Master, to live sensually in 20 or 40 or 60 senses at once!! (Was way fun driving this morning!!)
Adamus is inviting and guiding us to find the “exit” we created when we painted our life experience and then dove into it. And coming to my senses is the “way out” of my painting of limited human experience; out of my crystal; out of the zoo; out of gray and flat.

I’m struggling to find words to convey how real ML4 is. I felt New feelings, and they’re still with me!! Adamus asked Yoham to play one of their creations at the beginning of the 8 sessions and then again at the end, to see if we sensed/perceived it differently!! Absolutely! How? Simply more sensory awareness that defies description by words. The session on the Sense of Love was one of the most transformational I've ever discovered!
Master’s Life 4~~Sensuality is an experience to the beyond, which is actually just allowing awareness of what’s already here!!
Thank you St Germain & Adamus, Geoff & Linda, Yoham and the CC staff!

Review by Patti / (Posted on 4/25/2017)