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Death and Re-Birth
This class is an update from the workshop Adamus originally offered in 2006 and adds several new channels. I felt this process worked well. I will say I found Dreamwalker Death to be a deep energetic experience.

I used to think that the Near Earth realms were where you went between lifetimes. There you created your own heaven or hell before coming back into another Earth experience. Now I believe there is so much more. I know I am ready to move beyond the old cycle of death and birth.

For those of you considering this class, I would ask you if you are ready to go beyond your old patterns? Are you ready to question the things that have controlled your being?

This class showed me the old programs and old games and marked a point of departure for me. The old family and lifetime patterns that used to sit on me and poke at me are ending. I can allow other people to do their thing, to stay in those old patterns, but I am freeing myself to go beyond them. This class helped me shift out of the old obligation to my soul family.

My choice at the end of the Dreamwalk was to come back and live totally different. What does that look like? For weeks after the class ended the old programming has been dropping away and this has felt like a death of its own as everything is up for re-evaluation. What used to motivate my actions no longer means anything.

I know there is a reason to stay, the sense of this is growing stronger, but my mind doesn’t yet understand what is coming. I’m allowing a totally new life experience to come to me.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 5/14/2018)
Befriending Death as the Doorway to NEW Life
How does death serve us and where does it lead? Is death an irrevocable ending, or just one more step in an ongoing cycle of conditioning, or is it the final liberation that gives us a truly new beginning? These are questions that haunt the human mind.

Additionally, as we expand beyond our stories, we often experience a series of mini-deaths within one lifetime. As we let go of our past, the ultimate question arises: can we move beyond our grieving, and the loss of passion that is a natural result of these endings, to fully embrace life once again?

Dreamwalker Death helps us understand and come to peace with death. The early sessions offer a primer on the death process, and introduce us to the Near Earth and Crystalline realms. This, alone, is incredibly instructive. Then we are given the chance to allow our own death now, essentially to put it behind us while remaining in the body, which helps us face the profound changes that occur in realization without fear. We are also given a precious opportunity to guide a loved one who has crossed the veil through the Near Earth and Crystalline realms to the Bridge of Flowers where they can reconnect with their soul family. These were profound experiences for me.

My mother transitioned a few years ago. She and I were very close, and I was having difficulty resolving my grief over her passing. I felt a part of me had left with her. The opportunity to walk with her and release her in joy to her soul family was deeply healing for me. It brought resolution to my grief over her challenging death, for I could now see the whole experience through the eyes of wisdom. I recognized her as so much more than the mother I deeply loved and felt our everlasting soul connection. This walk was a celebration that offered closure to a great human love story.

Most profoundly, I now see myself differently. As I walked through the Crystalline realms, I recognized myself as sovereign, and as a result, felt the energies there respond to me as a creator being. I faced my own death, putting the fear of it behind me, and finally, fully, was able to choose life. My choice to return and live in mastery called back a part of myself that had been “in between” and I now feel a renewed commitment to love life and let it love me back. I am HERE, finally.

I waited until I intuitively knew I was ready before taking this class. I am glad I waited, for in recent months I released much of the gravity that had been so deeply challenging for me, and I was prepared to make a clear choice for life.

This class is an update and includes the original channels from 2006 with new channels recorded in 2017. The earlier channels were given in a much denser energy. The messages from that time were very specific and often repetitive, carefully weaving a safe container to help those early pioneers navigate a very multi-dimensional experience successfully. The new channels are more concise, which reflects the evolution of Shaumbra. I was deeply touched by the new “A Dreamwalk for You” and the revelations about the potentials available to us now on New Earth.

After completing this class, I feel liberated from a great weight. I also sense the presence of the Crystalline energies within me in much more profound way and am willing to allow them to flow freely into my life.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 5/2/2018)
Beyond definition!
Hello Shaumbra,

I just did the DWD Update and truely it is sans definition. The experience is a very good self investment and because after the original DWD Class I have had some beautiful experiences being a Dreamwalker Guide for others I still did have some open questions regarding myself and some other topics regarding Dreamwalking and those have been adressed and answered in the Update. I also do remember that in the Original Version that we/I myself agreed to participate in any Update. I guess that it is part of the Code of Ethics?! Anyway, I did it and I am very happy because contained in the Update is much more than the mind is able to think about beforehand. It is just an experience beyond words or as I mentioned sans definition and worth it if you so choose to participate as a self investment.

With blessings,
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 5/1/2018)
Experience sans definition
I just attended the Update and the experience of it is truely a gift I have given myself. A self investment indeed. After the Original DWD Class wich I attended with a teacher I still had some open questions and through this Update I got the answers to them. I realize that really all is perfect the way I did and do experience life. For you who are still wondering about what does happen to you after your transition it will surely make a difference to know about this material. As well if you might have any concerns about loved ones and what might happen to them?! Do they have a choice. All I can say to this is: "Indeed." So as I have mentioned before: "It´s a very good self-investment and you will know/feel if this information is for you and if it is, don´t question yourself, instead trust yourself and just do it." It is absolutely worth it.
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 4/28/2018)
Life changing
I attended my first DreamWalker Death School on a freezing cold weekend in Denver in
2006 when it was originally recorded - it was so cold that the planes couldn't fly because
the fuel was frozen. It has truly changed my life by opening my awareness in many
unexpected ways. I remember crying for hours after the first group Dreamwalk when we
went to the Bridge of Flowers and I allowed myself to feel what was on the other side.
I never wanted to be a professional DreamWalker but I knew this experience was for
me. It touched me deeply and it opened a door for me to trust myself. The knowingness
that what I feel is real and I don't have to block it anymore. I died many times in my
awakening process. And every time I did I felt more alive with less battles and confusion
in my head. And thanks to DWD I died consciously without leaving my body. It was
much easier to do with the expanded consciousness of the death process. What was
dying were old identities, beliefs.
I was very excited to have the update since I loved all the other updates from Adamus
for other CC schools. Just before it started I felt off, sleepy, going through so many
different feelings. And I knew, I was dying yet again. What was amazing, when I was
listening again to the original message now was how much of the message was
integrated in my life already and how much it helped me in my awakening process.
Interestingly enough in the update Adamus brings the concept of embodied death and
he walks us through our own Dreamwalk – for which, according to him, we were not
ready in 2006. The Dreamwalk was exquisite, indeed. Dying without fear, dying to my
old identity, to all things that don't work for me anymore. The ultimate letting go. The
ultimate allowing.
Just like the first DWD gave me trust that the other realms are real the update gave me
a peace of mind after Adamus St. Germain described what will happen to Shaumbra
after we move on and leave our bones behind.
The words that come to mind is: the experience was exquisite. The update was beyond
what I expected. This school is for everyone who is serious about embodied
enlightenment. The last hidden fears of death are gone. Death is a transition and
awareness, consciousness - the I AM - is always here.
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 3/31/2018)
Taking a look at Death will increase your joy of Life
German translation below.
I write about my own experience with the DreamWalker Death class so you can feel if this class is the right one for you at this point.
DreamWalker Death (which I attended in person, with a teacher) did four things for me:
1. Take away my fear of death – which is huge, since that fear overshadows everything that you do and takes away a lot of the joy of life.
2. Give me the ability do dreamwalk. I have not done it often, but every time it was a beautiful experience. Can you imagine not having to worry anymore about your loved ones – because you can sense how they evolve after death – and how they arrive at their destination of choosing and transform on the way?
3. The ability to feel. Or rather: To finally realize that I already see and sense and feel a lot. DreamWalker Death makes it so clear that we all are clairvoyant. It might start small – but being exposed to the experiences in the class it’s very difficult to miss how much you see or sense or simply *know*.
4. The realization how much I love Earth. This is a personal thing for me and it’s not in there for everyone. But there is a big potential to realize something important about yourself and your journey.
That was the old DWD. The update added a few more things: For example a DreamWalk for myself. It’s all about our own Embodied Ascension now – even dreamwalking. And Adamus used the opportunity to really help me get rid of the last hidden fears about death. So if you already know the classic DreamWalker Death you might consider viewing the Update – it will add things for you if the first go with DreamWalker Death was transformative for you, I am sure.
By the way: If you experience technical issues while watching you might consider throwing in some conscious breathing. Fears, stuck aspects and other disruptive energies can make listening a bit messy. When you sort yourself out with some breathing the technical issues might get better (as I experienced myself).
And a note on “DWD with teacher” and “DWD cloud class”: If you are unsure, choose a teacher presented class. If you are sure, which one to choose you obviously do not need my input.
Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 3/15/2018)
Beyond Death~~
Experiencing the DWD Update was an excellent opportunity for a perspective shift. While the first 3 sessions seemed to be so “old”, by the time I completed the 3 days experience, I felt how much we’ve integrated and expanded since 2006!

And….the 3 new sessions with Adamus are excellent and make re-visiting the workshop a clear “yes” for me!

I heartily recommend this experience for anyone who has only done the old class, and especially for anyone who has never done the workshop at all.

One of the new sessions not only provides Adamus’s update on the old materials, but also adds a very personal and dynamic dreamwalk for the viewer, moving us past old perceptions of death! This ties in with his invitation in a recent monthly channel to let the slide rule move past the experience of physical death, so we can fully enjoy the experience of Living Life fully and sensually, without fear, doubt, or limitations.

Another of the new sessions is about ½ information update, and the rest is a touching, profound, and beautiful experience of his answer to the question, “What happens to YOU, when You cross over?”
The other new session is great questions and answers from those who attended the workshop in person or viewed it as a cloud class Aug 11-13.

For me, the actual dreamwalk channel, session 8, is the most loving and heart expanding channel ever. And the new material is perfect and perfectly timed for where we are in our expansion!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 3/10/2018)
During these sessions in the Update we are guided through the transition between life and death in a most loving way. You let go of the fear of death, because you feel how easy it is to go “over.”
DreamWalker® Death Transitions is the very first school offered by Adamus Saint-Germain and I joined the school in Zürich 2006. Adamus really opened my eyes and perception during this experience. My life changed after this gathering and it has been the deepest connection to life and death I have felt since then.
But then Adamus Saint-Germain came up with this update. Once again, I am amazed how Adamus can bring me even deeper into the feeling of being alive. Yes, it is a little funny, that you must be willing to go through your death to feel alive
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 3/9/2018)
A deep understanding of what death really is - and why we shouldn't fear it!
DreamWalker Death was the first CC school I attended, back in 2006 at a live event in Zurich. It was amazing. One of the core experiences for me was to truly choose life!
So, I certainly had some expectations about the update. And I was absolutely not disappointed! When I think of the updates of the schools Adamus has made the last few years – SES, Aspectology, DWB and now DWD – it strikes me that although the “old” channels still are the core part of the schools, the updates from Adamus adds so much to it. An expression of where our consciousness is now. And that means it has really moved.
The DreamWalker Death School is at the same time a deep personal experience, a lot of information about what happens when you are dead, and the realms you experience and a training that teaches you to be a DreamWalker Death guide – meaning you learn how to accompany a person after their death, as far as they want to go.
Adamus goes into details about what happens, when you die. Before CC I had some unclear ideas mostly from religious teachings. That has certainly changed. Adamus talks a lot of the consciousness of the dead person, how that determines what you experience after your death. Most people actually stay in the Near-Earth Realms, closely connected to Earth. Some not really aware that they are dead. As I understand Adamus, it’s a kind of energetic gravity that keeps them there. A kind of energetic pollution from the Earth.
This means that only few people continue to the higher realms, the Crystalline Realms (the place for imagination and invention of new ideas) and beyond that to the Bridge of Flowers and their Angelic Families. In these higher realms, the mind doesn’t function. And imagine what it means to leave that behind! When you cross the Bridge of Flowers and come back to your Angelic Family, it is a time of reunion, relaxation and review of your experiences from your past life on Earth – without judgement! That will of course influence your choice of your next incarnation – providing much more clarity.
Adamus compares the Near-Earth Realms with a large city. It has beautiful places and also the more challenging and tough places. There is nothing wrong with it, but if you go directly from here to your next incarnation, you will miss the clarity you get, if you continue to the higher realms.
Right now, it’s even more difficult to go beyond the Near-Earth Realm when you die, than it was when the original channels were recorded. The energy is “thicker”. That makes the work as a DreamWalker Death guide even more important.
A DreamWalker Death guide is like a friend for the dead person. Not trying to inflict their own beliefs on the client, but being the one who listens to them. It’s very important that the DreamWalker stays on the path leading to the Bridge of Flowers – called the path of the Anasassi – and not leave it. As Adamus says, you easily get lost there. Your client may stray of in the Near-Earth Realms or in the Crystalline Realms, but you stay on the path and shine your light, so your client can find you again. If they want to. You spend an hour each day, where you consciously open up to contact your client. If you have not felt them neither during this time nor during the day for 2-3 days, your service is over.
Adamus also underlines – several times – how important it is not to go out and do “social service” in the Near-Earth Realms. There are certain “rules” that is important to follow as a DreamWalker Death guide. There is the respect for your client and their family. And some others to protect you from getting lost. When you follow them, a DreamWalk can be an amazing experience.
My mum died a few years ago, and I had the opportunity to accompany her all the way to the Bridge of Flowers. It was a very beautiful experience, and a wonderful way of saying goodbye to her.
One of the benefits of being a DreamWalker Death guide, is that you have to trust your feelings. You have to feel where your client is, and you will also feel what they are feeling. That can be a challenge at times.
I love to know about things. Know about, how is it in the Near-Earth Realms, what really happens when you die etc. – Still, my favorite channel in this update is a DreamWalk for us – each person – with our Master guiding us through our death, while still being in the body. It was beyond words, so I won’t even try to describe it.
Another important session is a group DreamWalk, where each person walks together with a dear one, family member or a friend that have died, and we walk as a group along the path all the way to the Bridge of Flowers. I had a very touching experience this time, walking together with my granddad, who died some years ago. I have always been closely connected to him and felt him as an important support.
I feel I am still integrating this amazing school. Helping me to be clearer about, what do I choose to let go of – and that’s a lot! Changes are on its way!
In one of the new channels, Adamus talks about the restrictions of DreamWalking. He said that back in 2006 we could only DreamWalk one person at a time, because we were in the middle of our own awakening, and that took a lot of our energy. And now, we should still only do one at a time, because now we were in the middle of our realization! Wow, isn’t it amazing how fast we move in only about 11 years?!
As you probably know, it’s one of the core CC classes. And I fully understand why. I highly recommend this class!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 3/8/2018)
I was not prepared for what happened to me during the updated DreamWalker Death Transitions school. I’d been aware of the school since the first one in 2005, but it just didn’t call me. “Been there, done that in some other lifetime,” I thought, “not something I care much about right now.” But when I heard recently it was going to be updated, that same inner knowing was very clear: “It’s time, do it.” And wow, was I right!

The school consisted of the original channels recorded by Adamus in 2006, interspersed with new live channels, and right at the beginning he changed the whole direction of the class and made it much more about us and our own transition, or “Embodied Death” as he called it, into freedom. He even led a “DreamWalk for Self” at the end of the first day, where the Master Self comes in to begin a dreamwalk for the human.

That was a profound experience in itself, and the school was full of interesting information about death and the other realms and how much has changed in eleven years, but nothing prepared me for the experience I had with dreamwalking another. During the class Adamus sets you up with someone who is ready for a dreamwalk, and then guides you as you guide them through the Near-Earth and Crystalline Realms to the Bridge of Flowers, which is the doorway to the High Angelic Realms and one’s own angelic family, where one can rejuvenate for a time before coming back to Earth.

I wondered what would happen for me. Would I know the person? Would I even have the full experience, or as so often happens, would it just be a blurry adventure where my mind goes to sleep and I wake up at the end wondering what happened? I need not have worried, for this dreamwalk turned out to be one of the most “real” experiences I’ve ever had of the other realms, and the person who came for a dreamwalk was completely unexpected and so very real.

I won’t go into details of my experience because it is just too raw, too beautiful and too personal to put into words right now. Suffice it to say that it was a most amazing and joyful reunion, and such an honor to walk this special person home and to meet not only her angelic family (at a careful distance), but my own as well. To feel their love is an experience I will not soon forget, and I will never again fear the transition that we call death.

The DreamWalker Death Transitions School changed me in ways I cannot explain and far more profoundly than I expected. Whether you are interested in dreamwalking others or not, if you are coming into your Embodied Enlightenment this class will assist you like no other.
Review by John McCurdy / (Posted on 3/6/2018)