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Few Words To Describe This
Master’s Life 8 - Nova Vita was once again a huge stair step into awareness. This class was more about the energetics than it was about the words. The merabhs were very profound. I felt myself drop more deeply into Me and it is hard to put my experience into words.

I felt this class bypassed my mind and took me into a feeling sensation. I felt some old patterns rise up and leave in the weeks following the class, but I still don’t know what they were about. I don’t need to know.

What I sense within me now is a column of light. I know I simply need to allow it. No further understanding is required.

Joe Davinroy

Review by JD / (Posted on 10/12/2018)
I felt more aware, more awake; at the same time a dizziness was there because old patterns (or the rest of them) began to come up again; patterns that I thought I had integrated and gone past; not so pleasant to realize, but each time I have let Adamus in
Nova Vita – New Life is number 8 in Adamus` Master`s Life series.
I will not tell so much about the contents – you can read about that in the Crimson Circle Store.
But I can say that in the beginning I felt a little bored; nothing new was told and in the first two sessions Adamus answered his own questions, just asked by Linda.
But then things began to happen in the days after having listened to these 5 sessions:
I felt more aware, more awake; at the same time a dizziness was there because old patterns (or the rest of them) began to come up again; patterns that I thought I had integrated and gone past; not so pleasant to realize, but each time I have let Adamus into my life this has been one of the consequences.
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 9/27/2018)
The answer before the question...
My experience with `The Master’s Life 8: NOVA VITA – YOUR NEW LIFE was (also) quite different from the other sessions from TML, yet very profound and like an easy talk with Adamus, even inviting us to sit together and talk about the now experience. More so, for me was a funny experience: I got the link and I was thinking `yes, we start tomorrow`, yet I found myself waking up at about 4 AM and starting to go trough the first channels.
In the experience, with the Q&A, I did found it very relevant for me to set aside some things discussed, and the discussion is very interesting, getting more clear about the experience of transitioning into the new life, feeling more encouraged into allowing. In the merabh of the circle of life experience… wow – a very deep felt experience.
In the next session, Adamus explains some things that can be expected in the experience of Nova Vita, and some talks about perceptions that indicate that you are in the convergence. So, I felt important the convergence and the grounding of the new life / Nova Vita.
The closing session brings another beautiful merabh, and my feeling was like getting more into trust and allowing.
So, for me, this cloud class brought more clarity and awareness for the human about what is going on, on many levels, and how important is to allow and experience. And like a toolbox for ease and grace. But, in order of being a relevant post, I have to mention that – yes, I do have my experiences (of all ranges) – and much of getting somehow into a balance may be based on this cloud class information, maybe it has a practical use.
As always, I do thank to Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus and the CC Staff for the great safe space that we are invited into and have our personal experience, as well for the high quality videos.
Florin Mandiuc

Experința mea cu Viața Maestrului 8 – Nova Vita – Noua ta viață – a fost (de asemenea) destul de diferită față de celelalte sesiuni ale Vieții Maestrului, totuși foarte profundă și ca o discuție relaxată cu Adamus, chiar el ne invită să ne așezăm împreună și să discutăm despre experiența din acum. Mai mult de atât, pentru mine a fost și o experiență ușor amuzantă – am primit linkul și mă gândeam că vom face asta maine... totuși m-am regăsit că mă trezesc pe la 4 dimineața și că încep să trec prin channel-uri.
În experiența cu Întrebări și răspunsuri le-am găsit foarte relevante și că mă ajută să eliberez anumite lucruri iar discuția a fost foarte interesantă și am ajuns la mai multă claritate referitor la tranziția în noua viață, cu simțirea de încurajare în permitere. În experiența următoarei sesiuni – merabh-ul cercului vieții – greu de pus în cuvinte, însă a fost o experiență cu simțiri profunde.
În următoarea sesiune, Adamus explică o parte dintre lucrurile care pot fi așteptate să intervină în Nova Vita și câteva discuții despre percepțiile care indică faptul că treversezi convergența. Deci, am simțit importantă convergența și împământarea noii vieți / Nova Vita.
Sesiunea de final aduce un minunat merabh, iar simțirile parcă aduceau mai multă încredere și permitere.
Așa că, pentru mine, acest curs cloud a adus mai multă claritate și conștientizare pentru om legat de ce se petrece pe multe nivele și cât de importantă este permiterea și experiența. Și ca un set de instrumente pentru grație și ușurință. Însă, pentru a fi o poastare relevenată, trebuie să menționez că – da, am și eu experiențele mele (în toată gama) - dar mare parte de a fi într-un fel de echilibru poate fi datorat informației din acest curs cloud, probabil are un fel practic de aplicare.
Ca întotdeauna, mulțumesc lui Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus și echipei CC pentru mărețul spațiu sigur în care suntem invitați pentru a avea propria noastră experiență personală, precum și pentru înalta calitate a părților video.
Florin Mandiuc
Membru al echipei CC pentru review-uri ale produselor
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 9/19/2018)
Invaluable information and merabhs for grounding the New Life.
A new life. What does that mean? It’s easy to hear Adamus talking about the new life coming our way, and to nod one’s head and say, “Yes, yes, I’m ready. Why isn’t it here yet?”

Until that new life knocks you upside the head, and everything actually starts changing. Until the human finds itself grinning ear-to-ear and squealing in delight at the amazing new things in its life and at how perfectly everything keeps falling into place, and simultaneously crying out in horror, “Wait, it wasn’t supposed to be like THIS! Where are the peaches and cream, roses and dandelions, and all the bliss and perfection that was supposed to come with my new life? Why does my body hurt worse than ever? Why do I feel as though I’ve just been shredded into a thousand bits? Why does it hurt so much to be around ‘ordinary’ people, or to focus on anything ‘important’? Why does it feel like I’m existing in a hundred different dimensions I can’t quite comprehend, when I should be focusing on something ‘useful’ here? Why can’t I see where the money is coming from? Why doesn’t anything work the way it used to work?”

Maybe it’s because it really is a NEW life. Maybe it’s because, as Adamus shares in the Master’s Life 8 Cloud Class, we have entered new territory that NO ONE, including the grandest beings in all existence, has ever experienced before. Maybe it’s because we are undergoing the greatest transformation that has ever happened to any being, bar none, and our human body is taking the brunt of it. Maybe it’s because the human is all about experience, and we just couldn’t pass up the most profound and intense experience there ever has been!

Whatever your experience of your new life may be, this beautiful addition to the Master’s Life series is likely to help. Adamus answers a lot of common questions about what is going on right now and provides a lot of helpful information, and in beautiful Merabhs he brings it all together and helps you ground it. If you felt anything in Master’s Life 7, if you are discovering the joy, and sometimes the pain and disorientation, of meeting yourself within your own creation, then this beautiful Cloud Class may help to ease your passage. It certainly has for me!
Review by John / (Posted on 9/17/2018)
Allowing a joyful transition into your new life
NOVA VITA - Your New Life
For each Master’s life series, I have felt, wow – it’s just where I am right now! Master’s life 8, Nova Vita is no exception from that!
In the two first session, Linda is asking questions, delivered by Adamus that he has felt, were the questions we would ask about the new life. It’s of course questions from the human, because when you, the human, enter new territories there will be a lot to wonder about, uncertainties etc.
Although it’s just answering some questions, it’s incredible how deep it goes. It calms the human, and then you can allow the change taking place. A merabh, of course, also helps.
One of the things, Adamus mentioned about this transitions period we are in, is about energy. How we are still working for energy, while looking after (hoping for) energy coming to serve us – and then we will make the shift. I recognize that one from my own life a lot of times. He says, of course, we have to leave the mass consciousness energy, and realize it’s all within. We can’t mix it.
Another point, in the new life we will no longer have the worries for tomorrow. I thought I had let go of most of that, and then to my surprise, it popped up, where it is still very active.
In one of the sessions, he asks us to imagine sitting in the middle of a circle with all our past lives and aspects sitting around us. It was such a touching experience, feeling them and allowing them back home.
What I really like in my life right now, is this process of coming to my realization is unfolding at a pace where I feel I can enjoy most of what is taking place. Of course, some days are tough garbage days, but most of them are really joyful. I feel that is what Adamus is talking about and showing in this series. It’s a slow change (or maybe not so slow) but it’s in a way that we can cope with it, without being blown out of the body.
About the body: Adamus says, it is hard on the body right now. It has to accept the new energy body that is coming in, replacing a lot of the old connections. We feel the changes, often as pain different places. In the last session, Adamus does a merabh to ground the energies, to make it easier for the body to cope with the changes. During that I felt a lot of emotional release, too. I also felt restless in the body, having to go for walks several times. That helped. Today, the day after, I still feel a bit dizzy and being outside is so soothing. It’s difficult to put into words exactly what is going on, but some changes are definitely taking place. And that is what I want!
If you want to give yourself a really nice present, Master’s life 8, Nova Vita is a great idea!
Anne Maribo Andersen
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 9/15/2018)
"Wow" is not even close to describe this experience!
Nova Vita-I Am here. This is what I do know. Words seem to fall short to describe something that simply is to be experienced...if you dare and if you´re ready!
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 9/14/2018)
New Life....Nova Vita

Nova Vita is not a just a transition. It’s never before been experienced. The convergence is complete. The Human is in both Experience and Wisdom simultaneously for the first time ever. The Master is dancing. I Am is smiling in its Radiance, expanding both outwardly and inwardly.

The most touching part of this whole experience for me is when Adamus looks up at us and asks what we want to do with our “past life” as we step into this New Life. He pauses, reflectively, and then adds that this is the very first time since we’ve been together that he’s been able to ask that question. We are now in New Experiences, New Life….Nova Vita.

With grounding New Life into this physical body comes a New Energy body, a body of living Consciousness, allowing the changes in how it receives and uses energy.

There is no more limited volume of experiences as in past lives.

This is the lifetimes of the most deaths, and now….no more death. In Nova Vita, while there are bits of biology experiencing death, there is no more death and no more births.

The first 2 sessions are questions and answers. It seems that Adamus gave dear Linda the questions that he felt (knew) we would ask, and then answered them before getting into the merabhs and experiences.

And then the happenings begin. The last 3 sessions are beyond words, astounding and deep experiences!

Diving in. It’s simply time to dive into the center of our Creation. As Adamus talked about leaving the spiral and diving into the center, I was immediately transported back to the room in Kauai in April of 2013 in Quantum Allowing when Cauldre’s hand drew the spiral off the paper and then punched through the paper to demonstrate that we’re no longer on this plane. The two experiences, while over “5 years” apart were superimposed on one another, and it was easy to know they are happening simultaneously, as is everything!

The Merabh in session 3 was about the circle of life, inviting all our past lives and aspects, knowing that this lifetime is central….it is the center. There’s such honoring of the dear human who has walked alone through so much of this experience, often feeling unworthy, often self abusing.

Adamus introduces a new meaning of the word styling. It’s what we experience as the ongoing and constant moving and changing ….simply for the sake of joy.

He explains that New Life is sparked from itself.

Adamus talks about changes that will/are occurring. Bad habits (the ones we don’t want to keep!) will just fall away. We’ll stop feeding from the trough of mass consciousness. There will be no more “tomorrow anxiety”, worrying about what’s going to happen. We’ll find ourselves filled with compassion for others while still being intolerant of mass consciousness. And in our compassion and honor for another, with no desire to heal or change them, that honor illuminates potentials….an experience that their soul will never forget, whether they act on it or not.

In the final Merabh, we ground Nova Vita, which we’re experiencing as we experience the Wisdom of the lives and experiences and stories. No more conceptualizing; no more looking for and talking about what is coming (we don’t know), but experiencing the now happening of a New Life. Allowing the New Energy body to “take the place of” the old, forever changing our relationship to energy and how it serves us.

What happens to the old life? What would you like to happen to it?

He invites us to make a time to sit in Nature, feeling the awareness that there REALly is no REALity without our consciousness there.

For me, the question I hoped he’d address was a lovely example of reminding us several times that now answers will come before the question is asked. In Nova Vita, converged and alive for the first time ever, we’re experiencing life and wisdom via sensuality/the true master’s senses. We stop the spiraling and dive into our own creation, knowing…. I Am Creation. We can now create our true safe space, in conscious sensuality, living in the fullness of I Am Master and Human in my joy, wisdom, and experience….in Nova Vita.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 9/14/2018)
This has never been done this way, in the planet! And he was right: we could never fathom what it´s like doing it! I totally got now, his final salute: I Am Adamus of ‘The Sovereign Domaine'. A-ah!
I felt a different energy in this Masters Life 8. Adamus leads us to face our ‘Nova Vita’, whispering at our ears that it´s there to enjoy, now. Amazing discoveries are ahead of us. And this, has never been done this way, in the planet! And he was right: we could never fathom what it´s like doing it! And when he said his final salute: I Am Adamus of The Sovereign Domaine, I had an aha moment, finally understanding that I will say the same thing, maybe sooner than I thought. Like in the beautiful song: “Oh, my mind, get out of my head, oh my head, get out of my heart…” I got it!
Review by Placidia Espinha / (Posted on 9/14/2018)
What to Expect When You're Emerging
Master’s Life 8 – Nova Vita, meaning “New Life” in Latin, could have used a subtitle… I would have called it “What to Expect When You’re Emerging”! Kind of like those well-worn handbooks I read while I was pregnant years ago. In this latest Cloud Class, Adamus provides practical tips and valuable insights into what is happening to many of us right now as we birth into a whole new life. This time though, the babies R Us!

Master’s Life 8 has a different tone from any of the previous classes. It feels like Adamus pulls up beside us in an easy chair and settles in for a comforting talk about what’s going on. A mixture of Merahbs and questions and answers Linda poses from Adamus, I found this material easy to listen to. Simple yet profound.

Adamus says there is nothing really new beyond the first 12 ½ minutes but says it’s important to understand what’s happening, ground and allow ourselves to BE in our creation. We are already here. Time to stop talking and start experiencing! However he goes on to add fascinating information about the crystalline disc and Usara that were introduced in Keahak along with a lot of other gems of insight.

Personally, I found the information on losing our identity and feeling irrelevant very reassuring. I know for the last few years I have let go so much of my past including work, relationships, passions that I have wondered where ground zero would be? I have let go of websites, business cards, fb pages… Any sense of who I thought I was has left. If asked, I usually tell people I’m working on my “Masters”! Adamus tells us it IS the end of the line for our current human identity and it is a beautiful thing this feeling of emptiness. Big breath!

Adamus also expands on his recent discussion of mirrors, telling us that our human identities are really based on how we perceive ourselves through the eyes of others. Now instead our New Self creates a new self awareness from the inside. This is huge to quote Adamus! He says our New Self will be “styling” choosing how we want to be, sense and experience ourselves today. How freeing and cool is this? Shaumbra Stylin’ Masters! We'll be changing more than our chairs.

As usual the Merahbs are beyond words and pure experience. “The Circle of Life” bringing all our past lives and aspects together for the first time is truly stunning. I kept seeing that old cartoon starburst with “Shazam” on it as I left the spiral!

This is truly the time of convergence which the evocative opening video summarizes our journey so beautifully. Master’s Life Nova Vita is definitely an experience I would recommend following up on Master’s Life 6 and 7. Thank you to the stellar CC Creative team for this “Grande Opus” or another great work. Bravo!

Tammie O’Rielly

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 9/13/2018)
Simple on the Surface, but a Deep Dive into Experience!
For those who are ready, this class creates a safe space to dive into embodied realization and begin to experience the emergence of our new life right now.

My personal experience with the material was very multi-layered. Adamus’s words felt almost like a lullaby singing a familiar tune that calmed my mind. This class is not about delivering new information, but is designed to create a safe space for allowing. While the words were a great reminder and helped reduce my anxiety, I discovered the energies called forth were very catalytic and put great change in motion.

My body has experienced some intense challenges over the last few years, and I felt many releases during this class. I took things slowly, often breaking for a few days between sessions so I could let things evolve organically. As a result, some very old patterns were revealed, released, and brought to wisdom. The Merabhs in the third and fifth sessions are beautiful. They helped me let go of some very engrained patterns. My body now realizes how it is being honored and supported and it is starting to relax.

After participating in this class I am curious - what will it be like to experience each day without fear? There is a deep desire to allow this new life to unfold in gentleness and delight. I sense just how different it will truly be from what I have been used to experiencing. This knowingness is a bit disorienting, but also exciting.

After speaking with others who are going through their own embodiment challenges, I sense how appropriate and timely this message is. It is a beautiful support and will be very on point for many. It may not be appropriate material for those who are waiting to experience their realization because this class catalyzes fulfillment. Feel into the energies to discern if this material is a fit for you. If it is, open wide and allow.
Review by Donna Van Keuren, Crimson Circle Product Review Team Member / (Posted on 9/13/2018)