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What gives, and when and why...
Duality does not get more intense than life and death situations. So that is where Adamus takes us, in case we like doing it the hard way, or feel particularly stuck or simply choose intensity to move things along more swiftly... .
Realusion will sit you down, not just for listening, but every time you think you have a problem.
I keep creating the perfect situations to integrate this material... thankfully none of them quite as raw as the one Adamus presents:
Imagine you are about to loose your life stuck in quicksand. Afraid to die, you scream for help and last minute, help seems to arrive, but it is just a "useless" non physical presence, commenting on your situation without being able to intervene. Every force you yourself apply to get out of your predicament just sinks you deeper.
Because there is no place else to go, no more distractions in the face of death, you finally listen, but you still try to negotiate, if you can believe that. Then, at the last possible moment, "suddenly" your perception blows wide open and you realize your truth. And one way or another, still alive or newly dead, the situation has resolved.
It does not have to be that rough, but some of us diehards may have to go there to get over our engrained limitations. Some of us pick a scenario like in the movie "Groundhog Day", wearing ourselves down with sheer repetition, and some of us may choose the easy way, because in the flash of a moment we realize it is just as possible, and there is zero benefit to suffering.
The use of the word "suddenly" for the big shift out of duality used to annoy me. It seemed to make fun of the perceived time and effort it took to get to that point. And it does, because that is not what created the opening. What "suddenly" really expresses is a moment beyond time, out of nowhere: a window of perception opens, that has an effect on the dimension of time space, but is not defined by it. You can't make it open, but you can show up every day to avail yourself to the experience.
Still, I listened to the passages before and after the word "suddenly" for clues, other experiences that might be associated with it... .Adamus spells it out, and not for the first time either: a human has to choose to/allow themselves to feel SAFE in order to open up their perception, and if it kills you, so to speak. True safe space has to come from within, it cannot be granted by someone else.
So while Carl thought he was screaming for outside help, on a deeper level he had chosen not to settle for that this time, and thus his call was answered perfectly, by his own wisdom, his expanded perspective of the moment, his safe space that opened his awareness to the "way beyond" in a series of epiphanies. The intensity in a few seconds of time is expanded upon so we can integrate the precious energies and insights, including extensive understandings of time, space and gravity that shape our playground for physical experience.
Had another physical being arrived to help, all Carl would have gotten was intense gratitude to that being, and a reinforcement of his belief that he would never be safe with just himself.
Despite himself, and because of his choice to insist on his expanded perspective, Carl ended up sitting on a rainbow.
What gives for each one of us, and When and Why?
That is the stuff our unique stories are being made of, I may have to shamelessly embellish mine:)
Elise Schwenzl
Review by don't have one / (Posted on 8/29/2019)
New Chapter
Masters Life 9 is a brand new chapter in messages from Adamus and it goes deep and evolves over time.
It has two parts. The story of Carl, a human that is stuck in a dead end situation just few minutes before he could take his last breath. And more Adamus physics of how energy really works.
In the first part Adamus shows us a way out of any situation. As humans - on our way to full realization - we are moving into the next phase of our experience. Making real choices for ourselves. We went from not making choices and relying on mass consciousness or those around us to choose for us, to a point in our lives where we just had enough of repeating the same over and over again. We were desperate to change something and we did it with real passion and our Soul heard us. At this time our wise non-human parts started protecting us from making not so wise choices so we went into the cocoon. Just like a caterpillar does before becoming a butterfly.
The next step is to become a butterfly and start making wise choices. It’s time for new experiences in our human life, new choices in full awareness. To experience, to observe, and to bring the perspective of wisdom to every situation. And this is the way that I want to live. With this new understated of how energy serves me, all the choices that I make.
In the second part Adamus talks about gravity, time and space as sensualities. The way we perceive our human reality. And how they serve us.
This is truly groundbreaking and inspiring Masters Life. Here’s to Carl in each of us. It did break some memory barriers for me. And it keeps unfolding.
It took me a while to like the story of Carl. But once I got it... it is Adamus, the story teller, at its best.
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 5/7/2019)
Removing the Veil.
As I listened to Master’s Life 9 - Realusion, a lot of Adamus’s words rang true. I realized that on some level I already knew a lot of the physics. I also resonated with the story of Carl. I have been there in that quicksand and I know just how it feels.

The sessions brought a lot of things together for me and created a big tipping point.
After listening, I felt very irritated. I had a deep desire to experience my own authentic self. Anything less was not going to be acceptable, yet there was a big tug of war going on inside me over the Membrain. My mind didn’t want to let it go. It was painful. The more I tried to let it go, the more it felt like I was fighting my way out of a latex bag.

I watched the series again 3 weeks later, and I sank much deeper into the energetics of the words. This time I felt disoriented as things began to move. It is hard to find words to describe the shifts I have been experiencing. The changes are working their way through my energetic body, my physical body, and my psyche. I’ve experienced mind fog, almost a disconnect from what I used to care about. I can sense the Membrain coming off in stages.

I ended up giving my mind a new job, a promotion of sorts, to be the consultant to my soul instead of being in charge of my safety. When I did this, I felt my mind calm down.

Now I am curious to see what happens next. How will my authentic self want to express itself in my life? I am just allowing it to unfold.

Joe Davinroy
Crimson Circle Product Review Team

Review by JD / (Posted on 4/23/2019)
New Physics
Master’s Life 9 - Realusion masterfully guides you beyond concepts into new experience. Adamus begins with a story that lights up how it feels to be hopelessly trapped in our limitations. It is a very effective story, and an uncomfortable one, because it calls that old victim mindset up for re-invention.

After sharing the story, he shows us the way out of the trap by revealing principles of new physics and describing how we can shift our perception to experience a different reality.

This class combines a lecture format with merabhs. At first glance the lectures seem academic, but they pack an energetic punch. After watching the sessions a month ago, I have had some very interesting experiences.

First, I realized that to shift to a masterly perception required a deep commitment to “be it” right now and act from that point of view, even as the old creation co-exists for a time. Waiting for something to change just creates more waiting. Being the new point of perception in this moment is the key. I realized where I had been hedging, and after making a clear choice to shift, I experienced an energy re-boot. It felt like a death and rebirth moment where my life force drained away (a scary moment) and then was reset with different kind of connection, one with a much greater flow of energy.

Another choice point immediately followed. Would I ground this consciousness and this new energy into the planet and bring it actively into my life? My willingness to do this led to a surrender of different aspects of my personality. I felt some of them integrate and others lift off and back away as an expanded presence made its home within my body.

The last week or so I have been experiencing waves of energy that ebb and flow. I have felt very dizzy and unstable on my feet and have sensed a new energy blueprint emerging within me. Time has been in a state of flux. I’ve slept up to 12 hours per night and my dreams have been very chaotic. Change is unfolding at a rather rapid pace from the inside out.

For those considering this class, I would describe it as very catalytic. It is a perfect complement to the Keahak program, which has been preparing us for a new relationship with energy. This is a very exciting time. We are no longer just exploring mental concepts, but taking action to bring mastery into our daily lives.

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by DVK / (Posted on 4/5/2019)
One of the most beautiful experiences
What a special experience for me it is. First going through the material seemed more like a curious mind trying to see what’s in there, and kind of fast (even I have done that in 2 days). And, there where some experiences of feeling kind of release, I was thinking... But the second view brought a very special experience.
On watching the first 3 channels (the second time) it was a feeling like being more as the observer and kind of like talking with the Master part of me and sometimes getting to relate my experiences from the last years to the realizations presented in the story of Carl. And I can say that sometimes it was like watching in the same time the video and the second video of points of experience in my life and the Master just marking the similarities.
And, after seeing the video 4, some interesting experience unfolded: working on a project daily, I found myself in all of the old workings of the mind, old feelings and fears and concerns about everything, and after about 2 weeks of intense experiencing I found myself almost so deep into the mind that it seemed that I cannot get out of it and the situation I was in. Yes, kind of like in the story of Carl, getting deep into the sands (just no so close to dying, but close enough because it seamed not the way that I would like it), and asking myself what I can do or deal with it. Well, the answer was getting back to the TML 9 – now having the experience of the things that Adamus was explaining about old ways and how to change your perception detailed more in the second part of the experience with the material and what it means, how can it be part of the daily life. And, being aware of this information I can only say that I don’t want to go back to the old life ways anymore and it is not my choice to go that way anymore. It is more then I can explain in words, but it is bringing something that looks like new understanding and it might be more about experience.
It is a very special Master’s Life for me, mostly about what you can use daily and see what is your realusion. Now I have gone through many experiences with that (of what was said in it), and some still are coming to be experienced (I still am aware that there are some levels of consciousness to be accessed).
I can say that part of appreciation is to the Keahakers that tested and prepared most of the information for the practical use that Adamus speaks about, so it is not just a talk about concepts, it is very applicable information.
The making and how it is presented each video I found it to be simple and beautiful, and supporting, so now it is the appreciation and thanks for our friends that bring such beautiful gifts for us in terms of CC materials: - Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC Staff. I appreciate the work and effort for a good material and I always hold a special place for thanks for everyone that is involved.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 4/1/2019)
Essential Training for Embodiment
Realization. According to Adamus it’s a given. It’s going to happen. Relax into our enlightenment we’ve been told! Why many Shaumbra still question a need for more workshops and cloud classes… I’m already “there” they proclaim!

However, unlike the Ascended Masters of the past who left after their realization, we are choosing to STAY here as Embodied Masters. It’s never been done before. And according to Adamus in a recent Keahak, IF we’re going to stay on the planet, we must learn to manage energy with knowledge, wisdom AND practical application. Developing a new relationship between consciousness and our energies IS what will keep us here. And this is what make the Master’s Life series in my opinion, essential training for Masters who want to stay and play! Embodied Ascension “CliffNotes”so to speak!

No question, Adamus has really ramped up the intensity of information in recent live workshops, Keahak and Cloud classes. As our guide, he’s taking Shaumbra where NO other group has ever gone before. It’s all about understanding energy beyond love, light and snap, crackle, pop! In Master’s Life 9 – Realusion, Professor Adamus gives us a whole new understanding of physics that you didn’t learn in high school or old age “metaphysics”. It’s radical and original. And yes mind blowing!

In ML9, Adamus weaves his new physics into an entertaining story of Carl that we can all relate to. We’ve all been a Carl and stuck in our stories in the matrix. Using this story as an anchor, Adamus introduces us to the old AND new physics of Gravity, Time and Space and Energy that shape our reality. The real aha is that these are really SENSUALTIES! This makes physics very sensual indeed as you really feel into them with the Merabhs and given opportunity to practice in everyday life. Like my yoga practice!

Master’s Life 9 is so rich with new insights, your mind will struggle to grasp it. Good! This is part of the “membrane” or memory brain release Adamus shares which keeps us from going beyond physical reality, beliefs and thoughts. When we open up, there is so much more. There is something so profound in this Master’s Life that takes you very deep and beyond words… It’s all about the experience and applying it in your life with the wisdom of your Master.

Personally, in the last few weeks, I definitively feel a shift… I can’t now “unsee” the unseen! If I’m stuck in 3D, it’s only momentarily as I remind myself it’s ALL my energy, all my constructs I’ve created to serve me. Everything! No more excuses or playing victim to “out there”. And then the magic happens! The Wizard Effect. Synchronicity, effortlessness, abundance flow in totally unpredictable and sometimes humorous ways. Like long lost crystal champagne glasses, I have tried to find for 30 years… Don’t ask. Or do over a glass of bubbly! (Oh, and the real secret to why the delay in manifesting is shared by Prof A.)

I am now enjoying playing and owning my perception of reality. Is it real? Only if I want it to be as Tobias once told us! I am the Creator, the Observer, the Experiencer AND the Wisdomizer as ML9 illustrates. While some of this information about the illusion of reality can be found elsewhere, Adamus blows past most of it in his usual inimitable style. He told me recently at Amyho, it’s “Shaumbra Fresh!”

Ascended Masters in the past couldn’t handle the energies and had to leave. As Shaumbra, we no long have to be “beamed up” once we learn how to manage these energies. But after thousands of years and conditioning it certainly means unlearning in a whole new way. I appreciate having Adamus along as a coach and mentor and the CC team for creating another stellar Master’s Life episode to inhale.

Master’s Life 9 Realusion takes us warp speed ahead for those Shaumbra who are ready to make a shift to go beyond the membrane and to live in a whole different way! Where no Ascended Master has gone before…

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 3/25/2019)
It all comes from within
Who else but Adamus would wrap profound wisdom in a kind of a horror story? Well, it caught me! Like reading a book that you can’t put aside before you get to the end. So, I watched the first 3 sessions on the same day…
In the first session, I felt deeply touched. Probably most of us has experienced situations where we felt totally stuck and didn’t know the way out. I was reminded of being 16 and feeling that I was about to be suffocated by the strict control of my parents. I knew that I had to do something. Suicide was not an option. It felt totally wrong. Instead I ran away from home. I was found about a week later, but it changed a lot. I came to live with my grandparents that was a much safer and more nurturing place. The feeling, before I ran away, was, I have to do this, no matter what. My feeling now, is that the Master inside encouraged me. And it showed me that I can change my situation by leaving my comfort zone. Of course, it’s not quite the same Adamus talks about, where the solution is to open your consciousness and change your perspective. But still kind of similar.
As Adamus repeated in one of the channels, if you have some issues in your life, it is because you hold on to them. You can hand it over to the Master to wisdomize. So, I have had pain in the long muscles on my back. The back relating to the past and being in the month of Aspects, no wonder they show up. Finn, my husband, massaged the muscles a short while. While resting afterwards, I gave over the issues in the back to the Master. I started crying and felt how the pain moved higher up in the back. The feeling was, that I didn’t want what others had decided for me. It has not gone yet. It feels like many layers from many lifetimes, and that I am shedding them off, one after the other.
30 - 40 years ago I learned that you attract situations in your life. To me it was such a turning point. A traumatic event when I was 12, changed from being something out of my control, to be something that I had attracted. Meaning, I could stop attracting that into my life. Adamus goes even further: “All energy comes from within”. This is to me, one of the most important statements. It totally dismisses the victim role. How can you be a victim, if it’s your own creation? Especially when I go for a walk, I practice feeling the energy behind the trees etc. in my surroundings. I am still pondering, does it have an energy of its own – like humans have their soul, but you may only see your own projection on that human – or does it only exist because of your consciousness?
When I am painting, I more and more feel that I paint the energy of the motive and that captures me.
After each channel I felt rather dizzy and after having watched them all, it was like being in kind of a void. Nothing left. Or so it seems. An integration is going on, but the result still in the making.
I would also like to mention the beautiful graphic. Each channel has its own background color and symbols showing what he is talking about. I also like that important sentences, like “change your perspective” is shown when he talks about it. The staff has done a wonderful job!
I highly recommend “Master’s life 9. Realusion”!
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 3/17/2019)
Carl is encouraged by his Master to change his perception to leave this unpleasant situation of his. It is hard for him, because he cannot see how to do it. As the situation gets even more tough, he becomes aware of what to do; this is an epiphany for him
Review of The Master`s Life 9 “REALUSION”

I listened to this Master`s Life in bits; and I`m glad that I did it this way.
Everything sounds so simple and easy, as very little is new for me. BUT the impact from listening to this ML 9 is so deep that it really has an influence on my perception. It takes time and courage to feel these new sensations (sensualities)!
First Adamus tells a story about Carl and his meeting with a tough situation. I won`t go into details, but it did not feel good … Carl is encouraged by his Master to change his perception to leave this unpleasant situation of his. It is hard for him, because he cannot see how to do it. As the situation gets even more tough, he becomes aware of what to do; this is an epiphany for him. Death is not really death: “I Am that I Am – I Exist” – and I always have … He was able to change his perception, look at everything from a new point of view – and all of a sudden, the situation changed completely.

In the 80`ties I made (among other stuff) some eye exercises to train the eyes to see the aura around life/objects. Some of the same things that happened then came up again now by watching and listening to these channelings. During one of the merabhs my eyes began to switch between different “contrasts”; it`s difficult to describe, but I just let it happen and observed what happened with this and with my body and feelings. I find it very important to let things happen, to allow, as we always do in the breathing. As things are very simple: It is all about awareness and consciousness; it gets even more important to be open and allowing.

The subjects, colors and background music in this ML 9 are very beautiful in every way.
It is an artistic masterpiece. I really enjoyed it. And I still enjoy the dragon and what is happening with me and around me, although it does not always feel nice to clean out stuff
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 3/16/2019)
It's all about perspective
I smiled as I reviewed my notes for Master’s Life 9: Realusion. Many words are underlined, several sentences are in all caps, and some even have stars on them. In other words, as I was experiencing ML9, a lot of things that Adamus Saint-Germain said really landed with me.

He weaves the story of a man stuck in quicksand (with vines around him no less) through this installment of the Master’s Life series, and that helps to bring some continuity to the sessions. This is a dive into Adamus physics, which he acknowledges isn’t widely accepted by science currently (to say the least), but it doesn’t try to negate current physics, but rather to broaden it. That is a good perspective to have as you navigate these sessions. There are definitely some things that will bump up against what your mind currently accepts as truth, or your real illusions.

I took the opportunity to feel into what was my quicksand. What is holding me back - what has me stuck? What has me all tangled up? And how far down have I sunk? After several days, I’m still feeling into that, and always appreciate an opportunity for insights.

While taking my daily walk, I’ve been looking around at everything that I’ve been perceiving that is outside of me, and shifting my perspective to begin to experience that there is nothing at all that is outside of me. As one of the sentences in my notes reminds me, all that is out there is simply my perception of energy. And true to the AND, I can also have the perspective that everything IS outside of me. But as Adamus says, when you open up to everything being within, it changes everything. That is what I’m feeling and experiencing more and more.

Master’s Life 9 is a master level experience. He covers consciousness, energy, perspective, perception, time, space and gravity among other things. Don’t expect to understand this on an intellectual level. This is an experience with sensuality as our relationship with energy changes. As with the previous Master’s Life sessions, I highly recommend this to those choosing realization in this lifetime.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 3/10/2019)
It's all perception!
Yesterday I couldn’t imagine what words I would find to summarize the experiences of Realusion. This morning I woke to a spectacular and stunning awareness of coming to Realize who we are, now choosing to experience unlimited sensuality, shifting and changing perspectives, living beyond time, space and gravity, and allowing all energies to serve.

The story of Carl in the first session of Realusion was graphic and clear and real for me. I remember some years ago when Adamus began talking more about Senses, he reminded us we can always ask, “What if….”, “What if I am not stuck and sinking in the quicksand?” Now we’re back to the same awareness, talking about you, as the Wizard, observing what’s going on, taking a breath, connecting with I Exist, and then simply changing perspectives.

Carl, like so many of us, waited til the “last minute” to change his perspective from, “I’m going under” to “I’m rising up, out, and beyond!!” He realized, I Am the Creator of all of my reality, I am the Observer of my own reality, I am the Experiencer of my creation, and I am the Master/Wisdom. For me, this was the most inspiring and relevant story Adamus has ever created and shared!

Carl’s choice, like ours, is between sinking in a limited perspective of reality or allowing unlimited consciousness with the awe of its simplicity, no qualia, no storing, no rules, no goals, simply the joy of I Exist and a love of sensually experiencing life, just for the sake of BEing.

It’s all perception. There is no space; there is no time; it is all right here…. within. Becoming conscious is like knowing the sun is always there, even in the darkest night. Consciousness has always been here. It lights all that is.

Session 4 on Gravity was my favorite and was the catalyst for the greatest transitions and new experiences. Simply remembering that gravity is here to serve me is beyond words staggering.

Gravity is a sense we created in the Order of the Arc to create a playground for our experiences on Earth. It’s more than what keeps our Aussie and NZ friends from falling off the earth.

Gravity is sensuality. It serves me in whatever way I choose to perceive it! I’m the Wizard who shifts perspectives whenever I choose, and now I am experiencing gravity sensually “transporting” the energies to me, to serve me. This is so much more dynamic and real than believing that gravity is a vertical force just here to keep me stuck to earth!!

Gravity is the “medium” by which energies come to me. Gravity is the sense that Lights the stage for my impassioned dance with the Song of my Soul.

Adamus goes on to talk about time also being a sensuality. For the Master, time is both linear and circular. We can be both in and beyond time simultaneously. Time is a rhythm, and the Master allows the rhythms of time to shift and change.

Space, like time and gravity is sensuality. They are not really here. They are just perceptions and sensual experiences.

“Energy is the Song of the Soul.” This is so sweet and simple and a most joyful experience to allow.

Adamus explains again that within the old perception of time and space, there are delayed responses, related to believing “it’s outside of me.” In reality, there is no time lag and no space differential. We’re shifting our perspective to realize it’s all happening now, simultaneously and in synchronicity.

The Master doesn’t live in denial of the human condition. The Master realizes, “I am a Wizard, and I can change perspective at any time.”

It’s no longer about “getting to” Realization. It’s now about shifting perspectives, having more and new sensual experiences and allowing all my energies to serve me.

The last session was the Merabh of Realusion. Realusion is about changing my relationship with Energy to an awareness that is intuitive, natural and familiar. It’s knowing that energy is not a group or composite place from which I draw; it is all mine!

As we shine our Light we can feel how Energies respond. It’s about experiencing the Merlin effect where gravity isn’t pulling me down like it was with Carl in the quicksand, but is lifting me up and beyond, and yet…. it’s all within!

It’s all perception!

A resounding thank you and “Whaa-whoo, we are here!” to Adamus St Germain, G&L, CC staff, and all of us!

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Patti / (Posted on 3/9/2019)