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Loved it
Fantastic experience. Truly loved it!! Brought Clarity And Passion to my life, and even a sense of Freedom And Fun, personally. There are many layers. I recommend it. Thank you Crimson Circle and Adamus.
Review by A. / (Posted on 3/1/2020)
Important Information to Have
- Nothing surprised me with this ProGnost Update. We’ve been doing our homework, paying attention to what is happening and reviewing alternative media sources. It seems that what Adamus mentioned may already be occurring.

I felt like Adamus was putting out a warning. You can play with all this technology if you want to. If you do so unconsciously it might come back and bite you. Where we are going demands that we be very conscious and make choices about where and how we engage technology and when we choose to be out of the system. The system doesn’t want free sovereign beings so this process will require some finesse. It will be very important to stay in our radiance and out of fear.

This update provides very important information. It is not about doom and gloom but about making conscious choices. Humanity is evolving in two new branches. There will be those who are totally sucked into technology becoming a new human techno hybrid. There are others becoming a divine hybrid, a conscious human being. Those who are conscious can allow technology to serve them.

What touched me most while watching this, is that my knowingness about why I’m here now was validated. I know I’m on the right path no matter how untraditional it feels and the mastery I am allowing is happening. It can be done.

Joe Davinroy
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by JD / (Posted on 10/15/2019)
Challenging Yet Inspiring Information That Brings Great Clarity
- This was a most interesting ProGnost. I know it inspired many comments on social media and that many people found it disturbing. I had a different reaction. Through research, I’d previously discovered that a lot of these potentials are already present on the planet (social credit systems, human chipping, nanotechnology, virtual reality, virtual money, dissolving of the family unit and restructuring of community, hypnosis and mind control, the dimming of creativity, and an increasing loss of freedoms, etc.) so what Adamus said did not surprised me. Still, it is hard to hear what humans are choosing. I wish more for this planet; and therein lies the beauty of the New Earth creation and the compassionate response of allowing free choice.

In the last six months I’ve experienced an evolving discontent with traditional human life and have felt increasingly disconnected, yet I don’t want to leave the planet so this paradox has been confounding. After tossing around many ideas, It finally became clear to me that it is not my joy to create a business and serve as a traditional teacher, rather it is to be present and to radiate, an approach validated by the closing merabh in the October Shoud. I feel a great resonance with the concept of illuminating potentials quietly without any agenda, and knowing this, the ProGnost Update explained exactly why I chose to come to Earth at this time and why I am choosing to stay in this new role. It supported the knowingness I have to leave my breadcrumbs behind me in the form of my stories, then serve quietly and perhaps invisibly, and the value of doing so with complete neutrality and compassion. It pulled many threads together for me.

Of all the material presented in the update, I was most fascinated by the question asked in the second session about whether we will be able to transition back and forth between the old and new Earths during this lifetime in a physical body. I realize this is a skill I very much want to develop and that, in fact, I would like to create a physical home base that allows me to co-exist on both Earths simultaneously.

Some of the information Adamus presents here may be hard to hear, yet it is a clarion call asking us to choose for ourselves and allow the choices of others. The time of machines is already here. For those of us choosing to stay as a standard we must make our realization our priority and walk into the mystery of a very different kind of life. I have felt this knowingness clearly since June, and this update brings the memo home. What beliefs and roles are we clinging to at the cost of our own radiance? To shine now is to reveal to others there is a choice. No one is trapped. Our light is needed now more than ever, but to bring it we must allow the time and space for our own integration. Freedom over all else. No more distractions.

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by DVK / (Posted on 10/13/2019)
Not my favorite
- Over the years I learned to trust Adamus and Tobias. I can see the changes in me. The wisdom, the peacefulness. I can also observe how my life is becoming so much different than the life of my friends, family members and co-workers. There’s no struggle, very little drama. And still I felt shocked and depressed after listening to Prognost 2019 update few weeks back. I sure hope there is a reason for presenting such a dark potential for humanity here on planet earth.
After experiencing it for the first time I was ready to run and hide under my sheets. It was rough. All the discussions and controversy around it on Facebook actually helped - I was not alone. So I reached for it again, even though I dreaded the second time but the shock was not so big. Is the future really so dark? Yet I still didn’t feel the call for passion to be here. My wisdom was reminding me to breathe. Go through my day and take very conscious breaths.
So there I was, listening to the update again, and this time first thing I heard was ... take care of yourself. Take time for yourself.
I’m still not in a place to enjoy this Prognost update. It shook my status quo and affected me deeply. And I feel there’s a reason why Masters Life 10 was released right after that. For me it was saving grace. I am still here.
Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 10/4/2019)
sorrowful era.. but much more deeper massion i felt.
sad.. awful.. but I felt my massion more deeper. Thanks you all.
Review by You Mi / (Posted on 9/27/2019)
A Beauty is being woven beneath It All
Prognost talks about what lies ahead. Interesting, but more importantly this one says "the time (for Shaumbra) is Now!". Not to get involved as mere humans, in politics or environmental causes that weigh so heavily on a lot of people, or even to focus on taking care of others just a little bit longer while they seem to need us so much, but to become Merlins. Adamus started here, and for me he could have ended here, that was my big take away.
He goes on to make the case: the rather bleak Time of Machines upon us, why we chose to stay, how we can make it safe and bearable knowing there is New Earth right next to Old Earth, and being able to be on either one, or on both at the same time, effortlessly. That is where being a Merlin comes in, to survive and thrive in those extremes. So we have the nerve to watch the Machines control and distract much of humanity 24/7, so we can allow humans to submit to it and relinquish their potentials for consciousness and creativity for a time without trying to save them. Our place is to stay present on the planet as way showers: for those coming in to be aware of the big choice they have to incarnate on Old Earth or on New Earth, and for those already on Old Earth that know there is more and cry out for confirmation. "Eventually they all come home" helps me be calm and compassionate, as so many, on the surface, default into their own experiences and timing.
Personally, I got really worried about starting a new job recently, that seems to devour my days and energy whole, at least for now. Then I noticed that much of Prognost, that came as a shock to others, really did not surprise me. Anyone working with the public, documenting in Windows OS knows the machines have won the day a while ago, allowing "multiple" choices, preventing any personalization, refusing payment for any tiny non-conformity, monitoring productivity every hour of every day and sending you down infuriating binary rabbit holes that may be fun for a machine, but can really drain a sentient being of the will to live. Meanwhile humans from cradle to grave seem to be on hardcore anxiety medicines, glued to screens, and most of them see nothing wrong with that.
I am not defined by the job, and I will drop it the instant I realize another way of taking care of myself. In the meantime, it seems to provide ample opportunity to open myself even wider when I feel compressed, and occasionally someone notices, and we share a gaze. That is why I am Here! Passionately conscious. Increasingly in true service on the Old Earth, and increasingly Living the Life on New Earth.
Elise Schwenzl
Member of CC Product Review Team

Review by don't have one / (Posted on 8/29/2019)
Awareness of what is coming to be and remembering
In my experience with this ProGnost 2019 update I liked very much how the story was designed: Adamus starts reminding our reason to be here, our passion presented on many levels and underlining that we are here for our personal embodied Realization. And just reminding us to not get entangled into worlds problems, or as I understood it for myself, to not get into things that are not ours. Then he starts the picturing of how the world can be, what are the energetic conditions of the world, and I add that it still is the image before the Shaumbra Masters cross that line of embodied realization.
Mostly, I liked the first part because is one on the remembering side, with much clarity on a personal level why it’s important our passion, and the new Shoud Series – Passion 2020, the talks about the dragon and the clarity that it brings, and the talk about the New Earth was for me something relevant and i just liked the recommendations how act and not react even if what Adamus talks about becomes a reality. In any case, my first reaction was not so emotional, I was just feeling and picturing it, but it was clear to me that with so much assistance and guiding from Adamus we can enjoy life on a personal level and be safe.
In the second session I liked the perspectives of the solutions on very clear cases or situations, but also the reminders about this place, Earth – mostly the reminder that it was not designed as a forever place, but just a place for experience and gaining wisdom. It was interesting to be aware that Adamus was just stimulating the debates with the first sessions and, also, that Shaumbra repulses to this perspective because of the remembering of the Atlantean times. And then, observing that it is a time to let those who are choosing to stay in separation to have their experience and help those who are choosing the way of something different – New Earth.
So, from my perspective ,this ProGnogst 2019 update is about us, at least me, enjoying the personal remainders and uderstandings that it brought for me and that the world has it’s own path and I can enjoy (new) life and observe from a place of safety.
As I can understand it, the recording and channeling was not an easy one, so I only can appreciate the effort and be thankful to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC Staff for making a very relevant cloud class for this ProGnost 2019.
I do highly recommend the material for the awareness of what is coming to be and for remembering.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 8/26/2019)
A painfll but much needed eye opener
This ProGnost Update is one of the most painful eye opener I felt in the last months. Old Earth is really what it is, without sophisms. I realized how deeply attached I am to it, and how it is time now, to let it go for good. All is well and it is quite appropriate. I will keep my promise to do embodied Realization while still here, and remain on it for a little while, to enjoy my own time. After that I will leave without sorrow to my Sovereign Domaine. Thank you Adamus, very heartfully for helping me to consciously choose this final freedom.

Review by Placidia espinha / (Posted on 8/21/2019)
Sweet Clarity
Prognost 2019 Update Review

Ahhhhh, sweet Clarity!!

For decades Tobias & Adamus have been channeling our expanding consciousness to answer the question, “Who Am I?” Seems like he wrapped that up in Santa Fe with reminding us that we are Merlin, we are Energy, in our experience & expression of I Exist!!

Now Adamus has poignantly addressed the question, “Why are you choosing to stay here after your Realization?”

It seems to me Adamus has made it clear that technology and its potential controls are inevitable results of most of humanity making the choice to follow their unintegrated mind, living their lives directed more & more by technology . Then there are those of us who have chosen Realization, allowing our mind to integrate into the I AM. We are allowing and experiencing the Realization of our expanding consciousness, remembering who we really are and why we’re here. He says again that this choice of many to stay in initially mind generated technology is the very thing that prevented Old Earth and New Earth from coming together.

Adamus addresses where this technology is going to take humanity, especially in the next 2 or 3 decades. It’s not some sinister plot by some “outside force”; it’s not good or bad, it’s just happening. Thank you Geoff & Linda for embracing the challenging experience of bringing this clarity and awareness to us!

Right away, in the 4th sentence, after welcoming us to the ProGnost 2019 Update, Adamus says, “As a matter of fact, I’m going to encourage you right away not to get entangled. Not to get entangled with the world.” And he goes on to invite each of us to put ALL of self into our embodied Realization.

He reminds us that on Earth now, most of humanity is stuck in their patterns and hierarchies; the dreamers and the magic are basically gone. That’s why we are here now! It is OUR time, and 2020 is a very important time of realizing our true Passion to move beyond the mind into New Energy, living the dream and the magic. He’s reminding us to be the Standards, the Dreamers, the Merlins, the Wayshowers, shining our Radiance, our Resonance, our Light on all potentials for everyone.

In ProGnost 2019, The Dragon Enters, Adamus reminded us to know that the Dragon is Clarity, “bringing you back into conscious integration with the I Am the Merlin that you are….” And with Clarity comes the Magic!

Adamus describes the energetic condition of the majority of those on the planet as being lost, being very mental, without creativity, caught up in becoming the super mind in a huge technology movement, resulting in the inability to make real decisions. And in this inability to make decisions, people will allow more and more direction from their smartphones and AI.

And then again, Adamus asks Gail to use 10 exclamation marks (page 28 of the transcript) following, “Right now on the planet, don’t get entangled in all this stuff!!!!!!!!!! Don’t get entangled in politics!!!!!!!!!!”

He describes his take on the world in these years coming, saying, “nothing will be terribly bad, but nothing will be terribly good…..kind of boring without real creativity…..colorless, kind of lifeless, and very vulnerable, very vulnerable to being basically taken over by, well, computer intelligence.”

He says, WE are here to bring in the potentials for creativity, for creation, “that potential for color, that potential to go far beyond the mind, that potential for true passion.”

Adamus talks about New Earth and Old Earth, being almost different levels of each other, very close to one another, with New Earth having the attributes of Old Earth, yet without being trapped in the physicality.

Many want to stay in the old consciousness, and they have a right to stay there. They are simply not ready for more consciousness.

AND while we respect their choice, WE are here to light the path, making sure that there is awareness of an alternative, other place. This place, New Earth, is what we’ve dreamed of, including the beauty of nature. It’s a place we travel to where magic is real, a place where we can experience the “sensual colorful nature of being a human without being trapped in it.”

We’re here to show the dream and experience our true inner divine creativity, the real magic that allows energy to work for us in any way we choose.

We are the wayshowers of the dream and of the New Earth.

In the second session Adamus answers questions that came from the staff during break. I heard Linda gasp when he said Earth was never designed to be a forever place, and I gasped out loud when he said by 2050, brain chips would be mandatory.

And while there are things that we can consider to be disturbing, doom and gloom, and scary, I am very excited about stepping into my true Passion, experiencing being invisible, and more easily traversing from Old to New Earth!

I will end with one more quote from the second session: “Isn’t it more compassionate to let those who are choosing to stay in what I would call kind of a dreary, communal, Old Energy consciousness? Let them stay there. And sooner or later all of them – all of them – will have had enough and say, ‘No more’, just like you have. It’s time to move on to your higher consciousness and ultimately your sovereignty.”

And so, here in the House of Shaumbra
and on New Earth,
we Experience & Express, Resonate & Radiate,
in our Dance of Clarity, Wisdom, Magic and Passion!

Shall we Dance?

Review by Patti / (Posted on 8/19/2019)
The impact of this ProGnost Update is profound. I watched it twice with a couple of days in between. My mood was challenged, switching between feeling sad and very happy about what Adamus lined up. During the day I have had a few situations where my feeli
ProGnost™ 2019 UPDATE
Why am I here? Why not leave this earth with all its suffering, quarrel, fighting, suppression, feeling lost etc.??
In the ProGnost 2019 Update Adamus once again tells us why we are here. This time I feel that I really got it! I`ll come back to this in the end of my review.
“The time of the machines” is a scary time for conscious people, who recognize what is taking place regarding technological development. Internet of things develop so fast; microchips are implanted in hands and in the brain to make life “easier” for humans: open doors, transfer money directly from one account to another, sharpen and intensify memory and intellectual capacity of the brain and so on.
Our smartphone tells us, when to get up, have breakfast, brush our teeth (even tell us if we did it right), go to work – And suggests us what to do in the spare time … Spare time: We are going to have lots of time for ourselves. Robots take over all the boring tasks and important ones, too, such as managing important functions in company work. So Adamus suggests that you earn a lot of money by developing an app for how to take nabs, because lots of nabs are going to be part of our lives.
Most people will fill the spare time with computer games and mental activities, in fact 97% … Only 3% will use their own creative abilities singing, dancing, painting, walking etc. and find joy this way.
This can be seen already, just notice the behavior of especially children and young ones.
Conformity will be the normal standard; programs will check if you are “normal” enough to get your reward, read money … A couple of states are preparing for implant of chips in their population to have control with people; NO: to make life easier for them. In 2050 this will be normal for all countries in the world.

The impact of this ProGnost Update is profound. I watched it twice with a couple of days in between. My mood was challenged, switching between feeling sad and very happy about what Adamus lined up. During the day I have had a few situations where my feeling of being conscious and present was not there … Somewhat dangerous in one occasion in traffic. So, as Elvis Presley puts it: “I`m all shook up!”
So, why are you/we here??
What is missing here on earth? Consciousness! So, we are here to be way-showers to illuminate the option of coming to New Earth for the humans who are ready for an alternative. (More information in the Shouds & in KEAHAK)
If you dare, watch this 2-session ProGnost 2019 Update. Be sure that you are fully grounded, especially the first days after you watch it. Session 2 is Questions & Answers …
I fully recommend this Update!!
Finn Andersen
Member of the CC Review Team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 8/12/2019)