Sexual Energies School: Heerlen, the Netherlands - August 3-5, 2018

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Heerlen, Limburg, the Netherlands
August 3-5, 2018
Presented by Certified Crimson Circle Teachers Amy Jecheva and John McCurdy

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Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse
Presented by certified Crimson Circle teachers John McCurdy and Amy Jecheva

Dates: August 3-5, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
Location:  Heerlen, Limburg, the Netherlands

Do you ever wonder why life just seems to drain the life out of you sometimes? Or why certain people leave you feeling exhausted? Would you like to release victim energies, power games and energy feeding from your life?  Do you feel that maybe it's time to finally, once and for all, get over that past trauma that haunts you?  What would it be like to live in a state of loving and accepting yourself?  

The Sexual Energies School with Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain will answer these questions and so much more. The most popular class ever offered by the Crimson Circle, Sexual Energies School (SES) will absolutely change your view and experience of life. You’ll understand how energy works, how it gets stolen and how you can find an unlimited source within you for creating your life.

This profound three-day workshop focuses on physical, psychological, psychic, and sexual abuse, manipulation and control (“energy stealing”) and provides detailed information about how you can release deeply embedded energetic wounds and begin enjoying life in a new way.  You will receive the tools to transform and release old energy patterns of self-abuse, energy feeding and stealing (whether to or from others), lack of self-love, power games and so much more.

It’s called “Sexual Energies School” because it deals with the ancient imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies. As these grew more and more separate over time, the result was a “consciousness virus” that is now in every part of human life.

“You’ll never see life the same way again after going through SES.” ~Linda Benyo

This workshop experience includes ten video presentations of channeled sessions with Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain of The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe, assisted by Linda Benyo Hoppe, as well as activities and discussions facilitated by certified teachers.

Click here for a video about the updated Sexual Energies School
Click here for a short YouTube video introduction

We recommend that you do not schedule any other activities during the course of the workshop and gift yourself these three days to just be with yourself as you experience the energies of the class.

DVD’s with subtitles in English; discussion in English.

3, 4 & 5 August 2018

Friday 3 August: Registration: 9:45-10:00 AM
Friday 3 August: 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM
Saturday 4 August: 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM
Sunday 5 August: 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM
(End times are approximate and may vary depending on the number of participants.)

Heerlen, Limburg, the Netherlands (Amy’s home.) Directions will be emailed upon registration.  This location is very close to the German border and less than 20 km to the Belgium border and there are some woods nearby for walking.

Lodging and transportation:
Transportation and lodging are not included. For information about lodging we recommend you look on,, and and Amy will send you a list of places to stay in the area. The Dutch transportation website is very helpful in finding how to travel via public transportation.  There is a bus stop six minutes away. If you drive, there is plenty of parking in Amy’s driveway or on the street.

50% Graduate Discount: All previous SES attendees are invited to experience this transformational class again for half price. Our experience is that each time you attend you enjoy more awareness.

Please note:
If you have already taken this class and are repeating it, please contact Amy or John before registering to obtain a graduate link and register for half price.

The Sexual Energies School is now a prerequisite for all in-person events with Geoff and Linda.  This applies to all events except the monthly meeting and webcast, unless otherwise announced.  

USD $595 / about 480 Euros (light lunches included)

CCEC Cancellation policy:
*25% cancellation fee before 72 hours of the event (cancellation fee waived if store credit taken)
*50% cancellation fee if within 72 hour window (25% if store credit taken)

For more information, please contact:
John McCurdy, Certified Crimson Circle Teacher (bio)    
Mobile: +1-505-501-1207
Email: [email protected]

Amy Jecheva, Certified Crimson Circle Teacher
Phone: +31 (0)45 888 7838
Mobile: +31 (0)65 597 0100
Email: [email protected]

Quotes from SES students:

“I have a new perspective on energy dynamics and power games, and because of that I no longer fear them.”

“I finally understand that there is no one to blame, not even myself. Everything has simply been an experience.”

“It was an opportunity to embark on an amazing voyage of self-love.”

“Most of my problems have just disappeared! And all the abusive, nagging people are fading from my life.”

“A history of sexual abuse no longer dominates my life. I no longer feel ashamed and dirty.”

“I’m learning how to fully live! I get regular massages and buy the best wines. I have more money and less work. I finally feel I deserve the best – and it comes to me!”

“I stopped worrying about my weight. In fact, I just bought bigger clothes – and they are beautiful! No more baggy sweats and T-shirts for me, I’m worth better than that. (The funny thing is, some of the weight has disappeared…) "

“Even though I’m happy just with me, I feel ready to explore intimate relationships again. The old fear of commitment and intimacy is gone.”

“I feel a whole new sense of compassion for others, but especially for myself.”

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