SHAMIA: Traveling the Unseen

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 New music for Shaumbra!

SHAMIA: Traveling the Unseen
Music from the 2011 Shaumbra Egypt Tour from Yoham

Shamia: Traveling the Unseen is a musical experience that brings the heart and soul of Egypt to life in this exquisite new album. Music masters Gerhard Fankhauser and Einat Gilboa combine their talents with actual recordings of Adamus, Egyptologist Hassan Kahlil and Shaumbra tonings in the sacred temples to create a magical and mystical composition from the Egypt 2011 journey.

Shamia, meaning “alchemy” in old Egypt, includes 10 tracks of cosmic energies. During the Time Traveler tracks you’ll feel like you’re floating down the Nile River. Oh-Be-Ahn includes the moving Shaumbra song from the last night of the journey as the group sings to Egypt. Other tracks put the messages of Adamus and the poetry of Hassan to music.

Shamia is much more than music. It’s an experience into the ancient and mystical vibrations of Egypt. It’s also the culmination of Shaumbra energy during the November 2011 tour as the group toned at temples, floated in endless time down the Nile River, or gathered in awe in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Turn on your speakers or put on your headsets, then soar into the Shamia experience.

Click track titles to hear samples

1     Time Traveler           04:58  
2     Pyramid Channel       06:45  
3     Shamia                     07:55  
4     Houb Wa Salam         07:21  
5     Time Traveler 2         05:31  
6     Pyramid Toning         02:38
7     Amun-Ra                  02:59
8     Ancient Nile              08:14  
9     Time Traveler 3         02:05  
10   Oh-Be-Ahn               04:57  

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