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“Shaumbra Inspired” trademark logo now available for use. You may add this logo to your creations of all kinds, to indicate affiliation with the Shaumbra Community. Please read and adhere to the guidelines for use of this logo.
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Use the "Shaumbra Inspired" graphic in your business or project

We get many requests every month from Shaumbra who want to know how they can use the “Shaumbra” trademark as part of their business or projects. Aspiring authors want to include a Shaumbra identification with their books; some want to use the Shaumbra name as part of their business; many want to add the Shaumbra name to their websites.

After a lot of research with our Patent & Trademark attorney, we’ve come up with something called a “Collective Membership” trademark. It’s a simple graphic that you can use to identify yourself as Shaumbra. The new artwork is available as a JPEG file or a vector illustration (compatible with Illustration files). The graphic includes the distinctive Shaumbra butterfly and the words, “Shaumbra Inspired.”

You can download the high-resolution files at no charge here through the Shaumbra Shoppe. You’ll be asked to agree to the Terms of Use, then you can download the artwork and use it in your marketing materials for your projects or business.

There are many ways to use the new “Shaumbra Inspired” graphic. You can add it to your business card, put it on your brochures, include it on your website, put it in your book, or add it just about anywhere to your creations.

“Shaumbra Inspired” is what is called a Collective Membership trademark, meaning that you are given permission to use the graphic in accordance with certain guidelines. It is a logo that can be added to your marketing materials, but you can’t use the term as your business name or use it as a product name. It’s kind of like the popular “Intel Inside” logo that belongs to the Intel computer chip company but can be used by computer manufacturers to let people know it contains the Intel chip.

Here are the simple guidelines:

* You’re welcome to use the “Shaumbra Inspired” logo graphic in your business materials or as part of your creation. There is no fee for using the logo.
* You can also use the plain words (without the artwork) - “Shaumbra Inspired™” - in your business materials or as part of your creation. Please make sure to include the trademark symbol, ™.
* Please don’t alter or change the artwork.
* The artwork cannot be used on any materials that are not consistent with general nature of Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle. For instance, you can’t use it for any purpose that implies hate, intolerance, segregation, lack of respect for other people’s rights, illegal drugs, pornography, etc.
* “Shaumbra Inspired” cannot be used as part of a business or product name. In other words, please don’t call your business “Shaumbra Inspired Massages” or call your product “Shaumbra Inspired Dog Food.”
* You cannot use the “Shaumbra™” name or logo by itself for any purpose. You can only use the “Shaumbra Inspired” logo or words in conjunction with your own product name or description.
* You can use the “Shaumbra Inspired” trademark as the primary graphic on t-shirts, bumper stickers, pens, coffee mugs, posters and other similar materials but this doesn’t give you exclusive use of the logo on any materials. Other people can use it for similar applications.
* Crimson Circle has the right to withhold or withdraw the use of the “Shaumbra Inspired” trademark for any purposes it deems necessary.

If you have any questions about the use of the new “Shaumbra Inspired” logo please contact Jean Tinder at

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