Shipping Information

Shipping and Handling

Question: What are typical shipping costs, and what are the handling costs for?
Answer: We currently use the United States Postal Service (USPS) system for Domestic and International Shipping.

  • Shipping fees are based on the weight of your package and are actual shipping charges. If you order physical products, the shipping and handling cost is typically $9-$24, depending on your country, what shipping method you specify and the weight of your order.
  • Handling fees cover the actual packaging (shipping tubes, padded envelopes, cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap, etc.) and the human time to pack the order and ship it out. (The handling fee is $4 per domestic item and $6 per international item.)

Shipping Turn-around Time

Question: H
ow long will it take to get my order?

Answer:  It depends on a number of variables.  We ship out orders with 48 hours of their receipt in our system.  Here is shipping information from the USPS website:

North America:
Priority Mail- 2-3 days
Parcel Mail- 2-9 days

International shipping:
Express International- 5 days
Priority International- 6-10 days
First Class International- varies; could take up to three or 4 weeks