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KEAHAK: Spirit in Experience and Energy in Motion
A one-year advanced program with Adamus and St. Germain.
 All new! Open to all Shaumbra as well as Keahak graduates 

Keahak VIII in summary
• July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019
• Application required, scroll down for link
• Tuition $1,500 for first-timers, $1,000 for Keahak Graduates
• English with translation to Spanish and Russian.

KEAHAK VIII with translations in Spanish and Russian

 • The Keahak VIII program will be offered in English with translation of the sessions with Adamus into Spanish and Russian. These translations are not simultaneous and may take several days to be available in the House of Keahak. 
  • El programa de Keahak VIII se ofrecerá en inglés con traducción de las sesiones con Adamus a español y ruso. Estas traducciones no son simultáneas y pueden tomar varios días para estar disponibles en la Casa de Keahak. 
  • Программа Кихак VIII будет предлагаться на английском языке с переводом ченнелингов Адамуса на испанский и русский языки. Переводы не являются синхронными и будут доступны в Доме Кихака через несколько дней после ченнелинга.

Keahak is a one-year program, designed by Adamus Saint-Germain, for the realization of your “I Am” consciousness into your daily life. 

This will be our 8th year of Keahak, which has been recognized as one of the most impactful and beneficial Crimson Circle programs for Shaumbra who are committed to embodied enlightenment in this lifetime.

Keahak is for those who want a deeper and more frequent connection with the wisdom of Adamus and the Crimson Council. The messages are personal, provocative, insightful and, at times, intense. They go beyond the discussions and experiences in the monthly Shoud messages, taking Keahakers to a new level of light and energy in their lives.

As Adamus makes his presence known in the House of Keahak, many Keahakers say they can feel him beside them at their homes. Adamus works personally with all Keahakers on various aspects of their lives and the realization of their embodied enlightenment.

The Keahak program expands year after year. In other words, it’s never the same. Many Keahakers take part in the program every year because it’s always up-to-date information that continually offers the potential for deep life changes.

Keahak is a year-long journey with Adamus. Twice a month, Keahak participants connect via the Internet in the private House of Keahak. After a brief 15-20 minute discussion of current energy dynamics with Keahak Advisors Alain Bolea and Dr. Douglas Davies, Linda guides the breathing as Geoff prepares to channel a full 45-70 minute session with either Adamus or St. Germain. These audio only sessions are recorded and accessible to Keahakers at any time.

In addition to the bi-monthly sessions, Dr. Douglas Davies (aka Dr. Doug) and Linda Hoppe host a monthly online program called Living in Keahak to discuss and review the recent Keahak channels. Dr. Doug has an extraordinary intuitive ability, that, when combined with his vibrant sense of humor, provides a deep and practical level of understanding of the Keahak sessions. Living in Keahak will also be recorded, so you can listen at any time.

This intense one-year program with Adamus and St. Germain includes:

• Two channeled audio sessions per month
• Access to the House of Keahak VIII exclusive website for connecting with other Keahakers, gathering for the sessions, and listening to recordings
• The monthly “Living in Keahak” show with Dr. Doug and Linda Hoppe
• Connecting with an amazing group of fellow travelers on the path to embodied enlightenment
• A webcast celebration at the end of the Keahak VIII year 

TUITION                                 First-time Keahaker                  Keahak Graduate
Annual cost         $1,500       $1,000
Payment options
       First-time Keahaker  Keahak Graduate
1. Single payment ->              $1,500 at registration                 $1,000 at registration
2. Five payments ->      5 payments of $300  5 payments of $200

Payment due dates
Full tuition by June 15, 2018

First payment by April 15, 2018

Second payment by May 15, 2018
Third payment by June 15, 2018
Fourth payment by July 15, 2018
Fifth payment by August 15, 2018

IMPORTANT - Payments within the payment plan are non-refundable and NOT automatic; you will need to take care of each of the five payments separately by the indicated due date. A payment that is not completed by the due date may result in denied access to the Keahak VIII materials and social media sites. Why not set up a calendar reminder! 

At least three (3) payments will need to have been made by June 15, 2018 
before you can access the program. 

CCEC Cancellation policy
All payments are non-refundable. 

• Applications are now being accepted.
• Once your application has been accepted you will receive a link by email to make your selection of payments.
• There will be an orientation session on July 1, 2018 for anyone who is new to a Keahak program. All Keahakers welcome!
• The first Keahak VIII session with Adamus will be broadcast on July 14, 2018.
• Recordings of all Keahak VIII sessions are available to Keahak participants in the House of Keahak at any time. You do not need to listen to the bi-monthly channels live since these are available as streaming audio

English with translations into Spanish and Russian.

There are no written transcripts of the channels. It is therefore necessary that you have a good understanding of spoken English.

CLICK HERE to apply for Keahak VIII

No payments are required until you have been accepted into the program.

For more information, please contact

Comments from Keahak attendees: 

“Deep experience of integration of all I AM (Master & Limited human) and permanent contact with Adamus. The House of Keahak is a pure, safe and sacred space. Great sharing with other Keahakers. I will follow. It's my House and the Life I choose.” ~ Richard Fache

“In many ways Keahak is a lifeline in this crazy world of matter. Many nights I listen to Adamus just as I'm drifting off to sleep, making a connection to myself that I may not have had during the day. The reminder of the AND has been so important to me still being here, being my saving grace as it were.” ~ Aleisha Klein

“In a transformational time Keahak provides a safe space, resonating insights, welcome distractions, compassionate encounters, humor and laughter, sharings that enlighten and touch the heart, a regular rhythm in the sessions that feels celebratory each time it's 'Keahak-time' again. Truly supporting me in all that I am living.” ~ Marie-José Hakens

“This period has been so full of realization and integration and to tell the truth, I don't know how I could have handled it so smoothly without dear Adamus. It has not been easy, but there are no words to describe how important and beautiful it is for me to come to this point. There is one thing that all my life I have been aware of and that is Love and to be going into it now the way we are is a life time dream beyond all dreams. There is nothing I have wanted more. Of course I would recommend Keahak with all my heart because it gives one a safe place to go very deep within ones own self and if you need to express something there are many who are feeling something similar. One is no longer alone. There is Shaumbra. I seldom write in the Keahak space but I am so glad that someone is always there listening openly.” ~ Elaina Nielsen

“I have discovered my I Am with Keahak and it's the wildest ride! Continuous realizations, particularly to just allow and enjoy. I would recommend it to those ready to really take it to the next level.” ~ Yael Frank

“For me this is an experience that I can not express in words. It is feel that I have found what I have always been looking for, it has made me know who I am, why I am here and responds to all my questions and doubts. The realizations make me remember moments of day to day that are forgotten, evolution, my human being, dreams .... to the point of feeling that I am never alone. I am also aware that I AM an enlightened being in the process of allowing Sincerely, I think all Shaumbra should know what Keahak is.” ~ Mª José Casasnovas

“I give my highest recommendation for Keahak. The material is SO leading edge, so expansive, so pertinent, and SO lovely. I credit it with my own fairly rapid expansion and being able to comfortably stay embodied while enlightened. Just do it already - you know all this in your own mastery.” ~ Alice van Royen

“Those last 2 years I can finally and definitely state that Keahak is like going to "University of Mastery". I could observe myself going from increased perception and awareness to real Expansion and increasing Allowing, from pure delight to an overwhelming sense of inner change. I also became very aware of my inner resistances and excuses to complete the all process. There are no words to express my deep gratitude to Adamus for the brilliant way he drives me along his priceless Keahak channelings, as clear as crystal and utterly challenging all the time. He really, really, is in deep, loving service to all of us, and we can sense his presence every step of the way. No doubt. More than ever, I realized that I will receive and experience a new consciousness, in the exact measure I allow this magnificent experience to develop within me. We are in a wonderful group, yes, AND yet, it´s so private and personal as it has to be.” ~ PS

“Keahak gives me the opportunity to go so deep into my Self, clarity, opened up my feelings and knowingness, guided me into the core of allowing. It has given me everything.... love.” ~ Susanne Nordström

“Indeed....the best thing I have ever done, so many experiences and realisations. Not always easy, it is challenging, you are definitely on the move. Thanks Adamus for being there every step of the way!” ~ Marieke Martin Rijper

“I have taken Keahak four times and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their realization. Keahak is not just a series of channels throughout the year. Keahak is a place, a beautiful space, a reality, a dimension. Allowing, AND, safe space....these are built into the very structure and energies of Keahak, making it much easier to bring them into my human life. Thru my experiences with Keahak, Master and Human are beginning to play together, create together, right here on Earth. It is what I have been dreaming of my entire life. It is my joy.” ~ Marilyn Dykstra McLean

“As a first year Keahaker, I didn't know what to expect. I just knew I wanted to experience more of who I AM in the companionship of others with the same desire. I did wonder if maybe I had missed too much in the previous Keahaks, but that was not the case. In Keahak VI, I found a safe place to explore, to open up, to shed what's no longer useful, to challenge myself to new ways of sensing multi-dimensionally, and to accept myself as I AM. At this point I can't imagine life without Keahak, and am planning to be part of the next one. My heartfelt thanks to Linda, Geoffrey, other Keahakers, Crimson Circle staff, and, of course, Adamus, in making Keahak an exciting and yet safe experience.” ~ BM

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