The Keahak™ VIII Project, Graduate

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 KEAHAK: Spirit in Experience and Energy in Motion

 A one-year advanced program with Adamus and St. Germain.

 All new! Open to all Shaumbra as well as Keahak graduates 

Keahak VIII in summary
• July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019
• Tuition for Graduates: $1,000 or five payments of $200
• English only

Thank you for applying for the Keahak VIII Project!
You may now complete the full payment of $1,000 or a payment of $200. To complete your registration for Keahak VIII, you need to either pay in full or in five payments (see payment details below).

Payment due dates
Full tuition by June 15, 2018

First payment by April 15, 2018

Second payment by May 15, 2018
Third payment by June 15, 2018
Fourth payment by July 15, 2018
Fifth payment by August 15, 2018

IMPORTANT - Payments within the payment plan are non-refundable and NOT automatic, you will need to take care of each of the five payments separately by the indicated due date. A payment that is not completed by the due date may result in denied access to the Keahak VIII materials and social media sites. Why not set up a calendar reminder! 

At least three (3) payments will need to have been made by June 15, 2018
before you can access the program. 

CCEC Cancellation policy
All payments are non-refundable. 

Keahak is a year-long journey with Adamus. Twice a month, Keahak participants connect via the Internet in the private House of Keahak. After a brief 15-20 minute discussion of current energy dynamics with Keahak Advisors Alain Bolea and Dr. Douglas Davies, Linda guides the breathing as Geoff prepares to channel a full 45-70 minute session with either Adamus or St. Germain. These sessions are recorded and accessible to Keahakers at any time.

In addition to the bi-monthly sessions, Dr. Douglas Davies (aka Dr. Doug) and Linda Hoppe host a monthly online program called Living in Keahak to discuss and review the recent Keahak channels. Dr. Doug has an extraordinary intuitive ability, that, when combined with his vibrant sense of humor, provides a deep and practical level of understanding of the Keahak sessions. Living in Keahak will also be recorded, so you can listen at any time. 

This intense one-year program with Adamus and St. Germain includes:
 • Two channeled sessions per month
 • Access to the House of Keahak VIII exclusive website for connecting with other Keahakers, gathering for the sessions, and listening to recordings
 • The monthly “Living in Keahak” show with Dr. Doug and Linda Hoppe
 • Connecting with an amazing group of fellow travelers on the path to embodied enlightenment
 • A webcast celebration at the end of the Keahak VIII year 

• There will be an orientation session on July 1, 2018 for anyone who is new to a Keahak program. All Keahakers welcome!
• The first Keahak VIII session with Adamus will be broadcast on July 14, 2018.
• Recordings of all Keahak VIII sessions are available to Keahak participants in the House of Keahak at any time. You do not need to listen to the bi-monthly channels live since these are available as streaming audio.


There are no written transcripts of the channels. It is therefore necessary that you have a good understanding of spoken English.

For more information, please contact 
[email protected]

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