The Masters Life - Part 2: I Am Here

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Moving to the next level…

The Master’s Life
Chapter 2 – “I Am Here”

With Adamus Saint-Germain

La Vida del Maestro, Capítulo 2 – “Yo Estoy Aquí”


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Adamus Saint-Germain often says that the Master lives in the “and,” allowing your consciousness to be aware of the many different dimensions and realities in which you exist.

In The Master’s Life, Part 2: I Am Here he uses practical examples and visual illustrations to allow the listener to truly experience the “many” consciousness. Rather than overwhelming to the senses, it becomes a grand realization of mastery. And while the mind may be challenged to grasp it all, the actual experience is unforgettable.

This beautiful presentation includes four channeled sessions, including three deep merabh experiences. This Cloud Class also includes four additional music tracks that you can download and listen to, helping you to revisit the energy and experience at any time. Registration includes 90-day access to the Cloud Class streaming files.

The Master’s Life series is designed for Shaumbra who have gone beyond awakening, and are now ready to live as embodied Masters. Your conscious choice is the only prerequisite to participate. I Am Here is the second chapter in this series, with more to come. You can register for any or all chapters as they become available.

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Session 1 – Where Are You? (1:10:44)

Adamus begins this session with a story. The Master is enjoying an intimate gathering with friends and fellow ascended Masters in his library, sharing the very human stories of their individual experiences of realization. Together they discuss the practical considerations of the transition itself and how to deal with all the distractions that humans often put in the way.

As the little gathering ends, the Master receives a visitor. Martina comes to his door in a state of anxiety and overwhelm. As the story continues, Adamus shares bits of their conversation, the Master’s enigmatic question to Martina, and then a magical and rejuvenating experience of Presence.

Session 2 – I Am Here (57:36)

Continuing the story, Adamus tells how the Masters have gathered once again in the Ascended Masters Club and, even as they sit in their own realization, they still love to watch their human expressions go through the human experiences, for it is all occurring in the “and.” Eventually the Master returns to his library for the next meeting with Martina.

He questions her again, then brings in music and visual illustrations to aid in her understanding. Facilitating yet another deep journey, the Master guides Martina (and the listener) into the limitless experience of “I Am Here,” demonstrating how one can be aware of many realities and experiences, or even in nothing, and still be in Expanded Presence. During this amazing presentation one begins to realize the extent to which it changes everything.

Session 3 – Applied Consciousness (1:14:22)

If you have ever wondered about the physics of the Master Sense or the consciousness of “and,” this is the segment where Adamus explains how it all works. He talks about the different facets of reality, how to access them and how to go beyond the limited human perspective into Expanded Presence.

Adamus gives a humorous but very apt example of how we’ve adapted to living as a limited human, even though our true state is so much more. He discusses the difference between thought and consciousness, where creativity comes in, and what it means to apply consciousness to your reality in practical situations.

Session 4 – Master Sense (49:00)

In this very experiential session, Adamus brings it all together. He explains how one is simply there – anywhere you choose to be, in any consciousness you want. He gives some practical examples and once again leads a deep experience into “I Am Here.” He invites the listener to forget about the details, let go of thinking and simply take a deep breath and be here in the experience.

The experience itself is more expansive and profound than ever. As Adamus says, “You're getting the sense of ‘I Am Here,’ not the thought of ‘I Am Here’" as you sink ever deeper into the experience. By going through this presentation one comes to realize that true consciousness is the feeler rather than the feeling

“I Am Here. It’s the only thing.” ~ Adamus


Bonus Audio – 4 Tracks (downloadable)

1 – The Master’s Life, Part 2: I Am Here – intro music

2 – Gentle – from session 1 (1:00:46)

3 – Spacey – from session 2 (53:58)

4 – Movement – from session 4 (48:03)



Online Streaming Audio and Video

Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Studio, Louisville, Colorado
January 2016

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