The Threshold: Middelfart, Denmark, May 20 2018

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To apply for this event, it is necessary to submit an application. The application is submitted as a Crimson Circle Store order of a zero cost ($0) product. Payments are due only after your application is approved. Please, read the description page below for more details.

Please, select “The Threshold application for SES Graduates” if you have taken Sexual Energies School.

Please, select “The Threshold application for non-SES Graduates” if you have not yet taken Sexual Energies School, but will do so at least 30 days before the beginning of the event.

After your application is submitted you will receive further information by email within 1-2 days.

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At the Doorway of Enlightenment

Middelfart, Denmark
On the island of Funen (Fyn)
May 20 – 24, 2018

Featuring live channels and personal interaction
with Adamus Saint-Germain
Hosted by
Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe 

The Threshold is the premium Crimson Circle event based on what Adamus Saint-Germain calls The Threshold of Enlightenment. According to Adamus, our journey on the spiritual path has encompassed many lifetimes, but now we hesitate at the threshold of the realization of enlightenment.

In The Threshold, Adamus personally interacts with each and every attendee, posing the difficult questions and pushing the sensitive buttons. There is no processing or counseling, just addressing the issue of embodied enlightenment – and what is keeping you from it – with each individual. According to an attendee, Threshold was “the best 5 days in time and money spent in any lifetime on enlightenment.”

For this Threshold event, we are going back to Denmark for the second time! In the sweetness of late spring days, right at the sea, we will be surrounded by both water and forest. The city of Middelfart “was named in 1231 with its former name, Melfar. Melfar means "the water you travel between" or ‘the middle passage’.” You can take walks on the shore, in the woods, across the bridge or go on a whale watching tour. The area “has one of the highest concentrations of whales in the world, where you can experience the little whale – the porpoise – close up.” (Source:

The 5-star venue hotel, Comwell Kongebrogaarden, has a long history. It served “as a ferry station for the King and his court, then as an inn, a headquarters for forester farm, and a summer restaurant.” It now offers modern facilities for guests. There is an in-door swimming pool, hot tub and sauna, as well as a lounge area with fireplace for comfortably relaxing during the workshop days. You will find many cozy cafés and restaurants in town, as well as those beautiful old wooden houses and cobblestone in the old town. “Middelfart’s center is just a short walk from the hotel, and within a radius of 1/2 hours drive you will find various attractions such as: Hans Christian Andersen's House, Legoland, Egeskov Castle, CLAY, and Trapholt.” (Source:



      This gathering is strictly limited to 25 participants plus staff.
  • Pre-requisite: All attendees must have taken Sexual Energies School (SES) at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • All attendees are required to stay at Comwell Kongebrogaarden, the venue for this event.
  • The Threshold is for you. Please, consider leaving your family and friends behind during this special time. The environment is not suitable for small children and all event activities are for attendees only. 
  • We recommend single accommodation. This will allow for all the personal integration during the workshop. Having your own space can be a true treat! 
  • We recommend arriving at least one day before the event begins to get properly adjusted.

$2,500 Early bird price before April 01, 2018
After April 01, 2018 the cost is $3,000

Payment Plan
Payment plan available in four installments of $625. Payments within the payment plan are non-refundable and not automatic. Initial deposit of $625 or full fee required to hold a space. 

Full instructions available for approved applicants.

Limited amount of Shareholder, Translation and Webhost credit spaces are available. Please, inquire with Seissa Cuartas at 

Included in Price

•  Registration fee
•  Access to private Ning social media site for Threshold attendees
•  90-day access to e-Reader text transcript after the event (available a few weeks after the event)
•  Welcome Dinner
•  Morning coffee breaks

Cancellation Policy
* 25% cancellation fee through April 01, 2018
* 50% cancellation fee from April 02, 2018
* Non-refundable from May 1, 2018

To register for this event, it is necessary to submit an application. The application is submitted as a Crimson Circle Store order as a zero cost ($0) item. A receipt sent to you by email will confirm that we have received your application. 

  1. Please, select “The Threshold application for SES Graduates” if you have taken Sexual Energies School.
  2. Select “The Threshold application for non-SES Graduates” if you have not yet taken Sexual Energies School, but will do so at least 30 days before the beginning of the event.

You will receive further instructions by email within 1-2 days (except for weekends), unless we are sold out. In this case, you may still submit your application and be placed on the wait list. 

Location and Lodging
Comwell Kongebrogaarden
Kongebrovej 63
5500 Middelfart
Email (for room reservations):
(+45) 6341 6341
(+45) 6341 6342
(English and Danish)

All participants are required to reserve lodging at the Comwell Kongebrogaarden. This helps to keep the group energy together during the gathering and you can focus on your personal experience.

After receiving your application approval letter by email, you should reserve your room immediately as there is a limited amount of rooms available. Room rates starting from DKK 748 (approximately EUR 100 or USD 115) single use per room per night. Please, use this email address for making your room reservation: You may reference Sandra Munk and should mention Crimson Circle.

Nearest airports:
- Billund Airport is a 50-minute drive away.
- Hans Christian Andersen Airport (Odense) is a 45-minute drive away.
- Copenhagen Airport is a little over 2-hour drive away.

The closest train station is Middelfart (2,5 km walking distance) Fredericia (from East Fyn/KBH) and Vejle (from North Aarhus/Aalborg).

We recommend renting a car or car pooling with other attendees, if you are flying. This way you will also be able to explore the area. You can arrange this in a private social media group you will be invited to once registered.  

Welcome Dinner:
Sunday, May 20, 2018
    - This is the beginning of the event, make sure you arrive early enough to join us!
    - If you prefer a vegetarian meal at the Welcome Dinner, please, send an email to Seissa Cuartas:

Monday, May 21 – Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sessions go from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM each day.
Each evening before dinner, the meeting room will be open for Quiet Time.

There will be plenty of time for you to explore the area and just relax. 

All sessions conducted in English.

Local Host:
Please, feel free to contact our local host for travel or sightseeing tips Bodil Espensen at

If you have any questions about your attendance or registration, please, contact Seissa Cuartas:


CCEC Event Disclaimers
I understand and agree that the Crimson Circle Energy Company, Inc. (CCEC) owns all rights to the materials presented at this event, and I agree to not record any channel session in either audio or video format
I understand that this event may be energetically and emotionally impactful to myself and other attendees, and also that there are no representations or guarantee of results.
I hereby release from liability, indemnify and hold harmless the CCEC and any of its employees, contractors, or any other entity representing or related to the Crimson Circle. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries, death, emotional disturbances, property losses or damage occasioned by, or in connection with any activity or accommodations for this Crimson Circle event. 

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