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Toning: A Healing Musical Experience

Sing, tone and move energy as Gerhard and Einat guide you through vocal experiences and into a sacred musical space.

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Toning: A Healing Musical Experience
by Gerhard Fankhauser


"Our voice is the most living sound on Earth. There is a breath and soul behind it, and that life force has a creative power and far-reaching effect. Through breathing and toning we can build an inner temple of harmony, learn to move with our voice into different body regions, and charge and balance our energetic body. Every layer of our own voice that we discover and open also reveals another aspect of ourselves, freeing us and allowing our potentials to unfold.

Over the years many people have asked us to make a ‘practice’ CD; something they can sing along with to practice at home. We are proud to introduce our new musical creation, TONING, a one hour guided journey of listening, breathing, toning, overtone singing and experiencing the mystery of music, voice and sound. It is an exploration of our inner temple and entrance into a sacred music space. Everybody can sing, and once that door is reopened, it will bring a lot of joy into your life."

~ Gerhard Fankhauser  

CD - $20.00   

MP3 - $15.00  
"Your purchase of this product helps to continue the global consciousness work of the Crimson Circle and Awakening Zone radio network. We appreciate your support."

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