Tribal Dance

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Tribal Dance

Tribal Dance is an organic trance group founded by Amir Ya’akoby in 2005. Through percussions, didgeridoo, powerful drums and ethereal vocals, the group creates music that enables a natural alteration to create deep rejoicing and release. Tribal Dance is a magical collective adventure that brings people to a strong and profound experience through total dance immersion.

The seed for the Tribal Dance came from a journey Amir took in Africa, where he encountered an original ancient ceremony that took place between two tribes. The purpose of the ceremony was to get into a state of bliss using only natural means such as drumming and dancing. The ceremony left a deep impression on Amir, who felt an unbelievable release of the Body & Soul together with tremendous JOY.

Wanting to share the experience and pass it onward, Amir formed "Tribal Dance" – four outstanding musicians who transmit their enthusiasm for the music to the crowd, creating a unique and magical environment for people of all ages to BE themselves and to let the music sweep them away.

In just a short time performing together, the group has had a tremendous effect on the dance culture in Israel, generating gatherings of more than 1,000 people of various ages once a month, and creating a subculture that flows with joy underneath the surface of Israeli society.

1. The Calling (10:44)
2. Gathering (5:08)
3. In the Fire (2:19)
4. The Head of the Tribe (4:11)
5. The Prayer (6:00)
6. Wild Animal (1:41)
7. Jungle (3:11)
8. Ecstasy (2:46)
9. Hallucination (2:52)
10. Africa (4:30)
11. Raise the BPM (3:21)
12. Organic Trance (3:!9)
13. Amusado (5:41)
14. BONUS TRACK - Nature Boy (4:05)
15. BONUS TRACK - To the Journey (4:21)

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Tribal Dance- Antipatrus

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