Walk On DreamWalk

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  • Who are you without anyone else?
  • The house of your being has many rooms
  • These rooms are filled with many beings
  • They have all played a part in your experience
  • You even encounter God
  • Far beyond it all you still exist

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Walk On DreamWalk
Nothing but Consciousness

Who are you beyond all the human definitions, relationships, and experiences? In this profound journey into Self, Adamus guides you through your own mansion of many rooms. In each room you’ll find important beings including family, friends, lovers, coworkers and more. Along the way you may feel clarity and confusion, comfort and irritation, love and grief. But, in the end, you return to the place of no definition, no history and no future, no power, no energy, beyond even God. There is simply nothing. Only consciousness. Only the “I Exist.” This is you; everything else is your act of consciousness. 

In this place of nothing, what Adamus eventually calls the Dvir, he says:

Don’t ever leave this place.

Don’t ever stop being here, ever.

This is you. There’s no God. There’s no energy. There is nothing but you. I Am.

Don’t ever stop being here.

You can still be in all of the other rooms. You can be with family. You can be with friends and lovers and angels and nature and everything else. You can be in all those other things, but don’t ever stop being here.

Don’t ever stop being with your Self, I Am. Everything else is just an act of consciousness.


Length: 35:35

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) & text (pdf)

Cost: $00

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, September 2015 as part of Shoud 1 of the Walk On Series

Also available on YouTube

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