Twelve Signs of Awakening


 •  You’re not crazy!
 •  Awakening changes everything
 •  It's a full “reboot” of mental, physical, emotional & spiritual
 •  This too shall pass
 •  Your old contracts and commitments are complete
 •  Hold on: the transition to embodied mastery is worth it!



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Twelve Signs of Awakening
What’s Happening to Me? 

As much as you try to fit in and be “normal,” at some point the typical ways of living just don’t make sense like they used to. Your mind keeps blipping out with brain fog. Your body has strange aches and pains that nobody can explain. You feel a deep heartache with no idea why. There’s a nagging unease that just won’t go away. Relationships, jobs, sleep patterns and more are falling apart. Are you going crazy? Not at all. These issues are real, and nothing is wrong with you. Strange though it sounds, you’re actually waking up and becoming a conscious being. However, as you slowly begin to remember who you are, it also means the disintegration of everything you are not. This can be a very difficult time, but you are not alone.

Other topics covered in Twelve Signs of Awakening include sadness, strange dreams, physical disorientation, loneliness, loss of passion and a deep longing to go home.

More and more humans are feeling a deep desire to release limited beliefs from their past and move into freedom. Although it can be a painful transition, at some point, these brave ones make a conscious choice to be the Master of their own life. This means eventually accepting full responsibility for everything in their lives, learning how to love themselves, and finally discovering a life of creation, joy and abundance. Awakening is the beginning of this profound transformation, bringing many, many changes as old energy contracts and dynamics give way and bring one, ultimately, to embodied Realization. 

Twelve Signs of Awakening was written by Tobias and Geoffrey Hoppe soon after they began working together in 1999. We invite you to enjoy and find comfort in this special document. And please share it with anyone else you feel would be blessed by its reassuring message. Remember: you’re NOT crazy, you’re just waking up! 

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Written by Tobias and Geoffrey Hoppe


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