4 Masters in Munich

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4 Masters in Munich
Messages from Adamus, Blavatsky, Kuthumi and Tobias

• • • 4 Maestros En Munich • • •

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On an early summer day in June more than 250 Shaumbra gathered for what had been called “A Day with Adamus.” He announced that it would be “A Day with Adamus and Friends” and indeed it was a memorable day! In addition to the beautiful messages, Adamus also asked each of his guests to deliver a gift to the audience, something each person can take with them in their journey of realization.

In the opening session Adamus talks about presence versus focus. As humans we are very tightly focused but as we open up into our true presence, there is so much more to perceive. He then shares a story from Keahak about the puzzle pieces of life and, rather than trying to fit them all together correctly, we can simply go beyond.

After commenting about the mental state of Earth, Adamus gives more details about the milestone that was reached a few days prior to the event. Saying that Shaumbra are now moving into a “power-less and energy-rich” life, he presents a beautiful merabh with the inspired accompaniment of Yoham.

The second session begins with a newcomer to the Crimson Circle: Madame Blavatsky. While sharing some of her life story and experiences with El Morya, Kuthumi and St. Germain, as they helped bring in the New Age, Blavatsky entertained the audience with remarkable humor. Although sometimes a bit coarse, she sets a memorable example of being true to herself in both her life and her message.

Immediately following the Madame is beloved Kuthumi. Grooving to the funky music of Yoham, Kuthumi introduces himself with great fanfare, much to the delight of Shaumbra. He makes a few comments about Blavatsky, then talks about what he’s been doing when not sharing the stage with Adamus. It turns out that he’s been closer than you may have realized. Kuthumi offers a bit of loving advice and then on to some delightful rapping with Yoham.

The third session is one that Shaumbra will remember for a long time to come. For the first time in seven years the message began with “And so it is, my dear friends…” as Tobias introduces himself in his first appearance to Shaumbra since his departure in 2009. As he reminisced with the audience, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

He shares a few stories from his life as Sam, and also about his plans going forward. Sam will begin remembering his true self very soon, and then will embark on the kind of life that, as Tobias, he never allowed himself to experience. It will be a celebration full of rich experiences, and somewhere along the way he is sure to encounter some of his dearest friends, the ones who call themselves Shaumbra.

This is a very special session, and even the video recording captures some of the magical energies that were present. It is something you won’t want to miss.

In the fourth session Adamus gives a short but inspiring message to wrap everything up. He urges Shaumbra to not try to change the world, but to radiate our own consciousness and light. That is why we are here, and doing so for ourselves actually will change the world.

Bonus Session! After Adamus leaves the stage Yoham gives a passionate celebration concert. With Shaumbra dancing around the room, you can join in too, celebrating this momentous experience.

Session 1 – Adamus: Length 1:02:49

Session 2 – Blavatsky & Kuthumi: Length 1:06:03

Session 3 – Tobias: Length 46:23

Session 4 – Adamus: Length 19:19

Bonus session – Yoham concert: Length 51:21


Online Streaming Audio and Video. Registration includes 90-day access to the Cloud Class.

Adamus Saint-Germain, Madame Blavatsky, Kuthumi lal Singh and Tobias channeled through Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe. Also featuring the music of Yoham.

Recorded in Grünwald (Munich), Germany
June 2016

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