4 Masters in Munich

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•  How to go beyond the mind
•  Become power-less and energy-rich
•  Live your dreams and let them come true
•  Walk on – into life, across the Earth, through the realms
•  Celestial graduation and tears of remembrance
•  It’s ALL just an act of consciousness!

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4 Masters in Munich
Messages from Adamus, Blavatsky, Kuthumi and Tobias

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In this memorable gathering, Adamus shares the stage with three very special guests. After inviting the audience to feel the energies by going beyond the mind into “presence without focus,” he discusses the current mental focus of humanity, which is augmented by technology and power, and that the presence of consciousness is more important than ever on Planet Earth. Adamus’ three friends then share humorous stories and delightful gifts to help facilitate our embodied enlightenment. Madame Blavatsky encourages us to open up our dreams and live within them, thus allowing them to come true. Kuthumi lal Singh invites us to just keep walking, whether on the Earth or into the other realms. And beloved Tobias, breaking his 7-year silence with a deeply heartfelt message, relishes the joys of traveling around the world. Adamus returns with the enthusiastic reminder that it’s ALL an act of consciousness, so make it whatever you wish!

Billed as “A Day with Adamus,” this gathering in Munich was a magical reunion of old friends on both sides of the veil. As Adamus and his friends shared their inspiration and love, each of them were joined by the magical music of Yoham – Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa and Amir Yakobi.

Madame Blavatsky shared some of her life story and experiences with El Morya, Kuthumi and St. Germain as they helped bring in the New Age. In her inimitable style, entertaining the audience with her surly humor, Blavatsky set a memorable example of being true to herself in both her life and her message.

Grooving to the funky music of Yoham, Kuthumi introduced himself with great fanfare. After a few comments about his friend Blavatsky, Kuthumi talked about his activities when not sharing the stage with Adamus. He is often much closer than you may realize, offering quiet but tremendous love and support for your journey. He shares about some of his adventures, ending with some inspired collaboration with Yoham.

In his first appearance in seven years, Tobias tenderly reminisced with the audience about the progress of Shaumbra. Touched by his tremendous love, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. He shared a few stories from his new life as ‘Sam,’ who will soon begin remembering his true self. From there he will embark on the kind of life that, as Tobias, he never allowed himself to experience, full of celebration and rich experiences. Somewhere along the way he will certainly encounter some of his dearest friends, the ones who call themselves Shaumbra.
NOTE: The video recording of this very special session captures some of the magical energies that were present.

Adamus brings everything together with a short, inspiring message to simply radiate our own consciousness and light. This is why we are here and doing so will actually change the world without us even trying.

Bonus Session! After Adamus leaves the stage Yoham gives a passionate celebration concert. With Shaumbra dancing around the room, you can join in too, celebrating this momentous experience. 

Session 1 – Adamus (1:02:49)

Adamus talks about being in presence versus focus. While focus can sometimes be helpful, we are here to be expansive. He invites the audience to feel the energies that are coming in, and then talks about the mental state of the planet and the challenge of going beyond the mind from within the mind. He mentions a recent milestone and said that Shaumbra are now moving into a life that is “power-less and energy-rich.” He then presented a beautiful merabh with the inspired accompaniment of Yoham.

Session 2 – Blavatsky & Kuthumi (1:06:03)

Madame Blavatsky, with her gruff and irreverent demeanor, makes quite an impression as she tells about her early years, meeting El Morya, her brief but miserable marriage and subsequent travels. Along the way she finally meets her friend El Morya once again and together with Kuthumi and St. Germain they begin the Theosophical Society and New Age movement. In a profound moment of crisis, she even learns to levitate. Her advice to Shaumbra is to bring your dreams back into your life and let them become real.

Kuthumi comes next, sharing some of his memories of Blavatsky and reminding Shaumbra of his role in our journey. He is a constant support and source of encouragement whenever it is needed. He tells how, after his mental breakdown and subsequent enlightenment, he simply started walking and has never stopped. He walked all over the world and even into the other realms, and now invites Shaumbra to do the same.

Session 3 – Tobias (46:23)

“And so it is…” For the first time in 7 years Shaumbra were greeted by the beloved voice of Tobias. Reminiscing about his times with Shaumbra, his love and admiration for all that we’re doing, brought most of the audience to tears. He shared about some experiences as “Sam,” his new incarnation, and how he will be living a life of joy and celebration, something he didn’t allow for himself in the past.

Session 4 – Adamus (19:19)

Saying this day has been yet another huge shift for Shaumbra, Adamus remarks that by allowing this enlightenment for ourselves, the world will also be deeply affected. He states that we have gone from playing in power games to being energy-rich. His gift is a reminder that it is all an act of consciousness, so have fun with it. He says to “Stop thinking about your enlightenment and act it out!”

Bonus session – Yoham concert (51:21)

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Cost: $44

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Madame Blavatsky, Kuthumi lal Singh, Tobias and Yoham

Recorded in Grünwald (Munich), Germany, June 2016

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