4Es - A Mystical, Musical Journey with Adamus and Yoham

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4Es - A Mystic

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4 Es
A musical mystical journey with Adamus & Yoham

Do you remember why you embarked on this journey of a thousand lifetimes? Why you’ve gone through so many amazing and difficult experiences? What you’re supposed to be doing next? Step aboard the Ahmyo Express with Adamus, Metatron and Yoham, and allow yourself to remember.

On this multidimensional journey into the depths and love of your soul, each segment will reveal new wisdom and inspiration. You’ll feel yourself traveling through other realms, past lives and future potentials, countless dimensions and amazing experiences. Soaring through creation with the ethereal music of Yoham, guided by Metatron and Adamus, you’ll want to climb aboard the Ahmyo Express again and again, each time allowing yourself to relax a little deeper into your enlightenment.

1 - E is for Experience
As we travel along into the experiences of your life, as you peer out the window into the memories, let go of the judgment. Allow yourself to feel just the Experience. As we pick up speed on this journey, as the train continues to roll down the tracks faster and faster, the dimensions will start changing, warping, becoming less defined. You’ll also feel into the experiences of past lives. You may not remember dates or times or anything like that, but you’ll feel. The experiences of past lives, to the soul they’re just wisdom. They’re just Experience.” (47:33)
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2 - E is for Expansion
The soul does not grow. It just continues to know itself in new and different ways. It continues to expand in an outer expression, and at the same time it continues to go inside for the inner perspective and the inner knowingness. The soul is never static. The soul is always in its rhythm, in its movements, in its expansiveness. This is the journey of the soul – without a goal, without ever reaching any plateaus or ends, but continually into its expansiveness. No limits; only the continual discovery.” (30:39)
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3 - E is for Enlightenment
Enlightenment is when you can allow who you truly are to come forth, to be in expansion and in experience. Next comes the integration, everything brought back into consciousness. There still may be many facets of the Self, many different expressions and experiences of the Self. But you become conscious and aware of all of them, recognizing all of them as part of you. Enlightenment is coming into integration. Ahhhh….” (30:18)
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4 - E is for Expression
Then comes such a desire, a passion to express, rejoicing of the soul, rejoicing of life, rejoicing of the experience, the expansion and the enlightenment. Now comes expression. There’s such a desire to create. The soul, the heart, they’re filled with freedom and joy. There’s such a passion to live, and this brings forth energies that are creative, energies that dance with you, simply for the joy of expression, because at your core you are a creator. There is such a desire to create anything, just for the joy of it. The expression comes to life beautiful life as your expression of the I Am.” (24:25)
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Total run time: 2:12:55

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Presented by:
Adamus of St. Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Yoham (Gerhard Fankhauser & Einat Gilboa)

Recording at the CC Studio with Yoham




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