A Time To Inspire

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  • Give up the struggle and let energy serve you
  • This lifetime is NOT a mistake
  • No need to worry about the Earth
  • Society is becoming more equitable
  • You’re providing the vision and inspiration
  • This is why you’re here!

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A Time to Inspire
This is Your Moment

The world is changing in countless ways, and you chose to be here at this very important time to radiate new potentials for consciousness. As you go beyond the typical human struggles and allow energy to serve you, it creates the potential for others to do the same. Gaia is leaving the Earth in the care of humans. Politics and religion are changing. The economy is becoming more equitable. Power games are giving way to freedom, and these changes are most evident in America, which Tobias calls the new vision of Atlantis on Earth. 

In summer of 2008, Tobias was invited to give a special message at the opening event of the Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center in Arvada, Colorado. He spoke to the audience about the changing times, upcoming elections, the fact that Gaia is leaving, and much more. He then returned for a second session, reminding us to go beyond fear and answering audience questions on topics such as politics, health issues, grief counseling, children’s nighttime fears and more.

Session 1 – Why You’re Here (58:25)

Session 1 – Questions & Answers (40:06)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $00 

Featuring: Tobias 

Recorded at the Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center, Arvada, Colorado, July 2008

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