About the Coronavirus 2020

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  1. Every virus is from an imbalance in human consciousness
  2. The coronavirus is really about economic inequality
  3. What is your relationship with abundance?
  4. Technology has the capability to level the field
  5. The virus is helping to bring a new balance
  6. There is nothing to fear

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About the Coronavirus 2020
Adamus’ perspective

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In early 2020 one of humanity’s biggest concerns is the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. In late February, Adamus gave a short message with his insights on what this virus is about and why it is manifesting on Earth. He said that every virus, even the common flu, is ultimately a consciousness virus. It stems from an imbalance in human consciousness and serves to bring resolution to the imbalance. Adamus stated that the “coronavirus” is specifically related to the current economic and financial imbalances and lack of equality on the planet. In fact, it is technology that can ultimately help to rebalance this situation. For Shaumbra, Adamus says there is nothing to fear when you allow all energy to serve you.

Audio available here on YouTube

This message was given at an “Ahmyo Retreat” event specifically for attendees from South Korea. Because this country is currently facing a widespread outbreak of the virus, Adamus chose to address the issue first.

Please note that this message was part of a larger workshop. It was not intended to be a complete discussion about coronavirus, but rather an overview of the energy dynamics behind COVID19.

Length 15:51

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded in Kona, Hawaii, February 2020


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