Adamus' Abundance Clinic


 •  You are naturally abundant; what form is it taking?
 •  Any form of lack is serving you
 •  Abundance isn’t just money in the bank
 •  The passion to live attracts energy
 •  Don’t get caught up in limitations
 •  Come back to a life of wealth and joy


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Adamus’ Abundance Clinic
Moving Beyond Lack

What are your beliefs and experience on abundance? Many people hold tightly to misconceptions about money (and energy): that it is limited; that it’s the root of all evil; that being spiritual means being poor; that you have to work hard to get and keep it. Lack consciousness is especially pervasive for those on the spiritual track, but it’s time to move beyond into freedom. Abundance is a challenging issue for many people and millions live in abject poverty, but there is a big difference between a soul’s choice for pure experience and believing in the illusion of limitation. Living abundantly is your birthright, if you so choose.

Participating in Adamus Saint-Germain’s Abundance Clinic will cause you to look at the subtle – and not so subtle – ways you’ve let lack rule your life. You will hear him ask quite pointedly, “What if life was truly abundant and truly easy? What if you had tremendous amounts of energy? What if?” He answers the question: “You couldn’t be the victim anymore.” If you’re serious about enlightenment, Adamus states that being abundant is a requirement of being a realized Master on Earth. Life – and all it offers – is meant to be enjoyed. It’s just that simple. 

Adamus’ Abundance Clinic is a life-changing experience. Beyond the interesting words and clever stories, there is the potential for a major shift in consciousness – out of miserable lack into grand abundance – if you choose and allow it. Living abundantly with grace and ease is the natural way of the Master. 

NOTE: This clinic is offered free of charge. You are welcome to send the link to friends and family and post it on your favorite social media sites. This is Adamus’ gift to anyone who is tired of struggling with abundance issues. 

These sessions are also available on YouTube HERE and HERE. 


Session 1 (59:42)
Abundance is always in the Now moment, not in the past or future. True abundance comes from the passion to live. What misconceptions about money and energy are holding you back? 

Session 2 (49:21)
You already have abundance, even if it’s not in the form you wish it was. All energy is here to serve you; let it flow into your life without limitations. This is the life of a Master. 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

Cost: $0.00 (FREE) 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe 

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, August 2014 



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Are you ready to receive all the energy and gifts?
I really loved this clinic! Especially the part that is was free. This really helped me notice some of my hurting misbeliefs about money and power. I am still learning, and I cannot even purchase the other Crimson Circle course related to abundance, about cryptocurrencies and stuff, as the price of that is about 20 % of my total savings.. Hopefully soon I'll be able to purchase that!
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 3/29/2021)
Review by Janaína / (Posted on 10/20/2018)