Consciousness Revolution

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  •  Remember the secrets of your omniverse!
  •  Cosmic science beyond even quantum physics
  •  Time holds everything together – and keeps you stuck
  •  Most of your consciousness exists outside of time
  •  Experience your true multidimensional nature
  •  “You’re here. You’re there. Your there is here.”



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Consciousness Revolution
Star-hopping beyond time and space

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Beyond physics, metaphysics and even quantum physics, Adamus invites the listener deep into cosmic science, mathematics, and the way things really work. Unlimited consciousness, the source of everything and attractor of energy, is simply awareness. A part of your consciousness stuffed itself into matter and – the ultimate limiter – time. The key to freedom is realizing you exist both in time and out of time. The human part of you in time cannot do enlightenment, but it can become aware of the greater part of you that exists beyond. In this expanded awareness, doubt disappears. Joy, magic, healing and freedom are easy to allow. And you can become adept at ‘star-hopping,’ the art of being anywhere in any time you desire. As Adamus states, “This is the way reality is supposed to be.” 

In this landmark event, Adamus Saint-Germain sets the stage for years to come, diving deep into consciousness and taking the audience far beyond time. Time, he says, is the ultimate structure. Sensual, seductive and addictive, time lets you feel space and motion, perceive colors and dimensions, and experience cycles of growth, death and birth. Time is what causes you to get temporarily lost, until the human says, “I know there’s more,” begins to wake up and remember the Self that exists in Timelessness. Then, with a shift in consciousness – i.e. simply adding another point of awareness – you can allow yourself to go beyond.


1. Consciousness and Energy (1:22:44)
Adamus explains the fundamentals of reality, including quantum entanglement, particles and waves, going far beyond what scientists have yet perceived. He shares a metaphor of how we got into this limited physical experience, and how we remain stuck until the human realizes there is “more” and consciousness – the cause of all things – responds.

2. A Matter of Time (1:12:00)
Coming from a place of timelessness, Adamus tells a short story about being in two places and times at once. Inviting the audience into an experience, he demonstrates how important it is to “change your chair” and allow yourself to “know that you know.” After feeling into time itself, the audience is invited to symbolically break out from under the rule of the Overlords of Time. 

3. Star-Hopping (1:06:44)
As a creator being, you can shift your consciousness into multiple points of awareness, and thereby begin understanding and experiencing different levels of reality. Adamus calls this “star-hopping,” and leads a deeply profound experience of expanding your own consciousness. Note that the physical effects may linger for a few days.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader 

Cost: $75

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded August 2014 at the Crimson Circle Connection Center

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A hidden treasure from back 2014 to remmember and enjoy right now
Adamus messages are really timeless. In this precious Consciousness Revolution we find a really hidden treasure, from 2014. Does he not says we take several years to let things settle down? That´s why Now is the right time to review this event and go deep down in a profound and expansive merabh of Timelessness, which now we can feel in a different way. Don´t miss a good ride in your ‘star-hopping’ fly!
Review by P.M.E. / (Posted on 1/5/2021)