New Earth Update 2014

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• • • Adamus' Actualizacion Sobre La Nueva Tierra • • •

Premiered in October 2014, back by popular demand

Crimson Circle Cloud Class Event - Streaming Audio/Video (non-downloadable)

Crimson Circle Cloud Class Event - Streaming Audio/Video (non-downloadable)

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Have you felt a sense of an impending event, as if some kind of collision is close at hand? According to Adamus, you are feeling the energies of the New Earth coming closer. In this long awaited update, Adamus talks about how the New Earth was created, beginning in the times of Atlantis and with another infusion of energy and consciousness approximately 2,000 years ago. 

Now, in this time of planetary awakening, he says we are ready to reap the harvest of what we planted so long ago. Adamus also talks about what we do on the New Earth now, and why it’s closer than ever to Classic Earth. 

Then Adamus tells an amusing and enlightening story about “The Master and the Reporter,” sharing a profound metaphor of how the New Earth works, how we can access it in our everyday lives, and why there is absolutely no reason for the fear that may come up as we bring it in. Adamus went on to say that the New Earth is the hope, the freedom and the fulfillment that we have been longing for, and it is here right now for those who allow the awareness.

Other topics discussed include the more than 200 New Earths now under construction, beliefs and identity on Classic Earth, some of the amazing attributes of New Earth, and how long it will be until humanity as a whole begins to understand New Earth – not as long as you might think!

Adamus guides an experience of feeling your connection with New Earth, allowing yourself to choose whatever experience you wish, and feeling the fulfillment of the dream. Then he answers audience questions, including such topics as relationships on the New Earth, teaching, nature and animals, the crystal caves, children, and much more

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