Adamus on Topic: The Unfamiliar Family

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  • The family unit is at the core of society
  • A new type of family is emerging, which affects everything
  • Lines are blurring in relationship & family definitions
  • Humanity is coming full circle
  • Relationships – no longer based on karma, patriarchy & religion
  • The new family unit is about freedom and love


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Adamus on Topic: The Unfamiliar Family
Changing Values at the Core of Society

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Family is at the core of all things human, and it has taken different forms throughout the history of Earth. In this high-level look at changing family dynamics, Adamus gives a historical overview of the family unit, beginning in Atlantis all the way to contemporary times, moving through polygamy, monogamy, and now individual sovereignty. Traditional relationship definitions are giving way to a lot of “blurred lines,” which will result in changes of everything from housing and food packaging to childrearing and the development of new LLCs or “Limited Liability Commitments.” Love as the basis for intimate relationships is a relatively recent development and will become a more dynamic factor as karma and ancestral patterns are released. Society will continue to evolve as more and more humans choose personal freedom over old family bonds.

In Atlantis, society was wholly communal with children belonging to the community rather than the biological parents. Upon emerging after the fall of Atlantis, humans living on the harsh surface of the Earth banded together for protection and survival. The resulting polygamous family unit lasted until the early Middle Ages when the Church began encouraging the monogamous father/mother/children model. As consciousness shifted after WWII, the family unit began its next evolution. No longer based on karma, patriarchy and lifelong vows, the newly emerging family unit will be based on group friendship and mutual agreement.

As humanity releases karma and ancestral bonds, it will come full circle from the communal family unit of Atlantis to the new friendship-based group family unit. While there will continue to be many who choose the more traditional family model, there will be more and more who choose to be “single and sovereign,” free to move among relationships and explore the love of Self.

Announcing our new series: Adamus on Topic

The focus of Adamus’ work with Shaumbra has been very personal, with a core of messages about staying on Earth as embodied Masters at this all-important Time of Machines. No small task, as this encompasses everything from developing a new relationship with our energy, allowing the Free Energy Body, transitioning from a mental/logic basis into Knowingness, and going from linear time to Æterna. But what about the fast-changing world around us?

In addition to understanding the inner, personal changes we’re going through, it’s also important to understand the monumental changes in our human society. The new Adamus on Topic series is designed to address the major trends and changes that are affecting the fabric of humanity now and in the future.

Length: 1:26:15

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) & text (pdf)

Cost: $25

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Shaumbra Pavilion in Kona, Hawaii, April 2021


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The Future of Families...

Family. I think for most of us that word conjures up the usual definition of father, mother, child/ren… And of course, today we include same sex couples which are now accepted as a legal union in most countries. I honestly haven’t thought much about the origins or future of families so I have to say Adamus blew the lines right out of the box in this new series! Wow.

I expected as usual he would talk about the karmic families going the way of the Dodo bird and yes we know they are. With no more karma to complete, there’s less of that attraction to “Til death do us part”! With my late husband we did part via death over a dozen years ago and as Tobias once told me “We loved each other dearly and hated each other miserably” for lifetimes right back to our angelic family. I know I’m done now. Fini.

Adamus brilliantly outlines the history of the family unit dating back to the communal days of Atlantis and asks us to feel into that… I was attracted briefly to communal living in my early twenties but couldn’t quite swallow the spiritual Kool-Aid which looking back was a good thing. Too feisty and sovereign even back then! They told me I needed more “attunements”…

So, I found it fascinating that Adamus says now we’re coming full circle back to those days and the younger generation will be choosing to live in group arrangements under ten called LLC’s or Limited Liability Commitment/Community. Friends truly living together with benefits! It really makes sense especially in my city where a soaring real estate and rental market makes home ownership almost impossible for those under thirty, so why not share? New opportunities for home design, food packaging, and vacations says Adamus. A good investment to watch for. Macro apartments vs micro now!

Now if that sounds like your idea of hell, you are probably an older Shaumbra like me who will opt for the “single and sovereign” path which Adamus endorses for most of us. (Tobias always said we’d kill each other if Shaumbra lived in community!) I know personally that’s where I’m headed after living as an intergenerational family with my son and recently deceased father for several years. It served me well but again I’m done with compromise. And socks on the floor. Adamus says we’ll still have relationships when we choose, but not live together knowing the love of self is the greatest relationship of all. Cue Whitney Houston!

I know the Corona virus too has made many of us realize how content we are with our own company, our own energy. While I still enjoy getting together with friends and Shaumbra, it’s always good to come home to me. There’s only one energy and it’s mine. Yes, even those socks on the floor! Damn. Or did the dog do it?

I really enjoyed this refreshing, familiar/unfamiliar information from Adamus with Linda and look forward to more “On Topics”. Thanks to the CC creative team for another grand production!

Tammie O’Rielly
CC Product Review Member

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 9/5/2021)
Refreshing Variation
Very much enjoyed the new On Topic series and can highly recommend. Its a refreshing variation from it all. I happened to watch the recent movie "Professor Martson & the Wonder Woman" on HBO around the same time. Its an interesting compliment and one illustration of the subject of family arrangements Adamus takes a deep dive into.
Review by Christina Burtis / (Posted on 9/5/2021)
It's Flow-Time
. From Nuclear Family to LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

The new "Adamus on Topic" series is not just about Shaumbra, but the world we have emerged from and the new world we can expect to live "in, but not of" in the near future.
Having said that, after listening to the channel, I found myself revisiting relationships and living arrangements I have experienced for a reason or a season, none of them "for life. Love seemed to play a part at times, and according to Adamus, those were more about tying up loose karmic ends. But love happened also, so I circled back to the "Mysteries of Love" channels, recorded in France in 2012. Great energies and understandings, focussed on past experience at the time, releasing a lot of trauma, and that one specific Lost Love experience that reduces me to a sobbing mess, every time! How many times can you release something you don't have anymore? It seems many of us clearly remember one such perfect constellation; what we have trouble remembering is that we agreed to split up when the time came, one supporting the other from the nonphysical realms in their realization on planet earth. It does explain the "hopeless" in my romantic! But I digress...
The unfamiliar family:
The social changes outlined in the Unfamiliar Family did not rock my personal boat. If the concept of marriage and family had been any more familiar to me in the first place, I would have chosen to marry and start one, and plenty Shaumbra have, so it will affect everyone differently.
Adamus prepares us for the changes and provocations, as one of the pillars of modern society crumbles: the concept of traditional family!
He gives a brief history of family, how it emerged in a more tribal version after the fall of Atlantis, based on survival, the potential for control always the shadow of care. But for a long time, it came down to rebuild humanity, protecting and nourishing the ability to give birth to and raise children for strength in numbers. There were always more women to a man, simply because hunters did not all come home from the hunt and the remaining men took care of however many women and children in need of a provider.
It was quite innocent, until religion and politics insisted on monogamy for ease of control of the masses, effectively confining men and women to an increasingly twisted crystal prison.
It took a while until the possibility of love as a reason for marriage entered the picture, only in the last few hundred years. A tremendous enrichment that also confused the hell out of the existing arrangements. Great expectations were cultivated, one person having to mean the world to another. If true, there was always the fear it could be taken away; if not true disappointment would fester.
Tobias pointed out years ago that lifelong vows no longer serve as they have, and "until death do us part" is about to be cast off as the main template for a fulfilling life. Along with male dominance, according to Adamus. This I need to see to believe, and then I paint my wagon.

Gender fluid relations, multigenerational households, gay marriage, elective single parenting, living together apart, all kinds of iterations have sprouted up the last few decades. "Good for them", I am thinking as Adamus elaborates how young people are increasingly granting themselves freedoms to live their own lives with dynamic relationships among adults, in small committed groups of 3 to 10, reimagining the way to live, share their talents, raise children and own property without the lifelong restrictions.
Part of me goes "been there, done that". I remember some of my best years in the 1980s as a student in Munich, where young adults would live together in small groups of 5 or six, not just because it allowed everyone to live in much nicer quarters, but because we enjoyed the freedom and the understandings we shared, so different from the nests we hatched from. Some couples for a time, usually finding ways to remain friends as the tables turned. If a heart was truly broken, they left, making room for a new person. Children were born in those situations, and they did not seem to suffer as long as the adults worked it out. I remember that beaming three year old bragging to his friend that "all my daddies are doctors!"
At some point, we did disperse, following jobs and maybe live more traditional lives. Mass consciousness and the infrastructure for alternative living was not quite there when I first looked at fractal real estate ownership 20 years ago, nor was there an attitude of conscious sharing. So instead of owning part of a big house, the Tiny House movement started, allowing debt free ownership, on wheels! Clusters forming and changing at will, unlike the permanent structure of a village or town. The time is ripe now according to Adamus to develop legal structures for more flexible/shared living, parenting, ownership. Lawyers making themselves useful, what next... :)
The liberating trends described in the Unfamiliar Family are not focussed on Shaumbra (definitely not those of us over 40), ultimately committed to finding love within ourselves,"the greatest love of all", as we have come to know.
However, having chosen to stay beyond realization, we do have to reinvent how we choose to be in the world, sovereign but not isolated. Enjoying other humans without getting entangled, aware of mass consciousness but not sucked into it, alone by choice without drifting off into loneliness.
I feel plenty unfamiliar, ever ready to limit my liability in the business of being human! Never called myself "single" either, it always goes with "available", and that I may not be, but I am not dead either. I like joining the other living, their dogs, their kids, their elders, Shaumbra or not, for the occasional trip, creative endeavor, dinner or walk, practical support, too. But there is no real way to enjoy all that without realizing the Love of Self first.
It's Flow Time
Review by Sig / (Posted on 8/20/2021)
Changes in Family Structure
. In the Unfamiliar Family, the first in Adamus’s On Topic Series, Adamus reviews the history of the transitioning family unit since Atlantis. He discusses emerging love as the basic of many changes in the past 500 years. And especially since WWII, we begin to see the changes he’s discussing.
And while there is nothing life changing here, it feels like a filling in of our Journey of the Angels. It’s our story that continues to expand into its fullness. How the family structure is changing is part of that. It also felt a bit like the old Ask Tobias series.
Adamus is clear to say that he’s talking about trends in the transitions of family structure which is and has always been basic to our lives here on earth. He also notes that there may be many potential iterations beyond what he’s talking about. He says his comments and discussion are meant to be provocative and to get us feeling into how this part of life on earth is transforming.
And basic to everything we’re experiencing, it’s all about changes in consciousness.
For me personally, at 74, it doesn’t feel too relevant, but more like a look into the future of younger Shaumbra. Adamus talks about how in the next decade or 2, the whole family structure will shift and become what I would call more fluid than being locked into the old “Leave it to Beaver” template of male father, female mom, and a couple children. We’re already seeing this, but he says it will go faster now in many places in the world.
Adamus has mentioned in several places that by 2050, everything goes off the charts; so different from how life is now that not even the ascended Master’s can see how it will be. Unfamiliar Family is clearly a part of this.
The newer family structure Adamus discusses is, to me, intuitively more viable. For example, the adults in the family unit might be a combination of one partner who understands finances or technology, another who designs beautiful living structures, a gardener.
My outtake is that what he’s describing is in line with the flow that he’s talking about in Keahak and other presentations. In this new family structure there has to be a lot of flow. It’s no longer “til death do us part”. There will be great fluidity in how members come in and then leave if they desire, how the children are raised and educated having multiple mentors, how the finances and owning a house will work with more people in the unit, how housing is designed for larger family units.
This first On Topic discussion, The Unfamiliar Family, is an aspect, an expression, of ever changing and expanding consciousness around our world.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 8/15/2021)
Freedom is the key word. Male dominance in a relationship is dissolving after hundreds of years. I saw this when I was an active teacher in Danish Public schools and had Turkish and Somalian pupils; when I visited the families the mothers were beginning t
. Adamus on Topic
The Unfamiliar Family

This is a new series, ”Adamus on Topic,” coming up because of many questions from new Shaumbra as well as “older” ones. The Family Unit is in great change now as everything else is changing in society.
And it happens rapidly.

The known family with mother, father and child/children is not so “normal” anymore.
Adamus tells about the development of family code from Atlantis and forth. In Atlantis everything was communal. Each person had not the feeling of being an individual, as we know it today. Children were brought up in groups, were not only “bound” to one mother or father but had many contacts. Every adult was your parent. Marriage was not a known concept; it came up later. First talked about in Mesopotamia 4300 years ago. These marriages were not exclusive, one man might have several wives …

For most of human history, the family’s relationships, the family units have been polygamous, a place where you were taking care of each other and bringing in as many children as possible.
Also, around the time of Yeshua it was common that a man had multiple wives.
It changed later under the influence of churches. About the year 1000 it slowly began to be a norm with the monogamous relationships. At the time of the Council of Trent in 1563 the monogamous relationship began to really take hold.

From about the year 1600 love began to be “part” of the energy in a relationship … but still families would interfere and decide whom you should marry. So, love is a relatively new thing in relationships.

After World War II there was a rush in consciousness that caused big, big changes. It began to be common for women to demand divorce. Churches forbid that, but women wanted a life of their own, wanted to have a career and were tired of abuse.

In my youth I lived a couple of years in a commune. We started in a very communal way with common economy and free sexuality within the group. We were at a time 9 adults and 4 children in the group.
In these years I learned a lot about jealousy, responsibility, being creative, taking time for myself, expressing emotions and thoughts in a creative way, playing drums and piano to support expressions from others, using drama for self-development and many other things. I really appreciate this experience today.
The energy in the group developed slowly from a “communistic” basis to a more capitalistic one. This was because some of the adults in the group did not take part in the common tasks and acted irresponsibly.
After these couple of years, we dissolved the group, split up and I chose to live in a couple relationship again with my wife and two sons.

Nowadays people explore how the new family unit should be. I know several couples, that choose to live separately, have their own home, and meet on a regular basis at one or the other person`s place.
Gay couples and gay marriages are normal and accepted many places in the word. Family units can be many things, you just figure one out and it is there. Everything is fluid. Single and sovereign, group committed relationships, alone father, alone mother; Adamus lines up the many ways of living together. Freedom is the key word. Male dominance in a relationship is dissolving after hundreds of years. I saw this when I was an active teacher in Danish Public schools and had Turkish and Somalian pupils; when I visited the families the mothers were beginning to take responsibility and be active in conversations about their children. In fact, some fathers in Turkish families got sick because their status had changed in this new country. They did not feel safe in their new roles.

This Adamus on Topic ends with Questions & Answers. The Questions deal with spirituality, personal growth, child development, new things coming up and other stuff.

I find “The Unfamiliar Family” is an eye opener about where things are going.
As always, I`d like to thank Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, and the staff for this beautiful creation.

Finn Andersen
Member of The CC Review Team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 8/15/2021)
New ways of living together
. What stroke me when I was watching The Unfamiliar Family, was that a lot of it, I had experienced in the 70’ties. Adamus talks about how the structure of the family is changing, especially with the young people. One of the things is living in a commune. My husband and I bought an old farm without land and moved in there together with 3 others. Some of the benefits would be sharing the work in the house and garden and taking care of the children. To be together with friends was also an advantage. It worked well for a while, then disagreements started. Much about the practical stuff. The 3 others moved out, some others moved in, and it continued a year or two. We then became part of another kind of commune, where we apart from the practical stuff, worked therapeutically with each other to release old traumas. Sharing sex with the others in the group was also part of the concept. After a year and a half, we left.
This commune certainly opened my inner work, and it was also an amazing lesson in power games and energy stealing. I guess one of the differences of this and the new communes that are appearing now, is that the consciousness has changed. Meaning energy stealing and power games will not be part of it, or at least reduced to a minimum.
Adamus talks about how the persons in the communes can be friends that study together, others with people having different competencies, others only men or only women. Sex can be with somebody from the group or somebody outside. Sounds as more casual connections, not having the same importance that I guess it has for many of my generation.
Many are not going to have children; some will raise a child alone. Gay couples will be more usual, with or without children. Some people will live by themselves. I like this idea of diversity. That supports the purpose of becoming souverain beings. It will start in the “western countries” and over time spread to the rest of the world.
Adamus gives an overview of the development of the family structure, going back from the time of Atlantis where everything was communal, to the time beneath the surface of the Earth, and continuing to when humans again emerged on the surface. The tough reality here made humans live in groups, where the men were the hunters and protectors and the women taking care of the children. Men lived much shorter than women, so the men fathered children of several women. In the days of the church the couple became the norm. The marriage came later, in the beginning it was a commitment between the man and the woman.
It is interesting that marriage building on love is much, much later. In the beginning it was a practical arrangement. For those in power, it was a more about connecting the families. But normally the men had mistresses for their pleasure. That was not acceptable for the married woman.
I can’t imagine Shaumbra living in communes. Not even the young ones. We have chosen to be souverain, so living by ourselves or for the older ones who has been in a relationship for a long time, both being together and having a place of their own.
If you want to know what is going on in the world right now related to different topics, this is a great series. Dive into the family that we all know so very well. Highly recommended.
Thank you to Adamus, Geoff and Linda and the whole CC staff.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 8/10/2021)
My composite family unit is right on trend, who knew?
. The discussion aligns with what I have been observing over the last 2 decades. I enjoyed how the topic is explored in relation to past/present/future. I live in an "emerging" country and the new family units are very prevalent in our society. My own family unit is a made-up conglomerate of some unrelated and some related people and it works...
Review by Ahnkt / (Posted on 8/10/2021)
The Family Unit is Changing
. What happens when one of the very core things that affects consciousness on the planet changes? That core thing is the family unit, and the implications for the planet are vast. I didn’t realize just how big until I experienced the first installation of Adamus On Topic: The Unfamiliar Family.

The family structure has been changing and evolving for centuries. Adamus gives a history of the family unit from its beginnings, then describes the evolution of the family unit and relationships. The next changes are occurring now. Where it is going may be a bit surprising, but what he calls the emerging family unit and emerging relationships is understandable given that we are entering a new era of humanity.

The Unfamiliar Family gave me an opportunity to reflect on how I’ve experienced the family unit and relationships in this lifetime. In my first marriage, I definitely was on the “old track” of a karmic relationship. I went beyond taking that “oath” of “till death do us part” and allowed the religious overlay of agreeing to a marriage that was said to extend beyond death. The karmic ancestral line was firmly in place, I had four (amazing) children, and it was a grand set up to see if I could set myself free. I did indeed, and subsequently brought in the perfect partner for me. I very much appreciated Adamus explaining that it is possible to be in a commited marital relationship and be a Master on the planet and in your sovereignty. For others, they choose to experience their sovereignty and freedom outside of a committed relationship.

One of the most interesting parts of The Unfamiliar Family is the explanation of what Adamus calls the New Family. The structure is very different than what most of us are used to, but again, it feels in line with the new era of humanity we’re entering into. Families by choice instead of families as a result of ancestral karma. I particularly liked how choice would affect children in the New Family.

Thanks to the Crimson Circle staff for their suggestion of this new series. I enjoyed the “Ask Tobias” series of years ago, and I appreciate an Adamus version which continues to support our Mastery and sovereignty.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 8/7/2021)