Adamus Saint-Germain on the PARIS ATTACKS

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Adamus Saint-Germain on the

On Friday 13th, November 2015, terrorists attacked numerous locations in Paris. An estimated 129 innocent people were killed, and another 352 were wounded in the attacks. Waves of shock and grief went out as the world learned about the tragedy in Paris, the international City of Lights.  At the same time, humans everywhere stood up to show compassion, unity and hope in the midst of the darkness that fell over Paris.

Adamus has a special affection for Paris and France. In his last lifetime as Count Saint-Germain in the 1700’s, he spent many of his adult years living and traveling in France. His name has become synonymous with the style, romance, art and mystery of Paris. Hours after the attacks ended, he told Geoffrey Hoppe that he and many other angelic beings were in Paris to assist humans who were murdered and wounded in the attacks, and to help those grieving in the aftermath of the carnage.

The next day, Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe sat down at their home with Adamus to get his insights into the tragic events. Typical of Adamus, he talked about the attacks but also expanded the discussion into the role of consciousness in global evolution. He offered insights into religion, business and politics, and answered Linda’s questions about prayer, terrorism and the future.

This is a free audio download (mp4). You’re welcome to share it with others, and add the links to your website or social media pages. The session is approximately 30 minutes long. We hope this offers some insights, wisdom and understandings into the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.


The Crimson Circle Staff



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