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•  How to make sure your date of Realization is set
•  What happens when you open the senses
•  Let the wings of your dream carry you into enlightenment
•  Angelic senses of Truth, Joy, Unity and Self
•  Communing with the music and the passion
•  The ice is finally breaking!
•  A love song from you to you

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Adamus’ Sensuality Clinic
Opening your angelic senses

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También disponible con interpretación simultánea en español además de las sesiones originales en inglés


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When one stops working on their enlightenment, the date for Realization is set. However, when it finally happens, the pull to leave the body is very strong. Why stay? To live in full sensuality as an embodied Master on Earth! Something rarely experienced by previous Ascended Masters. Focus is the sense that has kept us in human form. However, when one opens up angelic senses such as Truth, Joy, Unity, Love and more in the “I Exist,” then true passion, multidimensional communication, and absolute joy of life are experienced here on Earth. And here, with the magic of Soy, these senses begin to open.

This event was recorded with more than 250 Shaumbra in Grünwald, Germany along with the musical collaboration of Soy, a flamenco band from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France. In the last session, Adamus stated, “We’ve come here today to allow that shift, open up the sensuality, start to feel again. We’ve gone through a lot today in the shifting and weaving and making of energy, and now it’s time for wide-open sensuality.

Session 1 – Experiencing the And (46:46)
Reiterating what he said during Transhuman Shoud 10 on the previous day, Adamus notes that when one gives up trying to achieve enlightenment and simply allows, then the date for Realization is set. Staying on Earth after that moment of Realization can be difficult, however, and this is where true sensuality comes in, for it gives you a reason to stay embodied. In order to begin living in the And, Adamus says this event was set up specifically “for a safe and very graceful opening of the senses.” He calls up one Soy band member at a time to provide a musical example of And.

Session 2 – Opening the Senses (47:00)
Adamus talks about living as a human within the sense of Focus. And yet, when you allow the wings of your dream to carry you into your enlightenment, you go beyond Focus into the other senses. These include the sense of Truth, Joy and Unity. Adamus invites you to experience each of these senses in a whole new way, together with the amazing and sensual music of Soy. 

Session 3 – Cracking the Ice (51:34)
Adamus says that with the music of Soy, the entities in the room, Shaumbra and himself, it is the perfect blend of energies to help the senses truly open. He guides more experiences, including communicating with the music and allowing the return of your passion. He offers a sweet gift to his friends, by way of a very special musical presentation with Soy, and then invites Shaumbra into a deeply sensual experience of the “I Exist.”

Session 4 – I Exist (43:24)
Adamus talks about the sense of Love, one of the most incredible and sensitive senses, and then a very special one called the sense of Self. And then, after the intense experiences of the day, Shaumbra are invited to dance and celebrate with more than 30 minutes of amazing music with Soy – a truly unforgettable sensual experience!

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Availability: 90 days from date of registration

Cost: $75 

Translations: When text translations become available, they will be listed at the top of this page. Because these are done on a gratis basis, we do not know when they will be available. No refunds or extensions will be granted due to translation availability.

Adamus Saint-Germain 
Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe
Soy – Carlos Agati, Mario Agati, Dani Anselmo, Michel Reyes

Recorded at the Bürgerhaus Römerschanz, Munich, Germany, June 4, 2017

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Sensual Well-Being Master's Life 4 - Sensuality Master's Life 8 - Nova Vita 4 Es

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How to embody senses? With sensual music!
It took me a long time to even sit down and get some thoughts about this product on paper, I had to listen several times to even start formulating words. The first few times I listened to it - it blew my mind away and I couldn’t think. Which brings up a question: How do you put in words the richness of experiences? I may say: Pure delight. Pure joy. The music took me to such places that I can’t describe, my body was responding. Pure feeling.

Adamus tells us all the time - do not heal - choose a potential of joyful life. Allow - go through your fears, aches and pains. This experience brings so much joyful energy and not through the words but through the music.

I took Master’s Life 4: Sensuality Cloud Class a while back and this short and delightful recording is such a great addition to it. It adds new dimensions. Less words, more passionate music, more feelings. I’m glad I could find the recording of the special gift from Adamus and SOY on YouTube.

Beautiful experience. Perfect mix of the quiet of the “I AM” and the wild creative music and dance.

Big fan!
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 9/27/2017)
My life is sooooo much fuller and richer now. I am having soooooo much more fun!! This clinic taught me how to feel and go into different senses, to be in the sense of LOVE and BEAUTY more and more, so I started playing around and added the "sense of adventure." This has added a fun and dynamic element to anything and everything!!!
The music was amazing and such a huge part of the teaching!
I would love to be able to listen to the music now that my 90 days are over, so if it becomes available for purchase, I will be among the first to buy!!!!
Review by Dr. C / (Posted on 9/17/2017)
An easy way of allowing and opening up (for sensuality)...
How easy could be when the mind just become relaxed and finally you just would be able to open up yourself and allow all experiences wherever Adamus guide you during this cloud class event.

In the first segment, Adamus explains everything that is really happening with us at the moment of enlightenment so, we could feel into that moment. We could feel why Adamus points out that thing that in the moment of realization we just let us open up to sensuality which pops up our angelic senses and all of this could help us to live beyond the mind and in a life without special purposes. That will really bring life into life because we would be able to live a life without any fear and any limitations and without becoming overwhelmed by anything.

Adamus explains also why it is so important to live a spontaneous life and why it is a base for the embodied master which lives in joy and in the beauty of unexpected life. Living in sensuality and without any effort.

It was a practical and great idea of Adamus to bring the SOY music band (I Am music band) to help us feel into the real meaning of AND. It was an amazing experience!!! The music really helped us to feel how does it like the AND as a real life experience. Then the music also helped us to feel that deep blossoming sensuality in our body and how it shifted the energy inside and then started to have a profound energy flow in our body.

Watching and listening to the SOY helped me to really sense into that joy of music that was radiated by the musicians and they were able to help me to expand and feel my expressions through my angelic senses or simply allow them to open up again.

In the Sensuality Clinic Adamus talks about several angelic senses (truth, joy, beauty, unity, communication, focus, self, love) and about why those are so important, how they are working and what happens if we open up each of them in ourselves.

So, “stop to work at enlightenment and the day will set up.” And you will start to experience this beauty and joy of life without taking any effort on it. This Sensuality Clinic will help you to feel into it and to open up for several of your angelic senses and to open up yourself for all of this energies what billowed at this gathering. It is important not only read the text or the translation but to watch all videos of this cloud class because the voice of Adamus and the music of SOY is a massive part of this experience. Enjoy this beautiful and touching cloud class!
Review by Timea / (Posted on 9/13/2017)
The Joy of Soy!
It was with great joy and surprise when I discovered that “Soy, the Flamenco guitar troupe from southern France, were special guests for the one day Adamus’ Sensuality Clinic held in Germany recently. I remember them well from an evening of dancing in the streets of Saint Marie de le Mer along the Mediterranean a few years back attending the Quantum Allowing workshop. Such a sensual , magical experience created along with Shaumbra, paella and French wine! So my senses were already there as I sat down to watch this new cloud class…
Soy, Spanish for “I Am” were the perfect choice for a beautiful, sensual “quintet” with Adamus in this latest offering from the Crimson Circle. However I wouldn’t have called it a Sensuality “Clinic” which is far too cold a description. Sorry Adamus! I would much rather call it a “Sensuality Spa” - ahhhh…….
I would suggest settling down as I did in a big comfy chair, large screen if possible, lights down and the best stereo speakers or headset. This is truly to be experienced in the present with as little distraction as possible other than a good cup of rich coffee, wine or chocolate!
Little words are needed, sans definition, as Adamus explains the music transcends those. He gently introduces and leads us to a true experience of several senses from beauty to joy and truth and finally love of self. The music of Soy takes you deeper into each sense and I found tears rolling down my eyes (which is always a sign for me that I’m out of my head!) I wasn’t sure what to expect and just allowed myself to be open in the moment to the feelings unfolding…
As Adamus said “Just show up, be in Soy (“I Am”) and the sensuality will show up.” It did. In spades. AND I understand the transformation will continue in the days following as our energies shift and so I’m staying open for change, allowing the unexpected. Putting one foot in front of the other… (Except for twisted ankles thank you Adamus! Been there, done that at the recent Channeling workshop I attended.)
The last merahb in video three from Adamus , the “Love Song” to Self is worth the price alone. $50 until August 31st in the Crimson Circle Store and $75 after. Cheaper than a Spa date!
Now where is that Soy CD I bought?
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 7/20/2017)
If you want an EXPERIENCE of sensuality, this could truly be it! Actually, I find it difficult to put my experiences into words. It’s kind of beyond the words. And that may be the best recommendation!
If you want an EXPERIENCE of sensuality, this could truly be it!
As Adamus explains in the beginning, we have talked about sensuality, but it was mostly to get the mind to “understand” it. Now we are going to experience it! And it could hardly be done in a better way than accompanied by the sensual and passionate music of Soy!
It truly allows you to go beyond the mind and into the senses and feel…
Now, I was so lucky to participate in the Munich gathering, and that was just beyond words! In the breaks, I mostly just sat staring out in the air, and at one occasion a friend asked me, if I was okay. I was, I was just not my “normal” self. So much was going on inside. It was a very intense day.
When you listen to the sessions afterwards, you will naturally compare it to your live experience, and of course there is a difference. But I feel the whole energy is very present in the videos, and that you can be swept away by the music. Which seems to be the intent of Adamus, to go beyond the mind.
After I came back, and also after watching the sessions again, different aspects of my life have come forward, asking the question, “Do you want to continue with that?” So, it may not just be “for fun” to watch it. Changes may happen!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 7/7/2017)
A VERY Sensuous Experience
The Adamus Sensuality Clinic, featuring the flamingo music of Soy, was a hugely moving experience for me. It helped me feel deeply into the expanded senses.

Adamus did a lot less talking. Instead there was music that went deep into the energy beneath the words. It inspired my passion. Wow! The sensuality these men created through their guitar playing was extraordinary. You could feel what Adamus was talking about being brought to life through the music, even though the musicians had never performed with Adamus before, did not speak English, and had very little translation.

The clinic touched me in a very deep way. After this clinic I felt so much energy moving through my body. I would recommend this product.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 7/5/2017)
A beautiful experience like no other (up to now)
I really enjoyed the sensual and passionate music of Soy and the safe opening and experience of sensuality guided by Adamus Saint-Germain, the real stepping into sans definition. With new insights and perspectives about the senses and the beautiful experiences of allowing back the passion and the self-love, the workshop brought me the feeling of not wanting the experiences to end... To me it is a next needed step after the Master’s Life to experience and allow the senses very safely.
A really good gathering with music and allowing and very deep experiences.
Many thanks to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and all the staff members for such a beautiful gift!
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 7/4/2017)
Waves of energy and music that open up your senses
Review „Adamus' Sensuality Clinic“
German translation below.
I write this review because I am part of the product review team. I did not pay for the online class (I did pay for the live version).
If you struggle with the nastier aspects of life on Earth right now, if you long for more joy in life and/or you have the feeling that this whole business of opening up more of your senses is a good idea then I do recommend “Adamus' Sensuality Clinic” to you.
If you already listened to Master’s Life 4 you will find that this is – in my opinion – a very practical “Add On”. Master’s Life 4 gave a good grounding and the Sensuality Clinic makes it very clear what Adamus meant. It’s very hard to hide behind your closed sensual doors while listening to this. The music and the energy make sure you either flee or do open up.
If you did not do Master’s Life 4 than you can understand what the whole business about Sensuality is about by listening or watching the Sensuality clinic. You will simply feel it.
I did the class live. It was intense and I can understand why someone I know decided to go home (and do the whole thing in smaller pieces and not all in one day). The online version has the advantage that you can pace it – for some doing it in one day might be too much. If you decided to open up the music and the energy will reach in and will do a little rearrangement of things inside you. And after the clinic things in your life might be a little bumby because you have to adjust to your new self (but you are used to that – right? :-p). I found “Master’s Life 4” more on the rebalancing and make-things-easier side, while the Sensuality Clinic brought more of: Whirl-things-around – make-it-a-little-bumby-for-some-time. When you open up you *do* feel more. And that can make for interesting new experiences (and not always 100% fun). But I would do it again in an instant. Without sensuality I will leave – go insane or leave the planet – I am quite sure.
Why? Because I don’t have any answers anymore. The last believe systems are crumbling. Doubt comes around again. Things I believed in unravel. Words are not enough to calm down the doubt or find an answer to the core questions. The only thing that helps is: Take a breath. Feel inside.
When I am closed down shitty things happen. When I am in touch with myself – allow myself to truly feel: I find my way back. I *know* everything is fine (even if my mind screams: It’s not. People are dying. Earth is getting crazier and crazier – do you really want to stay here? Why? Earth might even not be here for humans in 50 years. Do you really think this whole Ascension stuff is true?!?
Reciting shouds or telling my mind all the amazing things that already happened or looking at the Aha!’s that I already had in the past does not help anymore. Only feeling – myself – within. So – yes – I do recommend anything and everything that has to to with opening up your Sensuality. The clinic (but beware – there are not many words – only an amazing wave of energy and MUSIC) – eating chocolate ice cram – sitting in the sun – watching a child playing or laughing.
If you prefer words and background information than maybe listen to Master’s Life 4 first.
If you just want to – finally – dive into enjoying life – even on a crazy planet like this then consider listening to the Sensuality clinic. Or give yourself some other really sensual treat and make the choice to open up.

Ich schreibe dies als Mitglied des Produkt-Bewertungs-Teams. Die online Version des Kurses war für mich kostenlos (für die Live Version habe ich bezahlt).
Wenn Du gerade mit den fieseren Aspekten des Lebens auf der Erde kämpfst, wenn Du Dich nach mehr Lebensfreude sehnst und/oder Du das Gefühl hast, diese ganze Geschichte des Öffnens Deiner Sinne ist eine gute Idee, dann empfehle ich Dir “Adamus' Sensuality Clinic”.
Wenn Du Master’s Life 4 bereits gehört ist, dann ist die Clinic – meiner Meinung nach – ein sehr praxisorientierter Zusatz. Master’s Life 4 gibt eine gute Grundlage und die Sensuality Clinic macht sehr deutlich, was Adamus meint. Es ist sehr schwer, Dich hinter Deinen geschlossenen sinnlichen Toren zu verstecken, währen Du hier zuhörst. Die Musik und die Energie stellen sicher, dass Du entweder fliehst oder Dich öffnest.
Wenn Du Master’s Life 4 nicht angehört hast, dann wirst Du die ganze Geschichte über Sinnlichkeit verstehen, wenn Du die Sensuality Clinic anhörst oder ansiehst. Du wirst es einfach fühlen.
Ich habe den Kurs live besucht. Es war intensiv und ich kann verstehen, dass jemand, den ich kennen nach Hause gegangen ist (um das Ganze in kleineren Stücken anzusehen und nicht alles an einem Tag zu machen). Die online Version hat den Vorteil, dass Du es an Deine Bedürfnisse anpassen kannst – für einige könnte es an einem Tag zu viel sein. Wenn Du Dich dafür entscheidest, Dich zu öffnen, wird die Energie nach Innen dringen und wird in Deinem Inneren ein paar Dinge neu anordnen. Und nach der Clinic können einige Dinge in Deinem Leben vielleicht etwas holprig werden, weil Du Dich erst an Dein neues Selbst gewöhnen musst (aber das kennst Du – richtig? :-p ). Ich fand „Master’s Life 4“ mehr auf der ausgleichenden und macht-Dinge-einfacher Seite, während die Sensuality Clinic mehr bewirkte von: Dinge-umherwirbeln und Macht-es-für-eine-Weile-etwas-holprig. Wenn Du Dich öffnest, dann *wirst* Du mehr fühlen. Und das kann zu interessanten neuen Erfahrungen führen (die nicht immer 100% Spaß machen). Aber ich würde es sofort wieder machen. Ohne Sinnlichkeit würde ich gehen – verrückt werden oder den Planeten verlassen – da bin ich sehr sicher.
Warum? Weil ich keine Antworten mehr habe. Die letzten Glaubensmuster zerbröckeln. Der Zweifel kommt wieder. Dinge, an die ich glaube, lösen sich auf. Worte reichen nicht, um den Zweifel zu besänftigen oder Antworten auf die Kern-Fragen zu finden. Das einzige was hilft ist: Nimm einen Atemzug. Spüre nach Innen.
Wenn ich mich verschließe, dann passieren ätzende Dinge. Wenn ich mit mir selbst verbunden bin – mir erlaube, wirklich zu fühlen: Dann finde ich meinen Weg zurück. Ich *weiß* dass alles in Ordnung ist (selbst wenn mein Verstand schreit: Es ist nicht in Ordnung. Menschen sterben. Die Erde wird immer verrückter – willst Du wirklich hier bleiben? Die Erde ist in 50 Jahren für Menschen vielleicht gar nicht mehr da. Glaubst Du wirklich, dieser ganze Aufstiegs-Kram ist wahr?!?).
Aus den Shouds zu zitieren oder meinem Verstand all die wunderbaren Dinge aufzuzählen, die bisher passiert sind oder mir die Aha!‘s anzusehen, die ich schon hatte – das alles hilft nicht mehr. Nur spüren – mich selbst – im Innen. Also – ja – ich empfehle alles und jedes, das mit dem Öffnen Deiner Sinnlichkeit zu tun hat. Die Clinic (aber Vorsicht – es gibt da nicht viele Worte – nur Wellen von unglaublicher Energie und MUSIK) – Schokoladen Eiskrem essen – in der Sonne sitzen – einem Kind beim Spielen oder Lachen zusehen.
Wenn Du Worte und Hintergrundinformationen bevorzugst, dann empfiehlt es sich, zuerst Master’s Life 4 zu hören.
Wenn Du Dich – endlich – in das Genießen des Lebens stürzen willst – selbst auf so einem verrückten Planten wie diesem, dann könntest Du das Anhören der Sensuality Clinic in Betracht ziehen. Oder gönne Dir einen anderen wirklich sinnlichen Genuss und treffe die Wahl, Dich zu öffnen.
Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 7/3/2017)
Breaking Open the Heart
I’m having a hard time finding words for this Sensuality Clinic, perhaps because so few words were used to invite us to open our senses. Instead of words, I was given music performed by Gypsy musicians who have rhythm and passion in the blood. The band’s name is Soy, which is Spanish for “I Am,” and the members embodied the music they played. With great attunement and sensitivity they built exquisitely on the themes Adamus gave us, creating an evolving sensual experience.

At first I was simply charmed, but then as I absorbed the vibrations, I felt something begin to tremble within me. My heart actually started to hurt, as protective barriers I didn’t even know I had erected began to crack open and fall away. The music flowered inside me, and I felt raw; yet I was eager to dive even deeper into the sensations and let the percussive waves wash me clean. In the days that followed, I could feel new energies moving toward me and realized I was now able to receive them in a much deeper and more palpable way. This Clinic was an amazing experience, and a profound taste of what I sense is to come.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 7/2/2017)
If 10 stars was a choice, I would give this experience a 10!!
How is Adamus' Sensuality Clinic different from Master’s Life 4 Sensuality? In Adamus’ own words, it is less talking and more experiencing.
AND the Sensuality of the musicians and music of Soy is raw and alive! Their music transcends words and allows a shift into Sensuality with ease and grace.
Distilled, Sensuality is what makes staying on Earth as an Embodied Master possible …….an experience of I AM, in multiple expressions.
Adamus reminds us that loving self is the hardest thing a human will ever do. Stepping out of a focused, linear life into Love and multiple senses/perceptions/dimensions makes life rich and vibrant and dynamic!
In the experience of the Sense of Unity, Adamus invites us to feel the undulating sense of feeling the individual pieces expanding into the whole….back and again……back and again… a cosmic heartbeat….feeling each string of the guitars communing and then the whole group and the full composition of the music. We’re not thinking about unity, we are truly experiencing it!
Before the lunch break, Adamus notes that he is feeling such a difference in the group…. less mind….allowing true shifts. Later he says he felt a “cracking”… the sound of ice cracking on a lake…. old layers cracking away to allow our expansion into being Free!!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 6/29/2017)