Ask Tobias: Addictions

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 •  Addiction is NOT a sign of weakness
 •  It has to do with the pleasure center that keeps you embodied
 •  There are many beliefs and overlays with addictions
 •  The problem with 12-Step recovery programs 
 •  What’s the difference between pleasure and joy?
 •  The future is the past healed



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Ask Tobias: Addictions
The Causes of Addiction and the Joy of Freedom 

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Every addiction is based in ancient energy patterns rather than biological imbalances. In Atlantis, the human physiology was imbedded with a “pleasure network” to help our angelic energy stay embodied on Earth. It worked well, because the body loves pleasure. However, this also opened the door for addictive patterns to take hold. These patterns now manifest in many ways, from the obvious things of alcoholism, tobacco and drugs to the less obvious, such as being addicted to food, sex and even suffering and depression. Most addicts believe there is something wrong with them, that they are weak-willed or a victim to their ancestral heritage. However, while addictive patterns do flow through the ancestral lineage, biological predispositions and mental weaknesses are not the cause of addictions. It is energetic and has to do with triggers to your pleasure center.

In this ground-breaking session, Tobias discusses the history and core energy of addictions, and shares about his own struggle with alcohol. He offers new information and insights about the true nature of addictions and the potential for moving past their seductive grip by using the conscious breath and taking full responsibility for everything in your life.

The session is moderated by Linda Hoppe and Dr. Doug Davies, a practicing neurologist. Questions include topics such as the use of tobacco (Tobias says it is a belief enhancer), depression, energy sensitivity, the current drug use epidemic, 12-Step programs, opening consciousness, food addictions, the difference between pleasure and joy, psychotropic medications, and much more.

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Length: 1:20:11 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20 

Featuring: Tobias, Linda Hoppe and Dr. Doug Davies 

Recorded in Denver, Colorado, February 2006 

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