Ahmyo/Makyo by Yoham

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 •  There’s no need for worry or anxiety
 •  It’s time for absolute, unconditional trust in Self
 •  You are the creator of your life
 •  Everything is for your highest good
 •  Accept this, trust this
 •  Let go of all the spiritual bullshit!

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Ahmyo Makyo
Beyond Spiritual B.S.

According to Adamus, ahmyo means “absolute trust in self,” while its opposite, makyo, means “spiritual mumbo jumbo or b.s.” On the way to Realization, every Ascended Master has gone through the stage of makyo – believing in destiny, suffering, karma, oneness and purpose. It’s time to let go of these distractions, stop doubting yourself, and accept full responsibility for your own potentials and creations.

In this collaboration between Adamus Saint-Germain and the music group Yoham, you are invited to release the spiritual distractions and celebrate the purity, truth, and trust of your own Self. There is no higher authority that can provide your answers, nor does your soul want to make you suffer. There is no purpose of life; you are simply here to experience. Ahmyo is the pure and simple trust that everything in your reality was created by you for your own expansion and joy of life. Ahmyo is the state of no effort, the realization of the I Am.

“Ahmyo. No matter what happens, you created it for the love of self.” ~ Adamus

From Gerhard: "I received the words to these songs during the last half year, inspired by the teachings of Adamus Saint-Germain, the music flowed in with ease and grace. In the name of Yoham, I wish you precious moments with these songs. They are made for you, to listen, feel into the message, sing and dance along."

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1. Adamus on Makyo (5:12)
2. Makyo (5:24)
3. Adamus on Ahmyo (4:11)
4. Ahmyo (7:13)
5. I Am Presence (6:51)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $10

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Gerhard Fankhauser (vocals, guitar, lauta)

Einat Gilboa (vocals)

Amir Yakobi (percussion)

Tom Sharfstein (electric guitar, bass) 

   All compositions and lyrics by Gerhard Fankhauser

   Arrangements by Tom Sharfstein and Gerhard Fankhauser

   Recorded and mixed at Sharfstein studio, Tel Aviv

Recorded in Golden, Colorado, USA and

Sharfstein Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel


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Listened to this, well I liked it.
Review by Arvind / (Posted on 12/20/2018)