Amirya - Wilderness of the Soul - by Amir

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Wilderness of the Soul


This poignant new production from musical genius Amir Yakobi invites your soul to soar. From the sacred harmonies of Inner Voice to the haunting melodies of Self Love; from the aching call of Reborn and inspiring beats of Let’s Move to the passionate notes of Final Dance, this is a musical journey of the heart and soul.

Amir has tapped into the deep longing and joy of the human angel on its way Home. Give yourself time to sink into this experience, to truly feel Wilderness of the Soul as your spirit takes flight.

Click each title to hear a sample

1 – Inner Voice
2 – Self Love
3 – Reborn
4 – Let’s Move
5 – The Final Dance

Amir has been creating his incredible musical experiences, including massive “Tribal Dance”
events, for more than 20 years. Several track in Wilderness of the Soul were co-created with pianist & musician Avi Sade, the talented and highly gifted musician with whom he has collaborated with for many, many years.



Amir Yakobi, Avi Sade (3 & 5)

PRODUCTION, recording, editing, mixing & mastering
Amir Yakobi

Amir Yakobi

Amir Yakobi, Avi Sade (1, 3 & 5)

Avi Sade

Amir Yakobi

From Amir: “I would like to thank Linda and Geoffrey Hoppe for being a family to me, giving this opportunity for expressing my music and for supporting my spiritual growth. Also thank you to my sister in spirit, Jean Tinder, who is always there to help and encourage me.”


© Copyright 2016, Amir Yakobi, Israel. All rights reserved. Do not broadcast or duplicate.






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