Ancestral Freedom


•  How did you get to be the way you are?
•  Who are your real ancestors, and why does it matter?
•  Find out why some things are so hard to change
•  Release yourself into sovereignty and freedom
•  All beings are called home in this time of convergence
•  Spiritual family is no longer needed because you are no longer lost

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Ancestral Freedom
Honoring and releasing ancient connections 

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Every human is a product of their past, a fact that causes countless struggles and limitations in one’s life and obstructs freedom and enlightenment. Your past not only includes the bloodline – parents, grandparents and family going all the way back to Atlantis – but also your past lives, many of which are your own biological ancestors. Even more important, your past includes deep connections with one or more of the 144,000 angelic spiritual families. These countless layers form the foundation of your human existence, and are the very things keeping you from realizing abundance, clarity, joy, enlightenment, and ultimate freedom. However, now the purpose of these family structures has been fulfilled. With the Order of the Arc closing, aliens and interferers being called home, the spiritual families disbanding, and humans beginning to understand consciousness and energy, it is finally time to set yourself free.


You came to Earth in order to learn about energy, consciousness and, ultimately, freedom. Yet many limitations became embedded into the ancestral lineage and became part of your physical, mental and even spiritual beingness. Ancestral energies influence your thoughts, biology, beliefs, habits, tendencies, dreams, physical and mental health, abundance, and much more. Honoring and releasing these connections opens the doorway for the integration of your own clarity, knowingness, thoughts, feelings, and light body. 

This release is one of the most essential – and most difficult – steps into enlightenment. Very few humans have come to this point, and Adamus says it takes a very courageous consciousness pioneer to be one of the first, and that it holds the key for moving into true freedom and sovereignty. Not just another teaching among many, Ancestral Freedom is a life-changing choice.

NOTE: This Cloud Class was originally recorded in 2015 and subsequently updated with a new session in 2020. It is core Crimson Circle material, recommended for everyone who is allowing freedom and Realization in this lifetime.


1 – Origins (1:25:26)
Adamus explains why you might feel stuck at this point in your journey. You desire freedom, but there are invisible things holding you back, because your identity and biology was built on your ancestors, going all the way back to your spiritual family. After discussing your origins and the family dynamics in Atlantis, Adamus leads a very important DreamWalk with your ancestors.

2 – Release (56:24)
The influence and impact of your ancestral bloodline is even greater than your past lives. Predispositions for nearly everything, including innate abilities, sexual imbalances, health issues, physical appearance, wealth/poverty, intelligence and much more – are passed down through the bloodline and carried into new incarnations. Because they are not yours, they can be extremely hard to change until you let go of the ancestors and release yourself from the bloodline. For those who are ready, Adamus leads a profound merabh in releasing the ancestors with honor and gratitude, and finally setting yourself free.

3 – Farewell (36:39)
In this updated segment, Adamus says that our job is done. We found the solution to the energy impasses, and now is a time of convergence – the Order of the Arc is closing, Gaia is leaving, and the aliens/interferers are being summoned home. These dynamics will have far-reaching effects on all of creation. Adamus leads an unforgettable Ancestral Freedom Merabh, addressing the fact that all beings – angel and human – are being called home for a very important reason, and that you are no longer lost.


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Cost: $125

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Studio, Louisville, Colorado, July 2015 and Villa Ahmyo, March 2020

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I wish so much that everyone who is coming to the 4.4 shoud tomorrow could listen to and experience Ancestral Freedom & Update. Somehow I missed it in 2015. We did an ancestral clearing in Keahak around that time, but in listening to these 1st two sessions, I realize I missed this one. Spoiler alert: the release in Ancestral Freedom is not only of our post-Atlantean family as we did in Keahak, but goes all the way back to the origins of our angelic families who formed the Order of the Arc. This is staggering and most relevant to the Order of the Arc shutting down and all non-physical beings being called back to the family.
Releasing all ancestral lineage is crucial in allowing ourselves to fully step into our Sovereignty, into the Freedom we’ve desired for eons, fully releasing all of our lineage.
The first 2 sessions are the original recording from 2015. In the 1stsession, Adamus talks about the origin of family and how that cord, that connection has kept us in an identity of who we are, keeping us from the Freedom we desire. This connection and the crystals of each familythat were all around uswas the only thing we brought with us to earth.
In Atlantis, as we worked to make everyone homogeneous, this family lineage was programmed into our DNA. This family continued in our bloodline.
When we emerged back onto Earth after the Atlantean Era and living within the earth, a lot of the old programming was wiped out, and connections to families began to diminish with marrying into other families. However, Adamus notes that over the last 5,000 – 7.500 years we’ve tended to stay in the same bloodline.
At the end of session 1, Adamus takes us on a dreamwalk to our ancestors. He’s set a lavish dining hall, filled with extravagant foods that he knows they all like, and has us invite all of our family. At the end, we just walk out the back door.
In Session 2, Adamus talks about the predispositions we have/had in conjunction with the family bloodline, noting examples of things like depression, heart health, body size. We may have tried to change these, believed they were ours, but they were in the bloodline. Freedom from this comes only in releasing the whole lineage.
Adamus does a beautiful Merabh of Releasing, focusing on honoring our families, seeing them as angels also on their journey to find Freedom. He reminds us that as we free ourselves, we create the potential for each of them to also find their freedom.
He reminds us clearly that gratitude will set us free. It’s time to come to our own Sovereignty, our own Light Body, and Freedom. Biology has served us, and it’s now time to integrate into our Light Body.
We are going Beyond.
At the end of the merabh at the end of the 2nd session, Adamus invites us to say, “I am a Sovereign Being, beholden to no one, no thing, no heavens, no ancestral family, and no bloodline.”
The 3rd session is an update channel with Adamus. He reviews the Journey of the Angels story of the 144,000 families and coming to earth to resolve the problem with energy slowing down.
The breakthrough has been made, he says, and there is now enough momentum that it is inevitable that the whole planet will begin its awakening.
Adamus explains that one reason many new earths have been formed is because so many have found what they are looking for, and also as home for the angelic families as the Order of the Arc is closed.
He reviews the convergences that are occurring right now, right now! The Order of the Arc is closing down, Gaia is leaving, “aliens” are called home tied into human being called home with the virus gone global.
Adamus asks the question, “What is economy, what is money?” “It’s just energy”, and he notes that money is a symbol for energy on the planet.
“What’s going on?” Adamus asks. He speaks about realizing that energy is right here…...within…..the knowing of which is a big part of our Realization.
He ends with an Ancestral Freedom Merabh. He says in releasing your angelic families you’ve come to the answer: Energy is mine. I am sovereign. I am Free.
Stating it again, he says energy is all mine, energy is with, and it is the beautiful Song of the Soul. We are no longer last.
So“here & now” we have the recent message from Adamus about the virus, the Convergence message from Geoff, Linda & Adamus, the updated Journey of the Angels, the closing of the Order of the Arc, revisiting Prognost 2014 & Update, the Ancestral Update and the 4.4.4 channel.
It’s all converging.
Could you say, a “blitz to realization”??
We’re now free of interference, the restraints and limitations of time,and of the orders of our angelic families to agree on certain aspects of our physical reality.
Wow! We’ve made it! To understanding Energy and how it’s all within, serving each as a sovereign being, how it relates to consciousness, and how everything is now speeding up again, which is the “problem” we came to solve.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 4/3/2020)
Unprecedented Convergence
The “C” word of the day might very well be Convergence. It’s a time when everything comes together, and we’re seeing this play out right now, in a way that is unprecedented on the planet, and in creation itself.

I’m a note taker, and I had to laugh as I looked at the pile of notes on my desk. Notes from the latest Keahak channel, ProGnost 2014 and the Update, the recent Journey of the Angels and the ones I just took on the Ancestral Freedom Update. But what struck me, beyond the amusement, is that I could shuffle the papers, read them in a mixed up order and they would still tie together and not be terribly disjointed.

When I experienced Ancestral Freedom when it was released back in 2015, I could feel how important it was for me and others who are choosing their sovereignty. Releasing your ancestors and disconnecting from your spiritual family is not easy. The ties to our angelic family run very deep and precede our earthy life. It’s not a discarding, but rather a releasing done from honor and compassion. It paves the way for others in your spiritual family to do the same if they choose.

I appreciated the last message from Adamus in this update because it addressed what is currently happening on the planet. He mentions the virus which has caused a lot of the world to stay home just as beings are being called back home to their angelic families. The merabh at the end ties everything together as it invites each of us to feel into this beautiful time of cleansing and releasing.

This is important information at any time, but I encourage those who have not experienced Ancestral Freedom to consider doing it now, and if you are able, before the 4/4/2020 shoud. That is the date when the announcement goes out throughout all creation regarding the disbanding of the angelic families. This update contains information which makes what is occuring now even more remarkable.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 4/2/2020)
My feeling after listening and watching this class is being proud of participating in creation. My heart was swelling last night, as I sat enjoying the silence after the sessions.
Ancestral Freedom Update
Honoring and releasing ancient connections
Quote from the CC Calendar April 1st:
Kuthumi: You don`t go back to the oneness. You come to understand yourself as a sovereign oneness, your own One. And in your own oneness then you understand how everything works, because you have to understand how you work first.
Appropriate, appropriate, appropriate … This word comes up all the time for me. CC sent out update of Journey of the Angels, now the update of Ancestral Freedom. I have had the feeling of “full circle” each time I have gone through classes in the last year or so. Now I have come home … Now I`m ready for my realization. At the same time seeing that this clarity has been in materials during more than twenty years, I wonder why it has been so long to get the message … Oh, I/we know why: I have to be ready for it!
The cloud class Ancestral Freedom was originally recorded in 2015. With this update Adamus explains why everything is happening right now on Earth, the virus affecting economy, the Order of the Arc and Gaia leaving and so on …
I will not tell about the contents in general. You can read that described in the most beautiful way on the website.
My feeling after listening and watching this class is being proud of participating in creation. My heart was swelling last night, as I sat enjoying the silence after the sessions.
I know my review is short. No more to be said …
This class is The Class (together with JOA) to make you ready for your realization in this lifetime.
Finn Andersen
Member of the CC review Team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 4/1/2020)
Allow yourself to be the Grand Master that you are
This is so touching. It almost made me cry and laugh at the same time. In spite of having heard it many times before, I now slowly begin to FEEL what we have been / are doing. And that is really big! Gaia is leaving, the Order of the Arc is leaving, the “Aliens” are leaving, the Angelic families are being disbanded and finally on Earth people are home-bound, globally. Time to go inside, to reflect. According to Adamus, the Earth will not be the same again, and neither will the other realms. All this, because of what we and others have done. Isn’t that amazing? I am still at the beginning of understanding our role. None of us are “only” humans, we are grand Masters!
The two first sessions are the original Ancestral Freedom. I have taken that class twice before, but the only thing I remembered from the first one, was the DreamWalk in the end. Well, I know I have heard it before, but… One point I would like to mention, is the role of the bloodline. When we started to incarnate and mate in was in our Angelic family that also became our bloodline. It was later somewhat mixed with other families, so a bloodline is no longer specific from one family. But we tend to stay in the same bloodline. This also means that the bloodline has much more importance than previous incarnations. It determines dispositions for different illnesses, depression, your body and way of acting, your qualities like being artistic, your beliefs, if you are rich or poor etc.
So obviously, to move on and be ourselves, we have to let go of the bloodline. Ending the first session, is a DreamWalk where you can take a look / feel your ancestors. It was touching. My experience was very different from the last times. I saw some persons from long ago, that I could recognize – also with some qualities that I have been reluctant to use in this life.
The 2nd session is mostly a Merabh where you honor them and release yourself from them. It is so beautiful. I felt a deep love, compassion and gratitude towards them. They have brought me to where I am now, and now it is time to be myself, to be free.
It all ends with the 3rd session, just recorded. Adamus wraps it all up in such a beautiful Merabh that made me want to dance and sing afterwards. Well, I did dance
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 4/1/2020)
Wow cannot even describe what I feel!
What a beautiful Update in this time of Convergence. I recommend it because it does support you in so many ways I cannot put into words. Clarity and joy, freedom and gratitude of Self as well as for those whom we shared our experiences and so much more with in so many ways. Beyond and And. Wow.
Review by Merlin Peter S. / (Posted on 3/31/2020)
It turned out to be a life saver.
- I am sooo grateful that such course exists and I found one. Had no idea how important it is to release these ( confined) ancestoral heritage to do anything new, or to have a total different,renewed and freer life without an emotional struggle. I could not recommend enough!! Comparsory material. If somebody is thinking about going to a shrink, instead of doing that, this is IT, and a lot more efficient!!!
Review by Mari / (Posted on 10/4/2019)
Essencial information to integrate, pratice and start understanding real Freedom.
Amazing and core information. A lot of new understandings about the real meaning of the old concept of 'karma' and its implications in our life. Essencial information to integrate, pratice and start understanding real Freedom.
Review by placidia espinha / (Posted on 5/30/2018)