Ancestral Freedom

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Ancestral Freedom

Honoring and Releasing Ancient Family Connections

Highly recommended for all Shaumbra

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What is holding you back? Why does it seem so hard to change your body, your mind and your life? It is most likely the countless energies and programming that come from your ancestral lineage, both human and angelic.*

In Ancestral Freedom, Adamus explains the heritage that you carry, going all the way back to your angelic origins and connections with your spiritual family, through your earthly lineage and bloodline, and up to the present day. Stating that your bloodline affects you even more than your past lives, Adamus invites you to honor and release these ancestral energies. He says, “What were doing here is so very important. Its a big step – its a very big step – into enlightenment.

Ancestral Freedom, which includes both a DreamWalk and a Merabh, is core Crimson Circle material and is essential for anyone who has chosen embodied realization. Ancestral energies influence your thoughts, biology, beliefs, habits, tendencies, dreams and more. According to Adamus, these influences affect your tendency to physical disease and illnesses, mental health, life patterns including abundance, attractions for future lifetimes, and biases in your daily decision-making.

Honoring and releasing your ancestral connections opens the doorway for the deep integration of your own light body and light mind, without the strong influences of ancestral patterns. It is one of the most important – and most difficult – steps into enlightenment.

This information holds the key for truly letting go, and the profound guided experiences will go much deeper than you expect. It is not just another experience, but rather a life-changing choice.

To receive the greatest benefit of this deeply impactful Cloud Class, please set aside time to listen to the full presentation without interruption.

* Several listeners have recommended Journey of the Angels for a greater understanding of the angelic families mentioned by Adamus.

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Comments from Crimson Circle staff & volunteers after experiencing this material:

I think this experience was the pinnacle of all. More important than anything else, and at the same time knowing that everything else has brought me to the point that this could work for me. This changes everything. There is a beautiful stillness now for me. I think people should watch Adamus full screen. It felt was if he was there with me alone. Just beautiful.” – Bonnie

There is truly an experience in this for anyone.” – Linda

I can feel a very strong impact on me. It was very meaningful to realize that some of the most deeply ingrained feelings, emotions and belief systems I had been battling with were not really mine but inherited from my family. It is so liberating!!! Truly I feel it is a very powerful experience if you are really committed to go beyond.” – Vili

Do not underestimate the impact of this material! I received more from this class than I ever expected, and the deeply transformative effects continue. I feel this is the key to true liberation. The question is, are you ready to let go?” – Jean

I’ve now experienced the Ancestral Freedom three times. After the first listening, I already felt stuff going away. Today, after the third listen, I feel the tools for the shift are there. I can really feel stuff happening in me. I think the cautions are well justified. This is not for dabblers. You really have to understand your responsibility for your own life, freedom and creations.” – Maija

Top notch material, Adamus at the top of his game, and definitely the next step. I feel like the weight of eons has been lifted off of me.” – Joep

 “I got pretty sick for two weeks after. I noticed less than civilized things I do that were normal when I grew up, blind spots, things I hide from myself that are very obvious to others. Even the way I hold my spoon when eating, the jokes I tell, etc. I probably told that same joke 500 years ago. For people new to this I would say: Don’t plan anything strenuous or complicated in the week after listening to this. It is a big step to release the ancestral bloodline and you’re going to feel it.”  – Ruben


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Essencial information to integrate, pratice and start understanding real Freedom.
Amazing and core information. A lot of new understandings about the real meaning of the old concept of 'karma' and its implications in our life. Essencial information to integrate, pratice and start understanding real Freedom.
Review by placidia espinha / (Posted on 5/30/2018)