Angels and Aliens

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 •  What’s the difference between angels and aliens?
 •  How the Watchers, Nephilim and others infiltrated Earth
 •  Their wars affected Earth – and inspired Greek mythology
 •  The aliens cannot hurt you
 •  Angels, including you, are messengers; remember your message
 •  It’s time to send a clear message of freedom – No more!



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Angels & Aliens
A brief history

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Adamus gives a brief history of how Earth came into being through the Order of the Arc. The angel Gaia brought life, which was supported by many others, including the Cherubim, Ophanim, Watchers, and others. The Watchers wanted to join the sensual fun of embodiment, eventually creating the Nephilim and starting great wars between supporting angel and interfering aliens, such as the Pleiadeans, Reptilians and Zetas. These angel wars eventually began playing out on Earth, which deeply affected both humanity and the land, particularly in Poland and other parts of Europe. The time has come to remember who you are, shine your light, and release the land from these old conflicts.

For thousands of years Poland has been a battlefield for the wars of the angels, affecting the course of history of this great land. According to Adamus, these angel wars and interference with human activities have been much of the reason for Poland’s suffering and separation at the hands of conquerors and exploiters.

This message from Adamus was attended by more than 200 Polish nationals and people from throughout Europe as they gathered in a call for the end of extraterrestrial interference. Perhaps it was no coincidence that U.S. President Barack Obama was meeting with Polish leaders in Warsaw on this exact same day, actually passing by the Gromada Hotel were the Angels & Aliens event was taking place.

Adamus talked about various angelic families such as the Watchers, Seeders, Nephilim and Cherubim who were tasked with assisting humans on Earth. He also talked about aliens and their agendas and for monitoring – and interfering with – human activities. He strongly states that humans are the most highly evolved of all entities and beings, and invites the listeners to finally trust themselves rather than false gods.

NOTES: Audio recordings include consecutive Polish translation by Tomasz Lebiecki and Wieslawa Palasinska.
Music by Hannibal Means (

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1. The Story of Poland (55:05)
After a short story illustrating Poland’s history, Adamus talks about the time he spent in the area as St. Germain and why many Poles have returned.

2. Angels (1:04:30)
A brief history of our origins, the angelic entities who came to support Earth and humanity, the distortions resulting in great wars, and a reminder that it’s time for us to say No more. 

3. Aliens (1:17:08)
More about the angel wars, the difference between angels and aliens, and specific information about the Pleiadeans, Zeta grays, Reptilians and more. 

4. Transformation (30:55)
Something has changed this day. You, dear angels, are here to remember your message and shine your light.

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $40

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Hannibal Means

Recorded in Warsaw, Poland, May 2011

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