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Angels & Aliens Warsaw, Poland
May 28, 2011

For thousands of years Poland has been a battlefield for the wars of the angels, affecting the course of history of this great land. According to Adamus, these angel wars and interference with human activities have been much of the reason for Poland’s suffering and separation at the hands of conquerors and exploiters.

In early 2011 Adamus announced that he wanted to present his much anticipated “Angels & Aliens” message in Warsaw. Over 200 Polish nationals and people from throughout Europe gathered on May 28, 2011 to hear this compelling message and call for an end to extraterrestrial interference. Perhaps it was no coincidence that U.S. President Barack Obama was meeting with Polish leaders in Warsaw on this exact same day, actually passing by the Gromada Hotel were the Angels & Aliens event was taking place.

Adamus talked about various angelic families such as the Watchers, Seeders, Nephilim and Cherubim. He notes that some of these angels, tasked with assisting humans on Earth, were drawn into the lives of humans due to the sensual nature of physical reality. The wars of the angels have ensued ever since.

Adamus also talked about aliens, including their agendas and their reasons for monitoring – and interfering with – human activities. He strongly states that humans are the most highly evolved of all entities and beings, and asks when humans will finally learn to listen to themselves rather than false gods.

Angels and Aliens was presented by Adamus Saint-Germain before a live audience in Warsaw, Poland on May 28, 2011. Adamus is channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, assisted by Linda Benyo.

NOTE: Audio recordings include consecutive Polish translation by Tomasz Lebiecki and Wieslawa Palasinska

Music by Hannibal Means (

Angels and Aliens is available as a digital download in MP3 & PDF formats

Session 1 – The Story of Poland (55:05)
Session 2 – Angels (1:04:30)
Session 3 – Aliens (1:17:08)
Session 4 – Transformation (30:55)

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