Are You Having a Spiritual Awakening?


  • Do you feel like you’re going crazy?
  • It's probably your spiritual awakening, which means:
  •  - Going beyond your human identity & boundaries
  •  - Reconnecting with your true Self, your Source
  •  - While still in a physical body
  • It scrambles your mind and changes your life
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Are You Having a Spiritual Awakening?
Or Are You Just Going Crazy?

This special teleclass is designed for anyone who is facing personal challenges and difficulties during this intense time of transition. 

Perhaps these questions feel familiar:

• What is a ‘spiritual awakening’?

• What are the common symptoms of an awakening consciousness?

•  How can I ease this process?

• What happens when I “wake up”?

• How do I know I’m not just going crazy? 

Spiritual awakening has nothing to do with religious beliefs, level of income or education, what country you live in, or any other such thing. Instead it has to do with a very natural process that many people will encounter at some point in their lives. 

Geoffrey & Linda also talk about the challenges and joys of spiritual awakening, and the important differences between "ascension symptoms" and mental illness.


Part 1 (1:00:00)

Part 2 (1:50:01)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) 

Cost: $00 

Featuring: Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe 

Recorded in Golden, Colorado, July & August 2010

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