Media Download Helpful Hints

The audio files we provide are high quality and much longer than typical MP3 music files, so a download may take a while. For example, a music MP3 file is usually 3-4 minutes and around 2.4 megabytes, whereas a one-hour session with Tobias or Adamus can be up to 35 megabytes and therefore can take up to 10 or more minutes to download, depending on your Internet speed. Video files are even larger with sizes reaching 900 megabytes or more, and download times of 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your Internet speed. PDF or text files are typically very small and should download quickly.

If you do not have a high-speed connection, we do not recommend you even attempt to purchase audio or video files -- the server or your connection may time out. If your Internet speed is in question, try one or more of the longer FREE DOWNLOAD products to test your Internet connection and download process first before making a purchase.

Your computer may be set up to automatically play the media file (rather than saving the file somewhere you can easily find it). Therefore, you should RIGHT-CLICK the download link, then choose the “Save link as…” option to download the file. Make sure to note the folder it is being saved to, or change it to something easy to find such as the desktop. (Mac users: Control-Click the download link to see a pop-up menu that will give you an option to save the file.)

If you have problems playing an audio or video file on your computer, try the free VLC media player from  VLC works well, especially if your computer is a little old and slow. It is multi-platform, so it will work on PCs, MACs, and other computers.

Macintosh OS-X note: Sometimes the file may be named download.php or possibly something that has the letters mpeg or mp3 near the end of the file name. It may be on your Desktop, or it may be in a folder you use for other downloads. See if you have a Download Manager that will help you find the file. Audio files will end in .mp3 and video files will end in .mp4.

Download Refunds

Due to the nature of digital data, we cannot refund audio, video or text download purchases. If you're having difficulties please check the details above. If troubles persist send us an email and we’ll try to help you find the solution. Thank You.