Battlefields of Power

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Battlefields of Power
Conflicts, Consciousness and Choices

“The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul.” – David McKay

In this special presentation, originally recorded for Israeli Shaumbra, Adamus Saint-Germain first tells the story of Debra and the Master. He addresses her frustration about feeling stuck on her spiritual journey and what is required to move forward.

Adamus then talks about the (spiritual) family dynamics of the area and the intense power struggles, all of which are colored by the issue of God. Other factors also at play include non-physical relatives and other entities, and the victim consciousness that has been taken on by so many humans.

As Adamus notes, it is indeed a difficult situation, but there is an answer and a path to peace.

At the end of the session he answers a number of questions that were previously sent in.

Product Notes:
After a particularly intense bout of conflict in and around Israel in 2014, Israeli Shaumbra requested this special session with Adamus to gain more understanding about the events. It was not originally designed for other listeners but afterwards it was apparent that the message is for all Shaumbra, and any aware human caught in the middle of conflict, drama and power dynamics.

In this message you’ll hear Adamus addressing the situation in the Middle East, but it also applies to so many other aspects of our lives. It’s a timeless message of releasing and allowing, getting caught in conflict while searching for freedom, and about making tough but clear choices.

Cost: $20

Format: MP3 & PDF

Special thanks to our Israeli Shaumbra friends for arranging this session:
Yossi Ronen
Gilit Rom
Ben Serota

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