Battlefields of Power

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•  Learn the ancient foundations of Middle East conflict
•  It’s a family fight, with the world joining in
•  It relates directly to your own Realization
•  Letting go of one’s family identity 
•  God, religion, power games and victimhood
•  Ghosts and other non-physical influences
•  Questions and Answers


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Battlefields of Power
Conflicts, Consciousness and Choices

Adamus explains why the Middle East has long an area of intense conflict. It is one of the places where humanity emerged after the downfall of Atlantis, and the dominant spiritual family of Hapiru (now known as the Jews and Arabs) have been focused on duality, power and religion ever since. They battle in the name of God, but it’s actually the result of tremendous ancestral karma, victimness and refusal to release their identity. These struggles are an outer manifestation of humanity’s history, karma, and inner conflict between dark and light, good and bad. 

In this presentation, originally recorded for Israeli Shaumbra, Adamus Saint-Germain tells the story of Debra and the Master. He addresses her frustration about feeling stuck on her spiritual journey and tells her the simple thing that’s required to move forward. Unfortunately, she probably won’t heed his advice.

The story relates directly to the issues at hand, including family dynamics and power struggles, all of which are colored by the issue of God. Other factors in the ongoing conflict include non-physical entities and the victim consciousness carried and perpetuated by both sides.

This is a timeless message for all Shaumbra about releasing and allowing, getting caught in conflict while searching for freedom, making tough but clear choices, and releasing what’s holding you back. It includes a Question and Answer segment about specific issues in the area. 

Session time: 1:24:45

Format: Downloadable [audio mp3, text pdf]

Cost: $20

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded online, July 2014

Refunds: No refunds on digital purchases

Special thanks to our Israeli Shaumbra friends for arranging this session:
Yossi Ronen
Gilit Rom
Ben Serota


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Great little material to facilitate releasing and also great addition to the Ancestorial Freedom and ML6 No More
- It was very useful even I am not geographically connected/related to the area. Great little gem if you want to completely release everything that needs to be released to go forward, and in my cases it was a family drama. In particular, great side material in conjunction with ML6 No More and the Ancestorial Freedom. Highly recommend this little gem.
Review by Mari / (Posted on 11/13/2019)